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  1. Yes it’s weird. They develop V2 likely using the 16.0 betas with stage manager and completely ignore it!
  2. Found this today. Very annoying. Also can’t use a mouse to access the drop downs for things like the magnet tool… Have to use pencil.
  3. Great thanks for following this up! Finger crossed we can get to the bottom of this as I love your apps!
  4. First time I tried just the default selected. Second attempt all of them.
  5. Have you tested this on an M1 MacBook? And what settings are you resetting in the runup? I’ve just done this and my first file is still sitting not rendering the images (it’s been more than 12 seconds) and I don’t get asked about authorising a folder either? I followed your steps too (ctrl runup, opened file, quit the app, opened the app and the file).
  6. Do I need to do this each time I open each of these files? I have 20+ of them?
  7. Thanks but to be fair I reported this bug in the beta and it’s not changed since you released…
  8. So is there any update to all of this as currently it is making the app super unusable for me... Things I have tried (I am on an M1 MacBook Pro 16GB ram 1TB HDD) Changed the display settings from OpenGL to Metal (no noticeable change, should M1 use Metal or OpenGL?) Moved the files and relinked the placed image to outside of iCloud Drive (no change files still as slow) My current work flow is: Close all apps except for Affinity Design Open one file Wait for 5-10 mins Remap the images to the different colour variant Wait 5-20 mins for this to finish Save Wait for 1-10 mins for this to finish (seems random amount of time, sometimes super fast other times takes forever) Change the colours and rename the layers Frequent hangs or pauses as the app selects what I am renaming and caches or updates the image preview Save and close the file Can be instant or can take up to 10 mins with a long saving bar. Literally no idea what is going on. The Tiffs I am using are @200mb each and were created and edited in Affinity Photo which handles them with no issues and is lightening fast. It is making me really wonder if I can keep designer as part of my workflow. All I am using it for is to add vector border and number (via text) each of my images and overlay a photo and then batch export each final image. The file is literally 20-30 artboards all with the same image on them just with different text or layout..
  9. They are definitely downloaded to my computer and got heaps of hard drive space...
  10. Just as an aside using one of those files is writing 36+gb to my hard drive while the app is in use. Presumably as cached memory?
  11. Here you go. So I dunno if it is related but all my files are stored in the iCloud Drive. I have a folder in there for all my digital art, would this slow things down? I also notice that using a 150dpi image is loads faster than the 300dpi I am using. forSerif.zip
  12. Ok I’ll upload an image and file in a bit. But if that’s the case why does each version of the image not update to be unpixelated at the same time? I’m doing this all on an M1 MacBook Pro with 16gb memory. Unsure if that makes a difference?
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