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    There are several things I miss in CorelDRAW, but am finding AD/AP is becoming more of a complete replacement!
  1. Any possibility of warp text (while remaining text) and contour / offset? Those are huge omissions for me yet.
  2. Ditto on the thanks!!!!
  3. Graphic (iDraw), Inkscape, and even the free version of Silhouette Studio have offset. So much easier than expand stroke and then fixing it!!!! I'm surprised that we don't have it yet. I love SO much about AD. But there are a couple of basic things missing and I'm hoping we get them soon!
  4. Any idea when we will see the ability for contour / offset, or ability to shape art text (while still maintaining it as text, as opposed to converted to curves)? Still hoping that these features are coming, I miss them terribly!
  5. Not sure what was up - uninstalled the program, deleted all of the folders under user/library/containers/serif.affinityphotobeta (etc) then reinstalled (and reset everything) Now all is good.
  6. When I go into the Preference Panel (or try to) the entire app hangs. Sometimes it will show the panel, most of the time not.
  7. Thanks superhaschi! That is what I am experiencing - misunderstood you. I was thinking you could get the bitmap-filled svg if you rasterized the bitmap again..... (which obviously was not working) Thank you again for all your help in this!! The current process works, but would still like to see some improvements, but it may be up to Silhouette. Cutting directly from AD would be AWESOME. :-)
  8. Nope, I'm still not succeeding. What settings are you using on Export?
  9. Ok, I think I'm following you - the PNG with transparency together with the main background would be rasterized together, but the vector rectangle containing the bitmap would remain vector?
  10. Superhashi, thanks once again for suggestions. I am wondering about exporting everything as separate PNGs, that would be simple, but if they are rasterized, wouldn't I have to trace them once imported into SSDE? Their trace feature is nice, but not as accurate as a vector in my experience. As far as exporting to PDF, that has been the most successful for me, even exporting the entire page / design as one PDF. The exception is if there is a bitmap with transparency. And by the way - I did work some in iDraw/Graphic and had some problems (though different) when exporting to SVG, then importing to SSDE. If there is any consistency I haven't figured it out.
  11. I do think some of it is on Silhouette's end as if I create a PDF with a vector containing a bitmap (JPG) and a bitmap with transparency (PNG), the PDF shows correctly in most other apps, but Silhouette will subtract the base JPG from where the transparency is in the PNG. Male.pdf
  12. Superhashi - thanks for the suggestion, but I am creating files that might have up to 6 different vectors, filled with different bitmaps. Your work around would be better suited if I had less objects in one file.
  13. I am still struggling with this issue myself. PDFs are much preferable to SVG as far as losing format. At one point I had tried saving from AD as an SVG, then opening that in iDraw, and ressaving it and opening it in SSDE. That was much better, but a rather cumbersome work around. I am not sure where the trouble lies. Ideally, I would still love to have the plugin to cut directly from AD. The Silhouette software is being updated, and is greatly improved since Version 2, but I love Affinity!
  14. Curious, is this issue with Expand Stroke also why we haven't seen the Contour / Offset feature yet? I'd rather get it later and right, instead of now and broken, but best of all would be sooner, and right. (Not that I'm impatient - ok, I'm not known for my patience LOL)