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  1. I didn't have it come up on a search I did, so just good to know they are aware, and I'll quit trying to tweak it on buy end.
  2. Ever since upgrading to V2 (all apps) on Mac (Catalina) I am no longer able to right click to access recent documents. (I'm not sure why, but while most apps do give recents, some do not) Affinity apps V1 did, and I miss that feature very much in V2. If there are several documents open, they show, or if I close down the documents, but the app is still open, they show. Once I close the app the recent list clears.
  3. I had asked this years ago, since Illustrator and CorelDRAW have plugins (Silhouette Connect), I was hoping that AD would be able to have one as well. The response was that it was something that had to come from Silhouette. However, I recently found there is a free Inkscape plugin that can be used with a Cameo. So now I'm wondering why someone from Affinity can't do the same?
  4. Several things - I did finally get it working. Yes, I am wanting changes to show up in a JPG format within a folder. I'm working on a project that is being proofed, and changes made, and I keep exporting each time I change so that it's available to the other person. And yes, it is on iCloud, so that could be the issue. The two things I did (and not sure if if was one, the other, or both that fixed it) but I saved the AD file in the same folder as the export folder. I also went in and Unticked Continuous, then resticked it. Weird but it's now working. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your responses on this!!!
  5. So..... I tried Continuous Export with Affinity Photo and it worked fine. I saved the file and then opened it with Designer, and then it continuously exported. So I tried starting a file in AP, then creating and exporting slices in AD, but same as before. Went back to AP to verify, and now I can't continuously export from AP. The export settings are all the same. I have tried saving in different locations on my hard drive but that hasn't made any difference. I can't figure out why Photo worked at first, then quit. But assuming it's the same thing as with Designer.
  6. Same issue with the file you had. And if I try to manually export from within the Export Persona, I still get the error message, "The following files...." Could it be some kind of rewrite permission on my computer???? I'm baffled.
  7. Yes, as in the first screenshot. Exported first to choose the location, then checked the Continuous.
  8. I might add that I tried the Continuous with a file I was working on, then after reading some of the issues, started with a much simpler file, created new files, changed location to be exported (all on my Mac Hard drive) but get the same result whether I am working with text or shapes, changing color, sizes, fonts, etc. Result is the same in each case.
  9. I have just started using the Export Persona, but can not get the Continuous to work. I am on a Mac, with version 1.10.1 If I go through File / Export, export works fine, always has. And if I use the Export Persona to set up slices, and choose Export Slices to a new location, it works. However if I want to export into a previously used folder, I get a message: The following files will either be overwritten or cannot be exported." It will list all of my selected slices. My three options are Cancel, which obviously cancels; Export, which will then overwrite all of the previous files; and Export only new items, which does nothing. Because of this, I am suspicious that for some reason it's not triggering as new content. Any help or suggestions?
  10. Probably not the case, but if your hard drive is full, and depending on the settings, it is possible that it's not downloaded if there are other items downloaded between uses.
  11. THANK YOU!!! My eyes aren't getting better with age. 🙂
  12. Wow! Looking forward to using 1.9 but someone accidentally shrunk the Transparency Icon on the Swatches Panel. At first, I thought it had been moved!!! PLEASE could we have it bigger again?
  13. I saw this in the Beta, excited to get it in the MAS version!!! It will simplify my process a lot!!!
  14. Ok, I just figured it out - you have to move it WAY to the right now.
  15. Hopefully someone can help me as I'm starting to think I'm losing my mind. I've been using AD / AP for years and have gotten into the habit of dragging an object from Finder into my project, then in the layers panel, dragging the object under and slightly over below a shape in the layers panel to do the equivalent of paste inside. (that's so much easier!!) Now all of a sudden, I have to have the object in my project, then cut, then paste inside the desired object. What changed? My settings? An update???
  16. I seem to continually fight using the Expand Stroke to offset text. When I add the separate strokes together, it also adds the "holes" in the letters, and it seems the only way to get what I want (say a 6 pixel offset both out and inside the text) is that I have to convert the text to curves, ungroup, expand the stroke, then take move the actual text, add the remaining stroke, divide to get the "holes" out, and subtract the holes. There's gotta be an easier way.
  17. Oh I miss CD since switching to Mac. I'm just a hobbyist, so the price was right. Fortunately at the same time of the switch, I heard of AD's beta. Woohoo..... But nearly 5 years later, I'm still loving the Mac - my affections to Affinity Designer have diminished. So I checked into the CorelDRAW for Mac. $500 outright, or subscription of $200 a year. Out of my budget. So I will keep waiting for some of the basic things such as offset / contour and keep hoping that someday Affinity Designer will catch up to my CorelDRAW X4. Oh, and yes, maybe PhotoPaint has improved, but it was very lacking. I always used their PaintShop Pro and it was great for my needs.
  18. An explanation would go a long way. If there have been unforeseen aspects, just let us now. But for over three years we've been told "Be patient, it's coming" and now we are being told "Be patient, it will be coming in a later version."
  19. I’m on a Mac so DP isn’t an option. However, most every other vector app (even free ones) has contour/offset. Which puzzles me even more- if this is “low hanging fruit” as it was described early on, why isn’t it even close after 4 years?
  20. For a long time they said it would be in version 1. Now I think they are saying V2
  21. This would be less disappointing if we hadn't been told from the get-go that this is an easy feature to add, and if it wasn't a common feature among even the free graphic apps. I know Affinity has added a lot of bells and whistles to the app, but I really really need the basics!!! All said, AD is still the best Mac (non-Adobe subscription) software you can buy. But I'm referring it with much less enthusiasm than I did four years ago.
  22. Wow that's really a bummer. I'll probably upgrade when version 2 comes out, but early on it was stated that the contour / offset is an easy thing to add. And in fact a lot of free apps have it (though not all the other things I need) Maybe I had too high of expectations early on. This clearly is a long way from replacing my CorelDRAW X4 - and we are talking old software here!
  23. Glad to hear it. I've been expecting the contour / offset for a long time..... Hopefully soon. I love AD (especially since not really any non-professionally priced Mac alternatives) But really miss some of the features I had with CorelDRAW many years ago....
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