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  1. It works exactly as Fixer says. Re "Click fullscreen button (very important)" why do you say this ? It works both Full-Screen and in a window as expected Are you on the latest Maverics 10.9.5 ?
  2. Currently I maintain the 100 page stock list in PagePlus in Parallels on a MacBook and the customer could read it on a Windows PC My aim is to go all native Mac Apps If I do that the the customer gets a PDF and cannot edit it So he can import it into PagePlus for Windows. what will he get ? Auto table of contents ? Not a chance Left and right master pages - I very much doubt it. This will be about as effective as trying to import a PDF into Excel as in you'll get the text but not any formulas etc PDF is a print format not a format to go between Mac and Windows Serif needs to consider this - manage the transition and exchange. This is vital to moving between Mac & Windows. I have office for the Mac and it reads and writes to the same format as Office for the PC, it would be a joke if Microsoft suggested we both write to PDF and exchange files
  3. If there is no transition between Windows and Mac then Serif will shoot themselves in the foot
  4. Big disappointment Tony Have you any idea of how much work goes into creating a 100 page PagePlus publication and a to offer PDF import will be a joke. What you are really saying is NO - just start again Thanks
  5. Are we safe to assume that Affinity Publisher will be able to import an existing 100 page PagePlus file with ; Left and right hand Master pages; Auto table of contents generation. Thats not too much to ask is it ? I really don't want to re-create it all manually ! regards Paul Churchill
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