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  1. “Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list but don't post new feature requests in this thread”
  2. Oval

    AD an magnetic mode

    Sorry, but we can’t see a rendering problem in your picture. Perhaps you can give use more details.
  3. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    1. Deleting them is not a big job. 2. If we get a correct launch date of APu, we would correct the assets.
  4. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    The assets should reflect the quality of the app. But they damage the company image.
  5. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    Thanks, but again (written in the 1st post): The assets should reflect the quality of the app. But they damage the company image. So if Serif had no time to check before they sell, Serif could have left assets out. And again: The removal of some of the assets could be the best compromise now.
  6. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    OK, Serif communicates high quality standards but it seems that the assets never have been checked (by QM or whatever) before they were sold with(in) the app. And even 23 months after Serif said that this may be sorted in the future, nobody seemed to check which assets should be corrected or deleted. We don’t have the time to check all assets. We checked two: both are lowest quality. Full stop.
  7. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    They never have been corrected. “Still” means not now (checked at the date of the last post, means including the newest version). Or do you know a colleague that has corrected the assets?
  8. Expand Stroke of a Circle arrow head and some others result in about 1040 sharp nodes / polygonal lines. Strange algorithm. Will this be corrected? Not in BTW: Will we get Expand Stroke in APu (by the vector persona)?
  9. Great idea, then “Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list” also makes no sense anymore.
  10. or perhaps too old / easier to brutally unplug the machine from the wall
  11. 1. wrong 2. It was obviously deliberately overlooked the smiley.
  12. Just hoped to stop off-topic posts with "I do”, “I want”, “I can”, …
  13. Aha! For this reason, users do not seem to mind that bugs persist and features are missing for years.
  14. Not to be a killjoy, but In the past you could still see high-quality results, today you have to look for them. Is probably not on improved hardware and bugs software.
  15. And he has forgotten that he and his colleagues have strayed from the topic for decades.
  16. That the feature roadmap is also backward-looking but we cannot see it or this has not been recognized before?
  17. So what does it mean for the “Affinity Designer feature roadmap”?
  18. Oval

    Stroke - expand

    The best workaround is: don’t use “Expand Stroke” / Affinity Designer because Serif is working on it since 2014. Even if you increase the objects by a factor of 200 before, you can get wrong results. And it is still not pointed out in the help function (for laymen).
  19. Oval

    Alarm! misshapen assets

    1000 days later nothing was corrected. Still line weights that should be constant but are not, non-symmetrical assets, with bumps and slings, … many inaccuracies that do not fit into a professional program and company. Serif still claims that Affinity Designer is the most precise vector graphic design software available, but Serif is not able to take 15 minutes to correct some assets. :-(
  20. Oval

    Too many nodes

    If it already has been passed and if it already arrived, it was not corrected in and Not the Circle, not the Origin, not …