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  1. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    - Its right when you post you notice all the mistakes. But have to keep going right?
  2. BrianHermelijn

    Retro electronic music maker

    Simplicity is the key. Good stuff. Was about to ask if you also do pixel art/voxels, then googled your name and found some other stuff.
  3. As already been pointed out by @firstdefence @gdenby You gonna have to use the Pixel Persona or Affinity Photo for drawing out what you want to create. After that using Designer in vector mode to recreate what you drew as vector. One way I tend to do sometimes is using the geometric tools, and turn them into curves, and then I use the node tool to push and pull things to where I want them to go. Example of this
  4. BrianHermelijn

    DISCUSSION : What is "Share your work" section to you?

    There is no imbalance whatsoever, because the purpose of the thread is treated as a journal, not as a portfolio or showing a single piece, I have my own portfolio for that. So the conclusion I came to, is to post everything in a single thread and treat it as a progression thread, rather than filling the forum with multiple small post. And your questions aren't clear sometimes, because first you started asking about original files in my thread, and then the question turned into a totally different question. And as already been said by @Patrick Connor He is fine for me treating my thread as the way I am doing it. Again if by any chance I were breaking the rules they would have let me know, and I would accept it, because the forum isn't mine, its Affinity's Forum. And they decide what gets posted on the forum. - Thus this is my last post over this discussion, and hopefully this puts an end to it. Because we are wasting precious time that could be directed towards productive activities. Thank you and have a nice day/weekend @Michelangelo_ Brian
  5. BrianHermelijn

    DISCUSSION : What is "Share your work" section to you?

    You might be misunderstanding what certain sections are. A forum isn't here to teach you the fundamentals of design/art for that matter. And if you want to learn about the software, there is : 1. Tutorial Section 2. Help File of Affinity or any given software 3. Youtube Share your work section is there for someone to share what they make, not here is how I did it, you do step a,b,c etc. That's what the "Tutorial section" is for, if the individual choose to make a tutorial, but we're repeating our self here, everything comes back to each individual practicing the fundamentals of what makes the bigger picture, and not "Everyone should share their whole process" @Michelangelo_
  6. BrianHermelijn

    DISCUSSION : What is "Share your work" section to you?

    True, if you put it that way, definitely a before and after image, is the same thing as showing the under sketch + the final product, possibly. Since after all, what makes the whole is the craftsmanship of the given individual, practicing the fundamentals/basics that makes the whole. Will allow someone to decipher a certain piece. @SrPx
  7. BrianHermelijn

    DISCUSSION : What is "Share your work" section to you?

    For this I do agree. Like a before and after image.
  8. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    A different challenge I started with. Sketched in Paintstorm Studio/Vector in Affinity. Will fine tune them some more, tomorrow. For now here is the WIP.
  9. BrianHermelijn

    Sketch concept

    Perfect example again of why I want to get an Ipad. Seen a lot of great work been created on ipad specifically with either Affinity or Procreate. @Frankentoon also has been doing some rad stuff on Ipad.
  10. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Work in Progress. Possibly will stat posting this kind of post more often.
  11. BrianHermelijn

    DISCUSSION : What is "Share your work" section to you?

    @MikeW That's my thoughts too, since someone did ask in the past, and I did indeed share him the file, but did that help him I wouldn't know. It's the process that teaches someone more than simply giving an existing template of something that is done. @carl123 That is true on how community grows, if ask politely, not forcefully. And in fact, I did share how some things were made in the past in my thread if someone asked. But the basic techniques used in the software can be found in the help menu or by checking Affinity Vimeo Videos. Gradients, Shape Tool, Line, Text, Color Tool, Transparency Tool, Grids. That is basically it. There is no complicated tools that exist in the software. Anything else that follows is basic fundamentals knowledge of art or design in general. @Aammppaa That is my thoughts, and how I learn. In particular, if I see an idea on Behance or Dribbble, I simply dissect it and reconstruct it in my own way. All ideas are based from Shapes, Colors, Lines, Composition. There is only so little you can learn with original files, but I would be glad to answer a question if asked. @GarryP Yeah that's what I noticed too about the Share your work section, that peoples use it for attention. But in the long run, those kind of threads usually dies out. - In general this is the way I see it, I am under no obligation to share my files, if I don't want to, unless someone asks, which I did in the past. However that can only help so little. If someone learns the fundamentals, they can dissect any work, literally any work. Regardless which vector software you use. 1. If you can draw shapes, forms, lines, you can dissect many types of work created by others. 2. If you can organize things in a way that looks visually interesting, you can dissect any composition type of pieces. 3. If you understand light and shadows (which again is based on shapes), that is another addition of tool you can play with to add more interest on your pieces. 4. Now one thing you can't dissect is of course, self expression. Those type of creations, comes after gaining a body of what you like, and continues to grow as you study different types of work that you like. Its all about the process, not arriving at the goal from the get the go. You wouldn't understand why someone does something, till you dissect it not by having everything handed to you, rather using your own way of thinking and reverse engineer what they did. Surely the creators can give pointers, if someone ask, however what will help is not the pointers, rather your understanding of basic principles for what makes everything unite together.
  12. BrianHermelijn

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    Would be interesting to see what kind of results you would get with microscopic view of an ant, and stacking together. Because right now there is some stunning results happening with your bees. So many details coming together, which turns into something wondrous at the same time. Beautiful work @unni