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  1. Yes I am @Arnaud Mez
  2. Boss? Haha that's a new one. Thank you @Dazmondo77
  3. Alright so I said previously that I will get back to creating, but this time I am getting back 100%. Going to focus on getting Lets Make Shapes up to 100 and call the project done. Don't want to leave it at an uneven number.
  4. Thought I would share this. I just realized that the reason why my brushes always looked so pixelated because in Performance settings, I had View Quality on Nearest Neighbhor and Not Blinear. So now that I have that on Blinear, brushes looks as intended.
  5. Getting back to creating. Took a whole month break, but now back to improve the workflow and creation game.
  6. I have been on a creative break for a bit, but shall be back around next year the first week.
  7. Creatures // Lets Create Shapes #01