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  1. Very good questions, I kind of hate the undefined "Limited time" term btw... please give me a F**** date
  2. This is still in 1.10.5 it seems (at least on Windows). Duplicating a perspective adjustment bring to totally wrong result.... sad it is still there and makes it a PITA working with perspective fx... I'm sad and a bit frustrated, v1.x development seems stopped and I'm encountering loads of hiccups and buglets on almost everything I do with AP... - Mario
  3. Bingo! Pixels are exactly twice the pt shown in the stroke width in the top bar. I just learned something new, thanks! - Mario
  4. Hello, is there a reason why the Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right Drag brush size shown while dragging is twice the stroke width shown on top bar in Designer persona while using the Pencil tool? Affinity Designer 1.10.5, Windows 10 x64 Pro. Thanks, Mario
  5. This doesn't help that much actually, I go to redefine the brush size modifiers in pixel -> pixel tool context with "apply to all" checked. No matter the key I choose it doesn't work in designer persona brushes, while ctrl-alt-drag left/right does. - Mario
  6. Thanks! And what about the Designer persona tools? Does "apply to all" option also extend to them? - Mario
  7. Hello, I already looked there, I just cannot find the items for changing brush size. They are there only for vector brush. Thanks
  8. Hello, very short question: on Italian keyboard the "[" and "]" keys don't work. And using the Ctrl-Alt-Drag gesture is not convenient for me. Is it possible to redefine them in Affinity Designer? Thanks, Mario
  9. Hello, thanks it surely helps a lot. A question about gradient...I would like to be proved wrong, but if I understand well you cannot edit a gradient once you created one because it's "printed", right? This is one of the most annoying things in AF, I often change and fine-tune a lot of things and the non destructive approach of many filters and features in AF is awesome in this regard. But for gradients (and perspective?) it doesn't seem the case.... (yet)? Thanks again, will experiment with your suggestions. - Mario
  10. Here is an idea, I'm combining the foreground, two sublayers with motion blur with large offset (250 and 500px), a shadow and a glow; it's getting closer to what I'm after but I'm still not happy about two things mainly: 1) The motion blur expands on both left and right side even though the direction specified is right (0°). I guess this is expected but I'm looking for a unidirectional blurred trail 2) I'd like the right trail more ... well... hazy : now It's too long, I'd like something more ethereal, probably I could get away with a gradient alpha (left = maximum opacity, right = minimum opacity) but I have to understand how to get there.. So, any hint is appreciated. Thanks, Mario
  11. Hello, thanks for this but I think symbols are in Affinity Designer only (could be an option anyway since I also have it besides Photo). I don't have examples to refer to, just wanted a blurred trail of a text following horizontal direction for hundreds of pixels in length... - Mario
  12. Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask about production techniques that I'm trying to achieve but cannot get to the desired outcome: I'd like to get a very long horizontal only shadow (like a long motion blurred trail) on a text. I've tried shadows and all kinds of blur but either they don't support direction or they don't get to the length I'm trying to reach (around 200 ore more pixels). I also tried stacking multiple blurs but again I'm not happy with the results. Any hint or suggestion on how to get this effect is welcome. Using Affinity Photo 1.9.1. N.B. I know I can type values exceeding the sliders range but that doesn't seem to help much. Thanks in advance!
  13. Just checked beta, slightly different pattern but still quite broken. - Mario
  14. Ok thanks. I just gave Beta a try, same exact project. It's better but there are still weird artefacts, both with OpenCL disabled and enabled, different but still not fine in either cases. OpenCL disabled: OpenCL enabled: - Mario
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