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  1. Sean, I had modified the original file since 1.6 :-/ If you try with my sample file attached you will see the slow export in 1.7 in export persona with the configuration "Slow export"
  2. Sean unfortunately no I do not have a previous version but the file has not been changed since 1.6. The export was immediate before (1.6), now it takes almost 1 minute for a simple small file
  3. Hi Sean, I export for example just the "Slow export" in my example, and it's very slow... apparently this would come from the configuration of PDF to PDF/X-1a profile. But in 1.6 it's was very fast.
  4. I took 3 hours to used Affinity Publisher with the Font manager and the locate button to change all my font in my Designer file (with many layers..) I'should implement a "Replace all" button in the font manager (with a popup validation). That would be a very nice feature.
  5. I tried this but not the solution actually..: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/90067-fonts-remplacement/
  6. Hi, for missing font we have a option to replace this with the font manger but the change remains only effective in the visualization, not in the text layer and if we open the file on AD for example the font replacement is not effective : In Publisher : Opening file in AD :
  7. Damn... it's very a needed feature, it's not possible to modify all layers in all dartboard manually..
  8. [more details] How to update a font from a .afdesign to the new font activated in osx ? : Sans titre.mov (see video)
  9. Hi, I want to reorganize my font management and gestion and I have a big problem with font missing in AD (Mac - 1.7.1). How can we replace missing fonts when we open a afdesign file ? (like a mapping) Some of my updated fonts family are a bit deferent a some variantes are missing and AD doesn't tell me that they are a missing variant for this font how can we change map this to a new family ? And nothing happen in the caracters panel :
  10. Hi Sean, 1 The very slow export are here when we chose a PDF/X-1a:2003 profil for compatibility setting 2. Bleed are ok when I export via the top menu File > Export but not with export personna (like 1.7.0) You can find a sample test file in attachment with the 2 "bug" in export persona (slow + bleed bug). test.afdesign
  11. I still have issue with bleed for print PDF export in 1.7.1 and very slow export on some element (see video).. (No modifications was done on the file and all was very fine with 1.6 for export) export-bug.mov
  12. Me too, I have crash and a very slow exportation since 1.7 (with my last MacBook Pro 15 2019..) when I export from menu after changing pdf compatibility from PDF 1.7 to PDF/X-1a-2003 ...
  13. Export with bleed seem to be no longer taken into account when exporting PDF via Export persona since version 1.7? I can only display them via the export of the file > export menu
  14. Thanks ! This is a good news :) I'll waiting for the official release and update from the Mac App Store. Cedric
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