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    Resize - By Percent

    Sorry, we don’t know what you did exactly. There are many possibilities. One way is to use the Export Persona. (Seems a good example for an app that is not user intuitive and not efficient.)
  2. 1.7.2 is live (since one month), so why is here "Affinity Designer 1.7.1 for MacOS is released” in bold letters?
  3. The launch of APub was promised for 2015, … so probably no (ETA). Sorry!
  4. Incredibly, many things are still missing, like Workspace ⊳Visual Reference (the links in other languages**), this, an index, a glossary, a list of known problems and how to deal with them, thanks (for using, purchasing, reporting, …), … **in the hidden content text
  5. Oval


    Is already an eejitus eextrawhiiteeshuupus** alive? ** The singular of sheep is shup and the whitest sheep are grazing in Scotland.
  6. Oval


    … which is very rare today. Thanks. Beautiful light sprinkling of freckles!
  7. Hast Du versucht, die korrekten oder korrupten Seiten ans Ende zu verschieben (u.U. nicht nötig, falls keine Paginierungen o.ä. verwendet werden) und dann ein PDF zu exportieren? Zumindest wäre doch ein Export die Lösung (entweder einzeln oder per a-k,x-y). Ansonsten: Hat ein CTRL-Reset (beim Starten CTRL gedrückt halten) nichts gebracht? Wir hatten kürzlich auch das Problem, aber da hatten wir die Objekte erst gelöscht und dann die Seiten. Möglicherweise auch ein Problem mit den Master-Seiten? Wir drücken alle Daumen.
  8. Sorry, it is only possible for Serif to quote in that closed topic. You can search for a phrase. At least we are now informed here that a 1.8 beta exists.
  9. LOL? Yes, Serif laughs because of the problems of the buyers. It is impossible for LarrySunshine to answer in a closed topic like Serif did there. Even if it is, it is also impossible because it does not explain how the pictures came about. Even the information of stroke widths are missing. Of course, a new algorithm should be better than the five-year-old version, which is still several times worse than all competing ones and whose errors were never resolved, although this was repeatedly claimed like “most precise vector graphic design software”. Because of this, it is untrustworthy to write "pessimistic keyboard warrior". OK, not for Dump and BoJo. We gave Serif the money and we had and still have to deal with the enormous inaccuracies that other apps do not have. So there should be the direct comparison with the actual versions (of the competitors that are also not published). That would be respectable.
  10. @acapstick One would like to understand it ...
  11. 591 days ago the shoes of the CERN accelerator complex were presented as follows: Not only repeating complaints, it was always made hope. 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018:
  12. SAP had the money to settle the recourse claims of a large corporation.
  13. Not the users that don’t use the forum and that trust the “professional” software and that don’t have the time or idea to check every function under all possible situations. If they run into bigger problems after the production … we all can only hope that they will not read the forum.
  14. Did Serif get the files already?
  15. @CLC [Was addressed to LarrySunshine (“The size of element shouldn't matter”)]. Seems not clear for some people, because it was said that the problem is supposed to exist only on small objects and because the function has never been stopped (for the inaccurate zone).
  16. @LarrySunshine Apparently, people at Serif did not know that the function does not work well even beyond 10 millimeters. Neither the program itself nor the help warns of the inaccuracies, although this has been demanded. One can only hope that Serif does not have to deal with lawsuits.
  17. What the hell? AFTER is better than BEFORE …
  18. We are sure that Serif will find a great solution soon. Regards Georg
  19. Try this: Increase “DPI” in “Document Setup…”. For example use 21893 dpi if the page size is not bigger than (DIN) A4. HTH
  20. No. I used a small object, because I hoped to find the limit of CorelDRAW® 2019 because Kuttyjoe wrote “Even Coreldraw has this exact problem” and because I hoped AD would work better. It should only show that Kuttyjoe is not right with his claim “Coreldraw has this exact problem , but in Coreldraw it's much worse” and should not achieve anything in your book. KR Michael
  21. To be fair, we used the standard 300 dpi of AD and the same size in CorelDRAW® 2019, only to illustrate that Kuttyjoe is wrong with “in Coreldraw it's much worse”. 0.5 pt and a diameter of 0.3 mm is not too small for CorelDRAW® 2019.
  22. No, much easier is this: Increase “DPI” in “Document Setup…”. For example use 21893 dpi if the page size is not bigger than (DIN) A4. Or make the use of other apps.
  23. Oval

    Font Size

    No, in the example it is not. You will not start with the displayed 7.6 pt. So it does not make sense that (the last used size) is displayed. It can cause users to mistakenly use wrong sizes.
  24. Oval

    Font Size

    OK, we don’t know where this is written. We believe a selected box with different values should “show” all or no text sizes.