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  1. Looks promising. Quite the same approach I had. Just take a Greyscale image and apply the spot color to it in Publisher. Interesting interference between Overprint and Multiply layer effect on the blue gradient. Sad though that it doesn't work in AF Photo the intuitive way. So for me the move to Affinity Suite for production is postponed again. Hopefully, we can do the switch with Version 2.0 at least. b
  2. I managed to get a result with AF Publisher with the lag of preview. But it's far from beeing an ideal and intuitive solution Created an new Publisher CMYK Document Placed both channels as Grey Images Filled the grey images with spot colors from the swatch panel Set »Overprint« for the spot colors Export as PDF-X the funny thing is that I don't see a whole lot of difference to the previous AF Photo document when I open the Publisher File in photo except of missing Alpha transparency in the layers. I know that alpha transparency and spot colors has allways been an issue with Adobe CC as well. ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_overprint.pdf ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_overprint.afpub
  3. Hey, it seems to affect also Pixel Layers. For my understanding it should work also like this, but doesn't Create new CMYK document. Create two Pixel layers Select top Pixel layer Load selection for first spot color from spare channel Select first spot/global color from document pallette Choose »Fill with Primary Color« from »Edit« menu Repeat for second Pixel layer for spot color two Export as PDF-X Have a PDF with Spot-Color Channel Video of workflow and file shared ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_new.mp4 ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_new.pdf ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920_new.afphoto
  4. Ok, and can you tell me how I would create/simulate a two channel spot-color-duo-print? My approach would have been the following since there are no real spot color channels in AF photo. Create new CMYK document. Create fill layers for each spot color channel Select Pantone Spot Color Swatch for each layer Create layer Masks from Grey Images Set the top layer to Multiply method But How would you do that? ornamental-cherry-4988024_1920.afphoto
  5. I've got the same problem. But it adds the color to global colors once I've select them in the Color Swatch Panel. Should work as simple as that, but doesn't Create new CMYK document. Create fill layer Select Pantone Spot Color Swatch Export as PDF-X Have a PDF with Spot-Color Channel I use AF photo 1.8.3 Spot-Color.afphoto Spot-Color-2.afphoto Spot-Color-2.pdf Spot-Color.pdf
  6. You do know that there do people exist who print things themselves, don't you?
  7. Isn't that actually a really weird and confusing approach? I mean, to do it differently on just different kind of sources? What a mess. The resources panel says it's linked but then when editing it's been embedded. Would be nice to have an option to choose how it is handled. B
  8. I just reacted confused because you asked five questions at a time. Nothing more. I totally agree with you about the idea that having at least some information about the roadmap would be great for further consideration if the shift away from Adobe is worth all the effort or if it's wasting time.
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