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    papercrafts, Silhouette Cameo & Mint, scrapbooking, quilting
    CorelDRAW user for years (X4 latest)
    Paintshop Pro user for years (X3 latest)
    XP power user, switched from Win7 to Mac 2 years ago and loving it! (but eating crow about it)
    There are several things I miss in CorelDRAW, but am finding AD/AP is becoming more of a complete replacement!
  1. Curious, is this issue with Expand Stroke also why we haven't seen the Contour / Offset feature yet? I'd rather get it later and right, instead of now and broken, but best of all would be sooner, and right. (Not that I'm impatient - ok, I'm not known for my patience LOL)
  2. New Beta exports fine for me THANKS!
  3. Anyone else having trouble with crashing on export? Consistent issue - which rather is a problem. :-( Running 4.0.10 Sierra on a Late 2013 Mac, 3.1 GHZ i7, 8GB Thoughts? Suggestions?
  4. Light UI great for dark assets with transparency!!
  5. I really miss this from CorelDRAW. Maybe I am missing something, I'm not even getting copy/paste..... does it just show me my options better?
  6. Excited to try features, still *trying* to be patient for offset/contour. :-)
  7. Hopefully when we get this, we do not have to convert to curves, but will be able to allow the font intact. This is one feature that I really, really miss.
  8. Several hundred dollars a year? :-) I'll leave a serious answer to someone more qualified than myself.
  9. Although I'm not going to get hung up on a name (or the icon) since the software itself is so great, I still agree with Jamon. It can be rather confusing: "What software do you use?" You must use the whole handle: "Affinity Photo," even if you suspect the person to whom you are speaking is familiar with Affinity. Photoshop is a great descriptive name, Corel's Paintshop maybe not quite so much. But while I think the name doesn't live up to the software, I'm a lot more concerned about what I can do with it, especially on a Mac, with a limited budget. I love Affinity!!! (a rose by another name....)
  10. Thanks!
  11. Hoping this is coming in 1.6 :-)
  12. Still hoping for the time when we can copy only some of the effects (e.g. the shadow, but not the 3d) etc :-)
  13. I am not familiar with the Easycut software. I use Silhouette Studio Designer Edition for my Silhouette Cameo. I have not been able to successfully export as SVG (preferred format) which leads to weird distortions in size and shape - though strangely only when opening a AD created SVG in SSDE, and not in other apps. My work around has been to used PDF, which works fine.
  14. Of course, we all think the feature we miss the most should be at the top. :-) Thanks again for great software, but mostly for listening to your customers!!!!
  15. Still waiting for offset / contour, so the Expand Stroke is an unhappy work around, when it's ok. Still a great fan of the software - just wish this feature was higher on the list!!!