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  1. Oval

    Beta of Designer v1.7.2 on MacOS?

    And perhaps before that, Serif is “trying to get Designer iOS to the same level as desktop”.
  2. Oval

    Beta of Designer v1.7.2 on MacOS?

    Perhaps the summer flu or this.
  3. The iPad version seems to be still higher on the list.
  4. For all who don’t want to use other apps (as workaround): First increase the scale of the objects, expand them, then scale them down again to their original size. Use a maximum factor of about 1000.
  5. People might mean that this refers to INDD, but it's all about IDML.
  6. The problem is that Serif (Chris_K) answered the first question here “Is it possible to open indd files?” with “It's not possible yet, plans to be able to in the future” and “It's being worked and will be in an update […] But I would be talking more than a few weeks in not months”. Probably that was marketing because it was not rectified immediately.
  7. … which other software already provides and which was not implemented in Affinity Publisher during the last five years.
  8. Oval

    Expand stroke incorrect

    No, almost five.
  9. Oval

    Expand stroke incorrect

    No, in many cases you need more than a factor of 200. Well, of course the Affinity Help was not changed despite suggestions for improvement. FYI:
  10. BTW: This is not only about typography but about everything else. Snapping, tab stops and horizontal/vertical alignment still have no optical option. Serif should begin to implement all graphic rules (which we still follow manually, but without automatic software help). That would be a game changer even without a multi-line-composer.
  11. People did this in the past, clients concluded that they payed too much money and the result was that Adobe got even bigger. So good luck. We like people with idealism.
  12. Great, but isn’t life too short to do this because you “couldn't convince the clients to change their working practices”?!