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  1. It would be great to be able preview separations/channels including spot colors in Affinity(all) like Adobe does. It would have saved a bunch of time testing and for preflighting future files. Also helpful, "mixed" or "multi" ink swatches(Nchannels).
  2. I have been busy testing spot colors in Affinity and have succeeded it getting spot colors to output. I had to modify the way I built objects and could only do it in publisher not photo but it works. I don't think I can move from Adobe at this time (professional work) but hopefully in the future. I will post the file and resulting pdf for reference. moontestPub.pdf moontest.afpub
  3. I added them from the list of pantone colors in the swatches panel. I renamed the first global color to match the pantone name.
  4. I have created a test file for spot color output. I cannot get the spot colors to output to spot only cmyk or rgb. I have tried PDFx4, PDFx3 and PDF1.7 in Affinity photo 1.7.3 and 1.8. Any guidance on this is appreciated. I am trying to use Affinity as an alternative to Adobe. See attached for file screenshot. Attached working file also. moontest.afphoto
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