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  1. Yeah. I love the new sculpt mode for the pencil in 1.7 Beta
  2. the screenshot is just to show, what could possibly be in there. It doesn't need to be necessarily such wide. Maybe with a horizontal scrollbar. Maybe some functionality for blending in and out those panels would be handy. But at least it needs to be better integrated into the UI
  3. Hey, we definitely need some sort of grid view for the Pages panel. Otherwise, we need to scroll infinitely in large documents. Additionally, for fast navigation, it would be really handy to have Colored Page Markers.
  4. Hey, please make the Resource Manager available to the Studio palettes for better integration in the UI. I need it right by my side all the time like the Layers and Pages panels. Please also add more options to pieces of information like Color Space, Transparency, Rotation, Dimensions, File Path etc already in the list. Cheers Benny
  5. Hey affinity team, a while ago there had been existing an index of common feature requests which gave the users some ideas about which features might be expected in future releases. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Could you please make such a sticky post again? Thank you very much. Benny
  6. Yes, those were the two I also found. Please be honest, but 400$ or 500$ is not what I find is really affordable, especially not for students. So, we still need a solution. Maybe a imposition feature in Affinity Publisher, hu?
  7. Yes, this would be an ok price, but... • it's not available for macOS • A3 would be great in the free version So, thats no option either.
  8. So, a quick google didn't give any useful results. Still neither simple/intuitive nor inexpensive. And still, the question was if you would recommend one.
  9. Would be nice, if the overprinting property could be selected object-wise and not globally over the color swatch. When you do artworks for RISO it happens that you layer objects of the same spot color and some should overprint and some not. Of course, I can add a second spot color but the problem is that I get duplicated colors in the pdf later on which leads to some pain combining them for printing. B
  10. Maybe times have moved on but only a few years ago all those dedicated imposition software had been either crap or far too expensive. Which free or less expensive one would you recommend? b
  11. Btw. The Booklet print feature in InDesign is capable of more than only brochure bindings. You can do 3-page or 4-page layers for stitch bindings and even more.
  12. No Eugene, NO! Think of students, who have to learn all the stuff and try out themselves. I did it myself. I used that feature a thousand times for small, self-published editions. I used it to make imposed pdfs and print them on A3 digital printer or even better a RISO. Giving me the option to make imposed pdfs and color separate them in one step makes the booklet print feature in InDesign a killer feature! Don't always think of professionals but of people who want to become those professionals and need to understand how it's done by hand and in small scale. B
  13. The Booklet Printing Feature in Indesign is Killer. We need something similar. But not just for printing also for creating pdfs. In InDesign I use this quite often writing a postscript file the old school way and then generating the pdf with Acrobat Distiller.
  14. Hey, because the discussion board is full of requests and I don't really know where to put my thoughts and experiences from the first run of Affinity Publisher I put them here in a quick list for further discussion UI Doubleclick on Color in Color selector opens a different dialog to a doubleclick on a swatch mac OS Proxy Icons for file management monochrome tool icons Color Management / Spot Colors: Device independent color workflow generally mixed colorspaces (like in Indesign and PDF) Overprint preview, separations preview Better Overprint/Spot-Color-Management Make Spot Color from existing color Spot Colors in LAB-Color-Space for PDF Export Document Management Spreads which consist of more than two sides Printing Booklets / Imposition Export select Pages for export by a list of numbers Use .joboptions for the definition of pdf-Properties (really important) Define PDF-X Output Intend Export print separations / separated color channels Interactive PDFs with page transitions and video content Import IDML
  15. regarding to the mentioned feature request: @MEB, have you just tried doing a right klick on the file icon in the window header in any other application and explored the possibilities of that? I'd wish you did it and tell about your thoughts. https://www.macworld.com/article/1150425/business/proxyicons.html cheers Benny