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  1. Hello. There is one inconvenient moment for work. For example. I insert some text, and of course it is inserted in the text frame. After some editing (deleting part of the text), the frame remains unchanged. If I need to place a conditional text on a certain background, and group the text together with the background, then I need to cover the background and the unchanged frame!!! And you can see for yourself what the result is!!! And if there are a lot of such texts, for example in infographics, then adjusting the frame for each column results in an unlimited stream of unprintable words!!! A huge request – please make an automatic adjustment of the frame to the text! Frame by text!!! And one more huge wish that you ignored in one of my messages: finally make it possible to split the text into lines!!! Line-by-line text splitting!!! Thanks.
  2. No never! This happens both to the Designer and to the Photo. Every first discovery ...
  3. Hello. There is one more unpleasant moment. When you open the file, (during the first launch), the explorer constantly opens on the System32 folder !!! This is a little annoying ... The program does not remember the last used folder. And there is no way to specify the default folder. Sincerely.
  4. Hello. There is another very unpleasant and annoying moment. For instance. I give the object an arbitrary color, and I need to group it all ... But after grouping, the colors that were changed CHANGE !!! This happens all the time! Many times I have come across such a phenomenon ... And this is probably not right ... I really hope that you correct this misunderstanding. Yours faithfully!
  5. Hello. There is one very unpleasant moment. For instance. I need to crop the image, and transfer it to another “paper” format. Naturally, I selected the photo and cropped it. But when transferring to another document, it turns out that it is not cropped at all !!! I once wrote to you that the program does not crop, but simply disguises the photo! You ignored my message! And here you have the result !!! And this is very bad!!! I have no doubt that you will ignore this "cry" of despair ... Yours faithfully!
  6. During the close of a large number of images, the program often freezes.
  7. While working with vectors, the program slows down.
  8. Hello. A huge request is to make it possible to independently add commands and tools to the context menu of programs. One click, and everything you need for a specific operation is at hand. This is very convenient, and there is no need to open a drop-down menu. This feature is present in CorelDraw. Thank.
  9. How to change the font? No, this is not an option.
  10. Hello. I really hope that you finally hear me! In my opinion, it was you who were interested in “drawing”, and the text for you is apparently secondary! Working with text is very inconvenient! I often have to do infographics, and there, as you know, there are a lot of all kinds of data that I need to place on a sheet. For example. I need each line of this text to be placed separately. And of course, I start to cut every line (!), And often when there is a lot of data, it turns into torture! It just pisses me off! Is it really difficult to make the function "Break text line by line" ??? You ignore our pleas, on my last request, you didn’t even answer ... Whoever deals with fonts in your program will understand me. Thank.
  11. Hello. The program has one very old and incomprehensible moment, which is simply misleading. For example. I need to cut a certain height of a digit on the plotter. Let it be 6 centimeters, or 60 millimeters. Naturally, I set the size in the font size settings window to 60 millimeters. But at the same time, the transformation panel shows a completely different size !!! Who to believe? I draw a rectangle and set it to the size on the transformation panel - 60 millimeters ... And judging by the grid, indeed, this size is similar to the real one. But then for the figure, you must specify the size on the transformation panel. But, the font size, as you see, has changed a lot !!! How to calculate the correct font size in millimeters ??? And these are only two digits, and if you need to set the exact size of the text, in which there are a lot of words and lines ??? I think this is just unreal! Maybe it’s worth balancing both sizes somehow? Maybe I'm wrong ... Thanks.
  12. Hello. Some time ago, I turned to you about the mismatch in the size of the crop, and now everything works just fine! Exact size! Thank you very much! But now I noticed another inconsequential, but nonetheless annoying framing operation. For example. I set a specific size for the frame, and save the preset. After, I upload an image, select a preset ... And look, the given numbers have changed places ... Each time you need to turn the frame. But if there are a lot of images, then it very quickly begins to bother. Too many manipulations for a simple action. I really hope that you will pay attention to this, and possibly correct it. Although, maybe you just thought of it ... But it is definitely inconvenient. Thank you very much.
  13. Hello. I want to make a proposal to improve the workspace. Two panels on the sides ruthlessly select the workspace of the document, on the margins of which there may be a mass of some layout elements. And constantly moving the document to find the desired item is not very convenient. Of course, you can close the Resources panel, which is very necessary for work. But each time it is extremely inconvenient to open it through a double menu! It’s scary to think about it ... This panel is needed almost all the time, but it takes up a lot of space, especially for small monitors. But this issue would be resolved by placing a narrow panel, tied to the right edge (as in InDesign), and whose windows would close automatically after clicking on the field ... By no means do I urge you to copy Indesign, but this function is very convenient to use !!! Perhaps you implement it in some way, I don’t know. But the fact that this will make it easier for everyone to work in your amazing program is for sure! Thank!
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