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  1. Thanks for the suggestion MickRose. Resetting Preferences/Colour works initially but seems to randomly go back to US web coated. Reinstalling has not solved the problem. Am giving betas a rest for a while. Several features I need seem to be a long way off. The same has to said for Photo and Designer. I should add that I think what has been achieved so far is impressive but as a user of Adobe's Creative Suite it seems to me that horizons need to be wider - Publisher, Photo and Designer on their own will not persuade me to change ship. I have purchased Photo and Designer and will almost certainly do the same with Publisher, but as far as I can see they will be programs to play with in the hope that eventually they, together with any additions, mature to what I need. Rather drifted off the original subject but there we are.
  2. Have a number of documents that were set up with a document colour setting of CMYK coated FOGRA27. Since beta 206 whenever they are opened the colour setting is US Web coated (SWOP)v2. Resetting, saving and re-opening returns to US Web. Starting a new document has the same effect.
  3. Thanks for your reply Chris. It happened when I inserted a layer on a master page for soft proofing. Trying to move the master layer to the top on any page then caused a crash. However, I have now reinstalled and can't reproduce the same behaviour. If it does recur I'll let you know with a sample. Thanks again.
  4. If attempting to re-order layers by dragging the program crashes.
  5. Thanks for this. I have just done a quick test and it works. Great.
  6. A usable consistent way of working across all programs is what I am looking for. To have to insert a soft proof adjustment via a layer might just about be acceptable in Photo (you also have to select the correct colour profile) but is not practical in Designer or Publisher where layers are limited to individual artboards or pages. It is a matter that Serif themselves seem to be putting to one side - the only sample they provide for Publisher uses images that are all RGB. This may be because they expect viewing to be on screen although the Document settings show the intent as print. I find there is much to like in Publisher but colour proofing (and hyperlinks) are essential if I am to switch. Most of the other shortcomings I can live with in the expectation that they will be sorted over a period of time.
  7. I use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to produce material for printing. I consider it imperative that what I see on screen and what is printed match accurately. All three Adobe programs can have viewing set to match the colour space. By using this feature and wide gamut monitors calibrated to Adobe RGB I can be confident that CMYK will very closely match between monitor and print. No Affinity programs offer this treatment of colour proofing. In fact looking on Affinity Photo help it is recommended that RGB is used and conversion left to the print shop. This method of working could account for so many printed items having text that is almost impossible to read when it is lost against the background. Affinity Photo offers the ability to be able to add a soft proofing layer that needs to be removed before the file is saved but this is a poor substitute for proper proofing. Colour proofing does depend upon the use of suitable monitors and the few that are available are mostly fairly expensive, but investing in such monitors is rather pointless if the programs do not offer suitable features to match. Obviously this matter does not relate solely to Publisher and the developers must be fully occupied trying to meet all demands (and doing pretty well) but please consider it for not to far away.
  8. Thanks Tony, but I do feel that an option should be greyed out if it is not available - so if no conversion no colourspace option. Glad to hear that preflight checking is being considered though.
  9. PDFs exported from Publisher do not offer any checking for errors. As an example, if an RGB image is inserted in a CMYK document it will be embedded in the PDF as RGB even if the colour space is set to CMYK. I usually use Acrobat Pro to view PDFs produced to send to a print shop even though InDesign gives a summary of the PDF properties. Mistakes can happen, but at present they will not be picked up if relying solely upon Publisher, and if someone is using Publisher are they likely to be using Acrobat Pro or any costly alternative that provides print production features? The print shop could be relied upon to check the PDF but this hardly seems a professional approach.
  10. Could we please have a tint slider in Swatches in addition to opacity.
  11. Since update when exporting pages from a document using facing pages there are no bleeds on the pdf even though the bleed option is selected. Exporting as spreads produces bleeds. Before the update pages exported from a facing page document had bleeds. Posted it in the Windows bugs forum as I am using Windows 10 and don't know if this also applies to Mac. And can we please have the option to have bleed on the inner page edges on facing pages as well as top, bottom. left and right.
  12. After installing update both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer refused to open. Running the installers and attempting "Repair" failed but uninstalling and re-installing brought both back to life.
  13. Agree with the comments regarding adjusting frame and picture size. Being able to adjust each independently and easily as with InDesign is much better than the clumsy method in Publisher. Can we also have "fit content proportionally" and "fit frame to content" also as InDesign.
  14. I was going to post this elsewhere but the topic was closed to further comment. There have been many postings on the relationship between PagePlus and Publisher. When the Affinity range was being introduced I remember reading that the aim was to reach design professionals who worked with Macs. It would appear that Serif were not turning their backs on PagePlus users but all users of Windows. Along the line this has changed. I assume Serif have become aware that there are a substantial number of professionals working on Windows but that does not warrant the work/cost that would be involved in providing compatibility for the PagePlus customers they were happy to discard. This is not written as a bitter PagePlus user. I have tried PagePlus at various times and have X9 installed, but I have been a happy user of InDesign since it was first introduced. I am now retired and do much less with DTP so I stick with InDesign CS6 rather than pay a subscription. Publisher seemed to offer the possibility of a reasonably priced up to date alternative but I am put off by the feeling that Serif have shown that loyalty to customers is not their prime aim. Which is a great shame as there is much to like and look forward to with Affinity.
  15. Really need interactive PDFs where the TOC creates links to pages. Also links in text, links from images and objects. Links should include pages, web and email. Also links should be able to be set up on master pages. The PDF should be adjustable for quality and with the option to display full page. Security for all types of PDF would be welcome. And as I am talking about PDFs can I point out that if producing a spread as a PDF, images created in Affinity Designer just display as frames. No problem with PDF of pages. And, could text frames have corner selection the same as shapes and image frames and it would be nice if the fill of text frames could be adjustable for transparency as well as tint. After a long wait Publisher has arrived with far more in the way of features than I had expected.