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  1. Hi Sean P, I think you may be right, I checked again (unfortunately on Catalina, because I did a downgrade) I also checked if the same happens when I type a lot of text by myself and then it is much better and it lags a bit but you know... : ) it can always be even better, perfection does not know borders ; ) D.
  2. Hi itsrck do You still have this lag issue? i downgraded to catalina but i wonder what's worse .. regards! D.
  3. Hello! : ) When moving the text frame (if there is more text), there is lag, there are problems with rendering the text, and the MB Pro 16 starts to heat up strongly... This in no only problem when working on built in retina but also on External Monitor - 1920 - 1080. Sending in attachment my configuration and video. 13. IMG_0086.MOV
  4. Hi MEB, No, I don't think I'm so brave to take risks with Beta while working for clients on a contract. I will wait for the update. Calmly. And thank you for correcting the icons on the no-retina screens. D.
  5. NOPE. This is still Problem on artboards! + there is new bug making me cry. SHIFT work weird, when you select multiple object and try unselect couple of them holding shift everything is going to unselect when you click by holding shift. This make me crazy. D.
  6. No Problem. I hope file will help, but i tried on new document and still same thing i usually lock some layers and selecting all others by cmd + A to move them. In 1.7 locked leyers stay. Now everything can be moved. UPDATE: cmd + A seems to respect locked layers and it cant' be moved, also by clicking them. Selecting by dragging do not respect locked layers ( a also have option select object when intersects...) D.
  7. Hi! Yes, in attachment some new files, drag select - release and move. Lock is not working. D.
  8. Elements on a locked layer can still be selected and moved... lock does not work. D.
  9. I understand the design requirement for retina screens, this is unavoidable but retina screens have never been better than wide-gamut monitors for high-end work. Keep that in mind and please fix the icons Cheers!
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