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  1. Hello 3Dshark, I agree with you that the Affinity line of applications are very nice and competitive. Well, potentially so. However, the more I delve into the Publisher persona, the more roadblocks I encounter. I don't think Publisher is ready for massive, labor intensive publication production. It is definitely a nice program to use for advertising brochures or books/novels, but the multifaceted world of newspaper building just doesn't seem to have been taken into consideration. I have figured out the color tint process, which I do contend is not very intuitive, it can be managed a
  2. Like I said, I am just now feeling my way around this program, so what you are looking at is a general setup that I am used to in InDesign. I haven't established how I would generally like the workspace setup in Publisher. 🙂 I do have my InDesign habits and spaces for quick access. Normally I don't have my pages open 100% of the time, but I do have things tacked for quick access. I will share another screenshot of my InDesign setup. So, learning to function with elements and panels in a different place could be managed, it's just a reacquaintance-curve. BUT, those clunky, disorganized assets i
  3. This topic (that we're talking in) is in that forum ... OK, gotcha. Good to know I am in the right place. So, if I have suggestions for their product design team, would I enter the Feature Requests and Suggestions forum?
  4. Screenshots are quite welcome I have created a detailed jpg with a screenshot. It is rather large. I hope it translates.
  5. You can post a Feature Request asking for a change in this forum (Feedback for Affinity Publisher on Desktop); that's one of its purposes. Is this another forum topic I should search for and jump into? Not sure I know what you mean. 🙂
  6. Hi walt, You could import all your .docx files, then use Find and Replace to find all the text with the Normal text style and replace it with your other style. That should change everything with one operation. Then delete the Normal text style if you want to. Actually, all I need is one main style, then I cut apart headlines, subheads, cutlines etc and designate a different style to those. So, when I import a .docx and the normal style auto-applies, I can just keep the text selected with the item tool then click the Body Copy style that I wanted to begin with. Changes it like that. I
  7. Thanks walt, Boy, I don't mean to be naggy, but this is an issue. I honestly find MANY amazing things about Affinity Publisher. I really do. But some of the default nuances are just plain TOO cluttered and this is just one of them. For ad building, I feel these things might to be an issue. But for building my newspapers, I need access to clean and uncluttered panels and desk areas. There are quite a few areas that get needlessly cluttered, in my opinion, and this is one of them. I realize, or guess, that you are user and not a product designer, so my pointing these issues out is pro
  8. Hello thomaso, Correct. I found the Tint option in all the color alleys. Thank you.
  9. Hello walt, Actually, you are correct. It only creates one "Normal" file if I don't delete that file. But, I would still much prefer to import my .docx files with a designated paragraph style. I sincerely do not want to keep comparing Publisher to InDesign, I am not really in love InDesign. Mainly because Adobe refuses to support older versions and their greed is immoral (IMO). But there are things that InDesign does implement that are brilliant and make the process smooth and seamless, and the simple nature of pre-selecting a particular paragraph style in InDesign, without having a
  10. Hello walt.ferrell, Is there anyway to display the assets with NAME ONLY and NO thumbnail? The thumbnails are much too large and I do not want to have to dedicate so much my desktop space to them. A list of NAMES only would be premium. Thank you.
  11. Hi again thomaso, I will be getting back to working with Publisher later today hopefully. I will give this a go then. Thank you SO much. I have so many questions and am making a list as I self-teach/learn Publisher in my spare time.
  12. Hello thomaso, Thank you! I see that the tint slider can only be accessed after creating a global document color. All other color swatches give you the CMYK color mixer under the Colour tab, but Document colors allow the slider! I suppose this is due to the fact the other color choices are embedded defaults. Thanks again. I have to say, this program makes some of these much more difficult than they need to be. I don't mean anything negative by that, but the steps involved to accomplish certain goals are quite substantially increased. I have a growing list of issues that maybe
  13. OK. This NOT being able to apply a percentage for a tint of a particular color is crazy. It is SO basic. Why isn' this allowed? I mean, I NEED this ability in my everyday world of CMYK printing. It does me no good to tell Publisher to create cloud chord tints when I need the flexibility of determining my own. There are many times when I need 6% of a solid color or 13%. Does Affinity plan on changing this? Opacity is NOT the same thing as I need a solid fill for many of the things I do. Yes, I use opacity from time to time, but when I need drop shadows or inner/outer glow effects, I need
  14. Hello, I too would like to import .docx files using a main "body copy" paragraph style I have created in our templates instead of having Publisher create a "Normal" paragraph style and applying that to my imported file every time I import a Word doc. Right now, I build 6 newspapers per month (pre COVID I was building 3 per week and we hope to go back to this status at some point) and I import dozens of stories per issue. Since the vast majority of the text in the paper is of a designated body copy of our choosing, I much prefer importing these files to place with that designated body copy
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