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  1. The same (situation) without running Safari and Mail? (and try to start Help more than once, please)
  2. Freeing some RAM could help. Workaraound: Affinity Photo Online Help
  3. Some people are not happy because they cannot use the forum [with their (old) Safari anymore] …
  4. The feature roadmap only shows some features that will be added in future (probably free of charge). Almost all actual AD features are explained in the online / offline help. There is also a Common Feature Requests INDEX.
  5. That’s what Serif claims here and here: “Affinity is a next-generation suite of award-winning software […], with Affinity Publisher coming soon.”
  6. But after weeks it still is not online like the lost posts, bleduc.
  7. Perhaps Affinity and Apple want users to buy another iPad for the documentation. ;)
  8. Because important original information gets lost, other file formats are used. It is a pity that often only the technical theory is communicated and the graphic reality is ignored.
  9. The statement of a top cat.
  10. Because it destroys some original structures it is or is not an interchange file format.
  11. Certainly (he means) not more than EUR 200. PagePlus is still sold … and advertised by Serif … so it is possible that there will be an importer or converter in some years.
  12. Yes, many thought this and some thought, they did not want … :o … us to have this information. ;)
  13. Serif uses correct dashes. But Serif also uses substitutes. Even here. Professionals/Pros should not. Serif should not because Serif has a responsibility to laymen who also try to avoid mistakes.
  14. This is about the replacement of quotation marks. The bad thing is that this glyph was named quotation mark. Typographers are not happy, because too many people use it for quotation marks (like Serif here) and inch. Not every font has characters for foot, second, inch, minute, …
  15. “Making the iOS help available online (or as a separate download) isn't something we're able to do” and “The help in the iPad app is a live help that the content is loaded in to app as required and therefore these help topics can only can be displayed is from within the app itself.”