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  1. Hi, is it possible to order the view of the pages in horizontal mode? Please see at attachement that I have a lot of unused space and it could be very helpfully to order the view in a different way - depending on the content left and right of a sheet.
  2. Dear all, I am having another issue regarding to PDF export. The content of a sheet is separated and does not appear completely in the PDF. Preview is fine but exported PDF not. It does not matter if I choose that font shall be embedded, converted into curves and/or different PDF compatibility: Please find attached the native Designer v2 file and an exported PDF. I am unsure if it is related to the warp tool. It is related to elements modified with warp tool. I have tested to us a text following an eliptical shape. There were no issues like in a.m. case. pdf-fehler.afdesign pdf-fehler.pdf
  3. I can add another issue regarding to PDF export: Preview is fine but exported PDF not. It does not matter if I choose that font shall be embedded or different PDF compatibility. Please find attached the native Designer v2 file and an exported PDF. pdf-fehler.afdesign pdf-fehler.pdf
  4. Unfortunatelly, the Designer still does not show the content of the bleed on Artwork. Is there a setting I am missing that the bleed shows the content? This is how it looks like as non-Artwork: This is a query I have asked few years ago but without any satisfying answer.
  5. Great! I am not the only one who has this issue: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/171430-issue-with-pdf-for-print/
  6. Today I have noticed the same while export an A3 booklet containing 14 pages. It occurred when chosen small PDF. If the export is set for printing, it works. Windows 10 Pro x64.
  7. In some cases I have an issue with the border of a font (also if converted to curve). Within publisher it is shown propperly but the exported PDF contains the mistakes circled by me . As written in den beginning, it is independed if font or font converted into curve. I have checked the license of the font and it allows to use the font like I use it. The settings of the PDF are: I have attached the Publisher and PDF files to this topic. fehler.afpub fehler.pdf
  8. A batch conversation would be very usefull. I have created a lot of AFDDESIGN-Files and would like to convert them into printable JPG and PDF. Currently I do this file by file - which is time consuming (and boring). Are their any command line parameters like Designer.exe [INPUT FILE] [OUTPUT FILE] -profile [EXPORT PROFILE]
  9. Unfortunatelly there is no full screen with publisher. You can only fade the menu by pressing the Tab key.
  10. This is what I finally did. In an Artboard document the bleed will not be shown filled but in a canvas document. I do not understand why Serif does not add the opportunity that the bleed will also be shown filled on Artboard documents.
  11. Yes, I am. I've recorded a screen video what I do. Maybe it helps to figure out what am I doing wrong. 2020-07-21_19-47-45.mp4
  12. Hello, If I set a colour profile within the document properties, save, close and reopen the file, it is still the colour profile which I have set at the creating the file. More in detail. While creating a new layout I have chosen ISO Coated v2 as colour profile. Meanwhile I got the information by the printer to use instead PSO coated v3 (it's a profile by the printer). I have installed the ICC file on my system and can select it in all of my image manipulation and layout software. Now I wanted to change the colour profile also within the properties of the layout file. I did it, saved, closed and reopened the file the next day. By accident (I was checking the bleed) I have figured out that the colour profile was the origin profile again (which I have chosen while creating the file). So I repeated as written above - but same result. Do I make something wrong? If so, please could you tell me my mistake? Thanks for your support in advance, René
  13. I've figured out an inconsistency of bleed and border on Artboards. The borders can be set induvidual for each Artboard, the bleeds not. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?
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