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  1. How can I export multiple Artboards as JPG as single page documents? I mean: I have in my document seven Artboards. Now I want to export these Artboards as JPG files. If I choose "whole document" on the JPG export form, all Artboards will be within one JPG. How can I export all Artboards in one step into JPG files for each Artboard?
  2. Hello, how can be set in Designer that " will be automaticaly replaced by quotation marks? Please see attachment. Thanks!
  3. I do not understand why something has to be "fixed" and made unusable even it is already included and working. This is strange to me... Designer can handle linked images, users want this feature, the main competitor has it.
  4. Linked images are working within Designer. It can also be seen that the file size decreases dramatically once the images are linked instead of embedded. For me it is not clear why Serif does not allow a full support of it within Designer. Maybe the code is not yet complete or it is really a mistake (which works very good). I am very interested to listen what Serif is responding on this issue.
  5. During the last days I've figured out an inconsistent behaviour of linked files within Designer. At first placement it will be embedded automatically. I cannot choose between linking and embedding. But when I replace an image, than I can choose between linked and embedded, see attachement 2019-06-30_12-27-10.png. Unfortunatelly there is no live update once a Designer file, containing a linked file, is open but a linked file will be changed. The only way to load a changed linked file is to close the Designer file an reopen it. This is better solved within Illustrator, there a message pops up and asks if I want to load the changed linked file. Did I overseen something so that I can choose already in the first placement between both possibilities?
  6. Thanks for the correct English word. I know where I find it. The issue is that objects will not be cut at the bleed but the page size. For example, if a page is A4 (210×297 mm page size) and the bleed is 3 mm on all edges the final size for the print shop is 216×303 mm. In a non-Artboard design objects will be cut at the bleeds. As an Artboard design objects will be cut at the page size. Interestingly in an exported Artboard design as printable PDF for the print shop, the objects will be cut at the bleeds. But I want to see objects also within the bleeds while creating my design. Maybe it is a bug or it is a feature which I do not understand.
  7. I come from Illustrator and work there with the Artboards since ten years. I use them to have both pages of a flyer or similar in one file. This is the first Pro of Artboards within the German Artboard Help. But that's not the issue. Artboards within Designer would be nice if the objects would not be cut at the page borders but at the trims (please apologise if it is not the correct English word). Of course I could adjust an Artboard to the size which I have to submit to the print shop but then the corner ticks not correct anymore. Furthermore this behaviour would be inconsistent between Artboard and non-Artboard designs. Or is there another possibility to have more than one page within Designer?
  8. Dear all, how can I prevent that objects will be moved to an Artboard automatically? To give you an example what I mean: I have layers as shown in attachment 2019-06-28_11-13-47.png. If I move the rectangle at the design it will be automatically merged into the Artboard which is the nearest and moved from previous layer "Hintergrund" into the related Artboard, see attachement 2019-06-28_11-14-57.png. Thanks four your support! René
  9. Thanks for your reply. I am looking for a presentation mode like in Illustrator (https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/viewing-artwork.html#Viewartworkinpresentationmode). I have attached a screen shot of that menu.
  10. How can I add additional drawing areas within Designer?
  11. Dear all, how can I switch into a full screen mode? Thanks, René
  12. Thanks for your reply. It's not a good message that only publisher will support linked images.
  13. How can I create linked image files within Designer? In Illustrator it is possible to place an image file as linked file. This means that the image will be refreshed within Illustrator automatically if I change the linked file. It has the advantage that I can use an image multiple times at several docs but only need to change at one place, open the related AI file(s) and have always the latest version of my image used - without new opening, scaling and new alignment of the image file. I am looking for such a function within Designer. Is there something which works the same way or maybe it is possible but not by using the placement function within the file menu? Thanks for your support! René