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  1. +42 better from Serif, because Affinity has not much AI yet but perhaps only a fine dream
  2. Because Serif advertises body text for ADe and because ADe has Artistic and Frame Text with Filler Text, ADe should have a complete Frame Text tool or none Frame Text tool.
  3. Of course, because we have real arguments: So if somebody wants to create posters or body copy, he should not buy ADe. Serif: “frames of text for body copy”. So this tool is incomplete since beginning and has nothing to do with a pseudo-argument “Photo users want Text on a Path, the Appearance panel, vector brushes”
  4. Why not? If we find the right arguments … perhaps like this one: People are disappointed … like Cuando because they thought they will get all tools in ADe to create one single poster.
  5. Oval

    Divide Operation …

    +1 Solution: time machine
  6. For people that use the beta productively: Just so that no misunderstandings arise: outside setting is no solution:
  7. better wait for the final version than use workarounds after all the years
  8. What made us mad is that since beginning just changing the position changed the results, which has not stopped with 1.8
  9. Oval

    Expand Stoke

  10. Oval

    No beta?

    late christmas
  11. Oval

    No beta?

    Does not sound like a trusting attitude to the programming skills of Serif. Seems there is a bigger problem with macOS that Windows did not have or new features are being implemented that the Windows beta did not get last year.
  12. Oval

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Seems there are no plans to use a less aggressive company. :-(

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