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  1. Elaborate post and all, but it doesn't really help or belong on this feature request... The main concern here is the text tool, not the pointer tool. The fact remains that there should be a decent way to switch between "artistic" and "frame" text in affinity. Whatever route they choose to add this functionality, as long as it's intuitive, is fine with me.
  2. The functionality to switch between artistic and frame text would be a great addition to Designer... Illustrator's implementation of doing this (double click a specific node on a text object, or right click > convert to...) is a perfect example on how it should be handled. Here's a thread with a whole bunch of other people wanting this as well.
  3. Has this been added as a feature request? Any ETA on if/when the feature is coming? Illustrator's implementation is a perfect example on how it should be done. UPDATE: I just created a feature request for this here .
  4. Can you please add the functionality to remember the last "area" settings used on the export panel? 3/4 of the time I'm going to be using the "selection without background" setting, and it's a pain to have to select that option each time I export something new. See image below for more context:
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    Icon Pack

    +1– I am also interested in how you did this. Is there a faster way than one at a time?
  6. shaneparsons


    Probably getting ahead of myself here, but having a way to export the symbols (as svgs) would be amazing. The current workflow for doing this in Illustrator involves scripting and is not a very fun process.

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