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  1. This is not what Arun Sarkar most likely and we wanted to know here. People are waiting since 2015 and your “sooner than later” is no help.
  2. You could repeat the sentence everywhere and it helps nobody that needs the suggested functions. Here it means you cannot use it because “Inline Graphics” (and more) are suggested:
  3. We did not say poil. They are doing it with this forum now. A bit late. And to read “This will be a very popular request” does not raise high hopes. Could mean that for another four years we cannot use the suite because a further core function is missing.
  4. But 2018 it was very irritating that important functions are still missing after the announced launch of 2015. Serif could have asked users that waited in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for the third app (to start working with the whole suite) what they need.
  5. This has no benefit, because suggestions are not forbidden here but quite the contrary. Serf called this forum suggestions because they want to get information. "People need to learn that you cannot … ”? People only need to die and there is software that was not announced for 2015 and was almost complete when it was launched.
  6. Would be great! It’s the same with the preferences that will not close after you (choosed a different language and) pushed the close button. Cats have much more patience or they want to fool us users?
  7. Serif kommuniziert zwar beispielsweise vollmundig »advanced typography, aber ohne die fehlenden, aber notwendigen Grundfunktionen lassen sich InDesign-Nutzer wohl sehr lange nicht überzeugen. Nur noch wenige Profis gleichen jede Überschrift händisch aus und erstellen manuell grafisch korrekten Flattersatz. Das müsste Software eigentlich automatisieren – vier Jahre nach dem angekündigten Erscheinungstermin.
  8. Schade, dass nicht die aktuelle Situation dargestellt wird, sondern beispielsweise behauptet wird, dass eine Hyperlinkfunktion fehlt. Da das Layoutprogramm (nicht nur) von Laien genutzt werden soll, hätte man vielmehr darauf hinweisen müssen, dass eine nötige Automatik für optische Zeichenabstände fehlt. Man wollte wohl nicht zu viel Aufmerksamkeit auf die schlechte Satzqualität z . B. der Überschrift »Inhalt« lenken. Hier könnte auch noch nachgearbeitet werden: », was sehr wahrscheinlich,«. PS: Willkommen hier im Forum, erdteil.
  9. We don’t have, … they have us (as dependent slaves for testing, suggesting, …).
  10. Because we have tab stops in AD we should get a better usability (same level like other functions) otherwise it is criticized. Don’t (only) speak, convince. And Sean, is there still hope for optical tab stops (e.g. the H [aitch] would exactly start/end/center at the tab stop position)? That would be an USP.
  11. The happy kitten deliberately wrote the code so that users can define their own curves and offset positions … look here.
  12. Expand Stroke of a Circle arrow head and some others result in about 1040 sharp nodes / polygonal lines. Strange algorithm. Will this be corrected? Not in BTW: Will we get Expand Stroke in APu (by the vector persona)?