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  1. I'm too F**king old for that. I would buy this program anyway and others too. Because people like to have new features and improvements. And this approach model pisses me off and pushes me off. (If that's true) and I wonder if I should buy it. Seriously. Affinity do not break my heart and make notification ASAP
  2. @Brian_JOnly I don't remember all the files I opened... at least where should be some sort of info from Affinity... right? or i just miss something.
  3. This no by design. I downloaded V2 to try out. I open file from V1 ( every file is opening in newer version by default ) I add 2 circles and save. Cannot open this thing in V1 - what if i dont want V2 now? hm?
  4. For summary i will leave a note from me for Dev's from Affinity: Mac Mini M1: OS Monterey with External monitor Eizo CG2420 - Colors are good same as in illustrator and no change in CMYK values in app. Macbook Pro: OS Catalina with build in Monitor: File looks like on screenshoots from @kefas with changed CMYK values in app. It is quite interesting.
  5. Ok i know what happend! There is a BUG - on External monitor it looks good i have Eizo CG2420 with hardware callibration but when i open that file on Mac it looks like on your screenshot.
  6. and dont bother desaturated screenshots (if you see that way) - it is because i use external Eizo CG with hardware calibration..
  7. Well i opened this file in Adobe Illustrator and on my eye the V2 is closer to original than V1. And the CMYK value is same. Adding screenshot: there is 1% change only in Cyan in V2
  8. I have Fogra39 and the file open with same value CMYK as in Adobe Illustrator. And looks same.
  9. Hmmm, what settings do You have here? Under CMYK option?
  10. Yup. Sending in attachment workaround - and when it happen test_2.afdesign test_2.pdf
  11. The color profile does not matter, I wanted to show a bug that occurs after exporting to PDF. I think it only occurs when we close the blur with the Blend option in a clipping mask.
  12. Could You please explain me what happened? Original File (example) in attachment - and after export to PDF. Some crazy weird thing appear. I had serious trouble in work because of that. D. example.afdesign example.pdf
  13. Hi, it happens ( lag and atrefacts ) with Frame text Tool and Artistic Text Tool so all type tools are affected and no matter what font i use. I reset everything to defaults. And it happens on Intel and my M1 mac mini - today that wierd artefacts happens when i move frame text with only shift but it happens once. It can be easily trigger by grabbing text frame or simple text moving right with shift holding and then press command and realese shift and command. D.
  14. Abra, right side in stroke panel there are box with: " Mitre " select all - add stroke and chande that thing to 10 meybe this will help.
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