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  1. Thanks for the thorough answer Tegwyn, I really appreciate it! I'm not scared off. For this particular project, I nevertheless chose to go back to InDesign, but mostly as I still have overlapping licences. I'm a proponent for Publisher, and often endorse it at work, where me and my colleagues mostly use it for scientific posters, pamphlets and questionnaires. I will give it another try next time I work with relatively short books such as theses. My current project is a clear deviation by being over 800 pages long. If I run into troubles at a late stage, much work will have been in vain.
  2. Thanks for the advice LFGabel and Tegwyn! I'm still a bit concerned whether this slowdown, at such an early stage of the work-process, is indicative of additional problems further on (such as when adding large images). Have you experienced such problems, if I may ask?
  3. I have the same problem. It is amended by turning off baseline grids, but baseline grids are necessary for longer texts. Is this something that will be fixed or optimized? I feel a bit apprehensive to start up a more extensive project in Publisher at this moment, which means that I need to revert to InDesign for now.
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