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  1. Update: monochrome Icons select Pages for export by list of numbers Booklet printing/Imposition = unsatisfying Better/more powerful resources manager
  2. the funny thing is, that a ten year old app like Indesign CS5 is still more powerful than this new app and that's why it's so hard to let it go.
  3. Yeah. I love the new sculpt mode for the pencil in 1.7 Beta
  4. the screenshot is just to show, what could possibly be in there. It doesn't need to be necessarily such wide. Maybe with a horizontal scrollbar. Maybe some functionality for blending in and out those panels would be handy. But at least it needs to be better integrated into the UI
  5. Hey, we definitely need some sort of grid view for the Pages panel. Otherwise, we need to scroll infinitely in large documents. Additionally, for fast navigation, it would be really handy to have Colored Page Markers.
  6. Hey, please make the Resource Manager available to the Studio palettes for better integration in the UI. I need it right by my side all the time like the Layers and Pages panels. Please also add more options to pieces of information like Color Space, Transparency, Rotation, Dimensions, File Path etc already in the list. Cheers Benny
  7. Hey affinity team, a while ago there had been existing an index of common feature requests which gave the users some ideas about which features might be expected in future releases. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Could you please make such a sticky post again? Thank you very much. Benny
  8. Yes, those were the two I also found. Please be honest, but 400$ or 500$ is not what I find is really affordable, especially not for students. So, we still need a solution. Maybe a imposition feature in Affinity Publisher, hu?
  9. Yes, this would be an ok price, but... • it's not available for macOS • A3 would be great in the free version So, thats no option either.
  10. So, a quick google didn't give any useful results. Still neither simple/intuitive nor inexpensive. And still, the question was if you would recommend one.