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  1. Which activity do you mean, please? Perhaps the closing of this thread?
  2. Surely (not) only the first time you are shocked if you are unfamiliar with the style. Especially in the German version (“You have to …”((!))). One is also led immediately to buy-designer …
  3. Does not work with your “Insert Filler Text”. So not useful to present professional typography. Will there be more options very soon?
  4. Clever: never say never. (one day the cats buy edobA because they need more developers)
  5. That was a funny one (by email): “das innovative Grundgerüst”
  6. After 30 years of DTP we are afraid to ask for details of these obvious things. Potential buyers already lowered the expectations after it was announced that multiline composition will initially be missing, for example. But as already written: Bought!
  7. After all that … waiting for that illustration: frog grabs a cat
  8. He already wrote “Yes, 'offset path' is what was intended - apologies” (und da beißt sich die Unendlichkeits-Katze …), Alex.
  9. Thanks. And again sorry for reporting. Yes, the first mistake is embarrassing because 1. “dass” is not “das” 2. “dass” does not mean “das” 3. it hinders understanding and reading fluency (because of 2.) 4. in Germany especially this mistake is called embarrassing, because it is characteristic for bad press 5. people who use "dass" instead of "das" write their texts by ear rather than meaning 6. it is not the only error 7. the products are advertised with high standards (especially and also in that sentence); careless mistakes could lead to credibility loss then 8. especially here (“UNTERNEHMEN/Info”): the text quality also has an impact on how a company and its products are valued
  10. Sorry, but please correct this embarrassing error here: “Aber er wollte etwas erschaffen, dass die Messlatte für kreative Designsoftware deutlich höher legen würde.” □ “16 Bit” would be better than “16 Bits” there and please stop using the wrong dash together with the correct one on the same website.
  11. Of course, thanks. It was just a tiny joke [hint: the used emoticon] because this is more about Affinity Pu, whose problems (some excluded) we can not discuss here.
  12. hopefully not so many in APu for Windows now
  13. Not here(!!!)
  14. Hopefully Serif will do what is possible. Perhaps Serif will ask what would be useful for most / high-end users.
  15. Please click here and check the pictures. If you don’t get the pictures, please read the text for further explanations. Does that help?