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  1. FYI, when opened by the illustrator (which I don't have right now), there is a "mask" above the bar. In Affinity, I couldn't find any mask.
  2. Hi, Stokerg, The first file attached is opened by Illustrator and saved again. It appears normal in Affinity Publisher. The second file is the original file, saved from a preview app. The issues occur when imported to Affinity Publisher. Many thanks, P6 save from illustrator.pdf P6 exported from mac preview.pdf
  3. I have to work on a pdf file (exported from Adobe inDesign), which contains thousands of bar graphs. But, these bars are all turned into text, no matter opened by which affinity product. Please see attached the images. The first image is the correct one, while the other two images are what I get in Affinity. Each bar seem to contain three graphs, among which one is solid. However, this solid bar is replaced by a string of numbers and spaces. The curves with no fill stay intact. Anyone knows a solution to this issue? Edit: I am using Mac system - iMac (High Sierra) and MacBook (Catalina). Many thanks. Kafka
  4. I have also been waiting, for years. Sadly APhoto is still without DAM, ADesign without basic text editing features, and APublisher without fillable form & interactive buttons etc etc... I tried all that I could to make Affinity solutions work for me but felt so crippled in a sense that none would really work standalone, and even the suite cannot work by the trinity altogether without resorting to other apps. There are indeed more other core features and advanced features to develop, for always, but really I could never get why these basic necessities are just missing. Every time I wanted to make the purchase, I had to step back.
  5. Thank you, and sorry for my unresponsiveness. After the trial, it seems both aPublisher and aDesigner are required, but then aPublisher couldn't import IMDL, not to mention aDesinger offers only one-way conversion. I personally like Affinity's interface but it seems my clients who still cling to CS6 like us have to change to Affinity as well, or otherwise the switch is just a pain in the neck.
  6. The most basic and important thing. We have the similar text structure for a lot of pages in our catalogue, repetitively. I cannot survive a day without find and replace.
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