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  1. You do know that there do people exist who print things themselves, don't you?
  2. Isn't that actually a really weird and confusing approach? I mean, to do it differently on just different kind of sources? What a mess. The resources panel says it's linked but then when editing it's been embedded. Would be nice to have an option to choose how it is handled. B
  3. Yes, we need global layers, as I said at other forum posts before.
  4. I just reacted confused because you asked five questions at a time. Nothing more. I totally agree with you about the idea that having at least some information about the roadmap would be great for further consideration if the shift away from Adobe is worth all the effort or if it's wasting time.
  5. @Andy Somerfield some more details regarding that statement would be great. Until now it's really hard if not impossible to understand why there shouldn't be 1Bit support in AF photo and AF publisher. I mean waiting for it would be ok. There are other priorities for sure. But to dismiss it completely? Seriously?
  6. Just one Idea: If there were an API or plugin interface developers had a chance to implement a kind of support.
  7. But yes, please enable 1Bit export to AF photo at least.
  8. That's really really bad news. You should rethink that. Why? This thread outlines many real-world use cases: I'd like to know which users are taken seriously, actually. Those who work professionally with printing or those who just draw some fancy stuff on their iPads?
  9. BennyD

    DXF Files

    Like most professionals do, I need this, too. +1 I would also agree with scripting support or an API, so users could write their own export-tool. b

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