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  1. +1 I used to paste with Shift+CMD+V which places content regardless of the side of a page. I miss this little feature here.
  2. Sorry for digging this thread up but have you figured out any workarounds for the missing "balance ragged lines" feature since April? 🙄
  3. Great tips! I was fiddling a little bit and nothing happened but then I noticed that I need to align them from the beginning of the line – not from the end. In that way I can also adjust the length without causing any disruption to my corner. It is a simple workaround but good enough for the time being. Maybe in the future updates we'll receive a better solution to this problem. Thanks!
  4. Hi @dominik! Thanks for a quick reply! It's good to know that such function isn't implemented as I thought that maybe I was missing something. Your workaround could work as for now I need only "L" shapes, so once I align the corner I could freely adjust width of both arms. But could you let me know how do you overlap the dots? Can I use any alignment tool to do so or is it just about changing opacity and trying to fit perfectly in the middle? 😅
  5. Hi! I'm struggling to create an even "L" shaped figure with a pen tool. Is there any way to obtain 90 degree curve with one dot at the exact end? I tried manually but it doesn't snap to the middle anchor point of the dot so result only looks like it's even but it's not. Is there any mathematical setting solution to this problem? Similar issue occurs with square, and I assume that any other shape and stroke style (e.g. dashed line). In the competitive software it is really intuitive to create a perfect shape as it always scales to the symmetrical curve (examples in the attachments). Regards!
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