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  1. You mean Catmull-Rom? We don’t know the code used by Serif. Even if we would have Catmull-Rom as an option.
  2. Would be great if Serif would explain those basics graphically in their help for newbies. The important resampling hides in one of the points?
  3. It’s about quality (including usability). Serif tries to be compatible with .PSD and the level of quality of PS and other apps. Because texts are so fundamental, it hurts that we still have no answers to questions like "How exactly can we achieve sharp text? Can we get examples where small text does not lose so much more quality than in other apps?” after it was claimed that the blend gamma slider is probably the simplest way to control sharpness of text.
  4. Welcome here, KirkS. The text should look better (if your picture was not enlarged afterwards). So if you give us more information (which settings you used to save/export) we could help.
  5. Oval

    Too many bugs?

    Just another bug that wants to live some more years. That was a really quick killing fix. So why not the same with the bugs in Affinity Help?
  6. If you interpret it negatively. No, here the robot is a tiny app, that should not replace persons and that does the same all the day. For example searching for wrong information or update those numbers when two conditions are met. Hopefully it is not your job to update these numbers.
  7. Again same procedure with 1.7.3 … There could be a robot that does the job automatically … just one small line of code …
  8. or in the online version … that still has no forum. But even in important releases like 1.7.3: not corrected. Unintelligible.
  9. To find easily all related stuff in that chaos (could be without double posts, easier and quicker for the responsible persons of Serif, more efficiency, …) and to be motivated to post more reports that seems to be read and answered by Serif? Could be some reasons. Or is it also the job of the developers to create/correct the help? Hardly likely. So far no one from the Serif crew has answered here or changed these issues in the online versions. Perhaps because the right person did not find these posts. Another reason could be that the other languages are not so important for Serif and that separate forums for other languages could change the situation.. ((It's just half a product because the help is not correct / complete but could be if someone would change it at last.))
  10. No forum for Affinity Help. Seems there will be none. Also seems that there is no high interest to have a correct help for new users, although the problems could be fixed quickly with little effort.
  11. Welcome here in the forums, LFGabel.
  12. For example with self-explanatory icons. Just kidding. Less is more. So perhaps posts could be limited to 420 characters, … Surely Serif will find the best solution.
  13. The same with Help: A newbie does not find/get a/the visual reference (a really really needed basic information) … bad especially for foreigners because the link is still missing (and Introduction/Get started could be the first place, Workspace the second for the link, …). Hoping things that cost users money will be corrected before.
  14. What we know is that Serif changed decisions in the past. Also regarding features of APub. Therefore, nobody should not be so disappointed to not express his needs, after all; other companies offer this feature, so Serif could also try it at some point. Needs change reality, not the possible knowledge about past decisions. Yes. Serif wrote: "We cannot always review every submission a User may make.”

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