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  1. Hello. I need to type the font in millimeters, but I did not find how to do it. Setting the font only in points ... But I just need millimeters! It is necessary for me to use the Rectangle tool, set its height to the required dimensions, and adjust the font for it ??? Or also use mesh? It is very uncomfortable! But maybe I just don’t know how to do it ... Sincerely.
  2. Thank you all very much! But still, it would be better if the frame cut off the images in order not to perform these dances ... But, apparently, they would not hear me again ... I understand a lot of work ...
  3. Hello. There is one more unpleasant moment in your wonderful program. For example. I need to crop the image, and this is done very easily and conveniently ... But after saving the image, the “trimmed” areas are also saved! It is necessary to frame in extraneous programs ... Cropping does not crop the image, but masks it, and this is not very good ... Maybe it makes sense that the frame of the crop just cut the picture, and not mask? Thank.
  4. Hello again! I relatively recently showed you problems with setting the size of the “Crop Frame”, after which you promised to fix this trouble, but after repeated program updates, everything remained as it was. The accuracy of cropping images is very important. Not approximately - exactly exactly! If you think that it does not matter, then you say so, and I will not bother you anymore. Let's start. I need to frame an image of a DEFINED size But, as we see, it is precisely a certain size that I initially cannot ask And as a result, I get what I have But I'll try to reach the desired, through changing the size of the document, but as you can see, the exact size here will not be set ... (By the way, why do not you integrate this function into the framing of the framing frame, which is exactly what's done in Photoshop, and it's very convenient) The result is much better, but with accuracy there are problems ... And if it is necessary to crop and save a lot of images, then through changing the document, doing it for a long time is not convenient. I know that you have VERY much work, but, nevertheless, this function is VERY important. Regards, Peter
  5. Hello. Tell me, is it possible in the Affinity Designer to implement the Summa cutter plugin? Very - very necessary! Thank you.
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    Thanks a lot, everyone!
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    Many thanks. But I think that the columns would be more convenient ...
  8. Tell me, is it possible to break the page into columns? This is a very important function, but for some reason I did not find it. Thank you.
  9. Hello. Tell me, but can I make it so that the borders of the not selected frame are automatically hidden?