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  1. I have created a test file for spot color output. I cannot get the spot colors to output to spot only cmyk or rgb. I have tried PDFx4, PDFx3 and PDF1.7 in Affinity photo 1.7.3 and 1.8. Any guidance on this is appreciated. I am trying to use Affinity as an alternative to Adobe. See attached for file screenshot. Attached working file also. moontest.afphoto
  2. Add Denoise to the above list about an automatic contrast increase on CMYK vs RGB images.
  3. I have noticed when using the color adjustments (HSL Adjust, Color Balance, Vibrance, etc.) on a CMYK image there is an automatic contrast increase even when the sliders are set to zero. This should be fixed. Thanks.
  4. Yes. I think at least 4 sample points should be available to be locked and referenced for color correction. I have not seen this necessary functionality either.
  5. Maybe for a future version when out of beta you could add support for Spot Colors(PMS, Varnish, Hexachrome, etc.) Photoshop has a very limited feature set for this (channels) and I would think you could do better. Contact me if you need ideas. ;)
  6. Hey guys, I like where this app is going, here are some of my findings: 16bit CMYK tif loads incorrectly white balance ruins black point on CMYK images previews in the adjustments randomly disappear and cannot be selected shadow highlight adjustment needs refinement (as it is now it is more of a contrast control) I would like to see more colors in selective color (orange and purple, for example) I would like to see auto added to white balance and color temperature values Great work so far, more to come.
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