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  1. I can't find any reference to this so ... I have some text with an image pinned to it. I select the text and use the font size selector in the context toolbar or the font size selector in the Character sidebar to increase the font size. As I hover over the larger font size on the selector, the text changes in the text frame. But when I click on the larger font size to select it, the text reverts to the previous size. But if I select the text and then type the new font size into the selector box instead of using the drop-down, then it 'sticks' and the text keeps the new font size as expected. If I unpin the image from the text, then the selectors work properly. I think I might also have seen this effect without any image, if I select the whole text frame to change all the text on the frame. The attachment shows the effect with the pinned image. Publisher beta 376, Windows 10 Home 1803 font size doesn't change.afpub
  2. Yes , my v305 crashes opening all PDFs I've tried, with the option "Favour editable text" checked. If that option is unchecked the PDF opens. Windows 10 Home v 1803 Intel i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHz, 16GB RAM
  3. How clever is that! Thank you MEB - yes I must have clicked that button at some point instead of the wrap settings button. (I did look for "warp" but then I found "wrap" ) Thank you!
  4. I'm not really able to reproduce the exact steps that got this document to this state, so I've attached it so you can see, and maybe find out what's going on. It's an image that I've cropped using the vector crop tool. I also made the image into a Symbol, but that might not have anything to do with it. Text wrap does not wrap round the actual image, but round a different position. Playing with the Top and Bottom Distance from Text settings of the Text Wrap dialog box, with negative values for the bottom makes the text wrap more nearly round the actual image, but still not right. I tried putting the image in a picture frame, but it made no difference. Text Wrap problem.afpub
  5. I've come up against this in Publisher Beta, but I checked and Designer is the same. I want to have a Callout Ellipse with text in it. I want the callout ellipse below the object it is pointing to. The adjustment handle for the position of the pointer moves along a straight horizontal line at the bottom of the ellipse. There is no way to move the pointer around the ellipse to point it upwards. So I have to change the orientation of the callout ellipse. I can do that by rotating it manually using the rotation handle, or I can flip it about a horizontal axis using the flip icon in the toolbar. In both cases the text re-orientates with it. It is not possible to specify the text orientation separately from the shape it is in. I suppose this is not so important for a symmetrical shape, or a shape than can be fully adjusted independent of its orientation. But it is significant for a shape like the callout ellipse, which can't be full adjusted independent of its orientation.

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