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  1. Such insinuations show how delicate the long concealed fact is that Serif “did not previously directly inform the delay here in the forums”. Even if you think you should not inform here in the forums, the delayed launch cannot be found in www.serif.com: “Affinity Publisher”; it is hidden in “Company”. One would like to finally believe those many misinformation on www.serif.com in the past, but we had hoped that one tends more to real information and news here. But thanks for the answer in reply #42. The towel was useful.
  2. 1. There is a news section … which seems to … 2. They told us 3. everyone of the Oval team 4. You did not answer and distract from our question again and again and again. A bad strategy to get rid of uncomfortable questions and loyal customers?
  3. So again: Where did you inform us … here in the forum? Or will you do it?
  4. That is finally the truth. And that has already been written.
  5. You don’t make anything better with that saying. But on the contrary. It is about here in the forum, where everyone thought you would get the news and excuse if something would delay! Not somewhere on another marketing thingy like your website where it is hidden. What you think is not what loyal customers think that are waiting for the correct launch (information) since years. If you don’t want to tell us delays and excuses here, tell us (why).
  6. Few days before 2019 the official launch information “2018” was quietly changed to 2019 on a hidden place outside the forum! There is no excuse for that afterwards. That slap on the face of customers can not be undone. Thanks for having tolerated us in the past.
  7. We wanted to buy not only one copy but couldn’t. Serif was not able to inform here in the forum or via email that APu will not launch this year … after more than three years of suboptimal information … again no excuse … no words! Perhaps the renewed delay should have been kept secret. The image of Serif is not the same this year.
  8. The question is about here. So where did you find the information here, please? Serif again did not what they announced. And this time we were really disappointed because there were no excuse, nothing after waiting for it since 2015 when the launch should have been.
  9. A few weeks ago Serif changed this to “Affinity Publisher Available 2019” without to inform us …
  10. Whom do you mean? Again: about “Affinity Publisher Available 2018” or about “Affinity Publisher Available 2018”
  11. This is not about the beta. They changed the launch some weeks ago without informing us here. :-( Right or wrong?
  12. … about “Affinity Publisher Available 2018” or about “Affinity Publisher Available 2018” here? Would be great to get something like real-time similar search result even if you create a new topic because it is not easy to find information here.