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    papercrafts, Silhouette Cameo & Mint, scrapbooking, quilting
    CorelDRAW user for years (X4 latest)
    Paintshop Pro user for years (X3 latest)
    XP power user, switched from Win7 to Mac 2 years ago and loving it! (but eating crow about it)
    There are several things I miss in CorelDRAW, but am finding AD/AP is becoming more of a complete replacement!

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  1. Busenitz

    Corel draw is back on the Mac!

    Oh I miss CD since switching to Mac. I'm just a hobbyist, so the price was right. Fortunately at the same time of the switch, I heard of AD's beta. Woohoo..... But nearly 5 years later, I'm still loving the Mac - my affections to Affinity Designer have diminished. So I checked into the CorelDRAW for Mac. $500 outright, or subscription of $200 a year. Out of my budget. So I will keep waiting for some of the basic things such as offset / contour and keep hoping that someday Affinity Designer will catch up to my CorelDRAW X4. Oh, and yes, maybe PhotoPaint has improved, but it was very lacking. I always used their PaintShop Pro and it was great for my needs.
  2. Busenitz

    Expand stroke still sucks

    This seems so true!!! I'm just a hobbyist, (who switched to Mac when AD first was in beta) Oh how I miss CorelDRAW some days!!!!!)
  3. An explanation would go a long way. If there have been unforeseen aspects, just let us now. But for over three years we've been told "Be patient, it's coming" and now we are being told "Be patient, it will be coming in a later version."
  4. I’m on a Mac so DP isn’t an option. However, most every other vector app (even free ones) has contour/offset. Which puzzles me even more- if this is “low hanging fruit” as it was described early on, why isn’t it even close after 4 years?
  5. For a long time they said it would be in version 1. Now I think they are saying V2
  6. This would be less disappointing if we hadn't been told from the get-go that this is an easy feature to add, and if it wasn't a common feature among even the free graphic apps. I know Affinity has added a lot of bells and whistles to the app, but I really really need the basics!!! All said, AD is still the best Mac (non-Adobe subscription) software you can buy. But I'm referring it with much less enthusiasm than I did four years ago.
  7. Busenitz

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Sorry, I'm discouraged on this one.... I've been requesting contour / offset since the BEGINNING of AD - back in 2014. Yes, we keep getting told that it will come, they just don't now when. In the mean time, we can use expand stroke (not good) or do that part in another program. Really? And this is what's going to take business away from Adobe?
  8. Wow that's really a bummer. I'll probably upgrade when version 2 comes out, but early on it was stated that the contour / offset is an easy thing to add. And in fact a lot of free apps have it (though not all the other things I need) Maybe I had too high of expectations early on. This clearly is a long way from replacing my CorelDRAW X4 - and we are talking old software here!
  9. Glad to hear it. I've been expecting the contour / offset for a long time..... Hopefully soon. I love AD (especially since not really any non-professionally priced Mac alternatives) But really miss some of the features I had with CorelDRAW many years ago....
  10. What is the status of development on Designer? I've been waiting four years for some features that were said to be coming soon..... Are we done with version 1? Is there something in development yet? Will I ever get contour / offset?
  11. My current workflow is to start with AD to design then export to cut my files in Silhouette Studio Business Edition. BUT if I want to offset, then the workflow is SS to AD then. back to SS. A cutting software not having design tools makes sense. But having to use it for designing doesn’t.
  12. How EVENTUALLY? I would pay extra for this, and the other features that CorelDRAW had years ago.
  13. I switched from Windows and an older version of CorelDRAW 4 years ago. Was thrilled to find AD, and was excited to hear that the app was going to be very similar to AI and CD. However, 4 years later, I'm not finding it that compatible. I do love AD, and it is the best vector app for Mac I've found. But I can't call it comparable yet when it doesn't do basic contours (which most free apps do) There are still many things I miss from my old CorelDRAW. But I love my Mac, so here I am. Trying to be patient for the other features, but I have been waiting for 4 years.
  14. Any possibility of warp text (while remaining text) and contour / offset? Those are huge omissions for me yet.