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  1. Yes, but time is running out. I'm sticking with macOS High Sierra and Adobe CS5 on my Mac Mini from 2012 but I'm experiencing end of support for a lot of programs I want to continue to use already. I'd love to be able to switch to a more recent macOS but I'm quite forced to keep CS5 alive not only because Affinity doesn't get the spot colors right. But it is a key reason.
  2. I totally agree. They could have saved the new features for 2.0 and better had been concentrating on bug fixing for 1.9 imho.
  3. Another great way to easily create duo or tritone images would be to use a gradient map as an adjusment layer like in my attached file. But guess what, this doesn't make to a pdf with spot channels either. Seems to me the whole architecture how spot colors are handled isn't well designed, at least not with professional printing in mind. But what's the point of having spot colors and overprint then? I just don't get it. ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_gradient-map.pdf ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_gradient-map.afphoto
  4. As of Version 1.9.3 this bug is still apperent. The export result from the attached afphoto file should be a pdf with two spot color channels when using the pdf/x-3:2003 preset. Unfortunately it's beeing converted into cmyk Any news on when it's beeing fixed? ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_fill-layer.pdf ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_fill-layer.afphoto
  5. Would be great if you support pure vector brushes in the future. Illustrator did it back then in CS5. Cheers. B
  6. Thank you four your help. The final problem although is, that the slices don't have the bleed option which the artboards or pages (like I think of them) have and that I can't export the slices into one collected PDF. It's tricky.
  7. cool, I mean b) Haven't tried that before. It's counter intuitive at the moment. For example, I have a large artboard with an object on it and I want to export two detail parts of that object so I make two new artboards which are children of the bigger artboard like the object is. But when I try to export those two artboards, they are empty, at least when I export them as slices. And when I try to put the object on one of the two detail artboards the object gets cropped, so I can't export the whole thing. I didn't know until now that the object needs to be no child of neither
  8. I just bring that collected feature request up while Version 1.9 is released. Man you've still got a whole lot to do.
  9. Still no scripting in 1.9? Man, what are you doing over there?
  10. Just downloaded and installed Version 1.9.0 of the Affinity Suite and the Bug is still existent. Really sad. Please, please, please work on this for the next update.
  11. Looks promising. Quite the same approach I had. Just take a Greyscale image and apply the spot color to it in Publisher. Interesting interference between Overprint and Multiply layer effect on the blue gradient. Sad though that it doesn't work in AF Photo the intuitive way. So for me the move to Affinity Suite for production is postponed again. Hopefully, we can do the switch with Version 2.0 at least. b
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