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  1. This has tripped me up big time today! A workaround to reveal ISO Coated V2 etc in AP: create it in AD then paste an element into the AP doc and the profile while appear when exporting.
  2. For big issues like this you could add a tooltip or modal to explain that it is a known issue or coming feature.
  3. Hello, I would really like if the sample projects included complex text styles to experiment with. Everything seems to be ´body´ or ´no style´.
  4. Hello, I would really like if the sample projects included complex text styles to experiment with. Everything seems to be ´body´.
  5. Same here but I just remembered that I used a promo code to redeem Photo; didn't actually purchase it so perhaps that is related?
  6. Hello, Thank you for the update, love it. The first thing which I tried in 1.7 was moving Artboards with ´by whole numbers´ and snapping on to see if the 1px creep issue has been resolved. If for example your board is 1080 x 1920 px and you duplicate it then the next one is 1081 x 1920 px. Any workarounds or solutions? Maybe setting up your Artboards in Publisher is the way to go? This issue is one of the reasons I can´t 100% use AD for production work. Anyway, cheers for 1.7!
  7. Hello all, Please consider setting 'Selection without background' as the default export setting and not the artboard. Saving the exported item with the Artboard's name or group's name would be a massive help too.
  8. A small one but a big one: can you please add Paste Without Format on mouse right click context menu? I´m constantly copying and pasting sentences from emails and docs. Cheers
  9. NICE! Thanks for the update. One small snag: objects pasted from AD come in with the stroke inflated/oversized
  10. Loving Publisher so far. My main hangover from my InDesign workflow is having to open the Properties dropdown every time I need to Scale to fit etc. Please make them mappable commands or even allow us to set one of the properties as a default. Cheers
  11. Oh thank sweet smurfy baby Jesus! Thanks for the quick reply on this...I never ¨see¨ the More button in this modal, I think my eye is trained to group Cancel and Export actions together and I expect to see More grouped with the input and dropdowns etc Cheers lads!
  12. Hello all, I am trying to convert ALL text to curves but text with paragraph styles does not convert. See video here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mqpI-Vs1hLM_bEF-FpxhAzo1UJ3FfIh2 I tried detaching styles but that obviously resets sizes etc Is there a pdf export setting to curve all text or something?
  13. Agreed. It's the first thing that fellow illustrators tell me after trying AP and AD..."what's up with the line quality?¨. Clip Studio still has the best rendering quality of all current apps I think. But I´m sure this issue will be attended to in time.
  14. Yep. Brush Management in the apps really needs a makeover...even been able to duplicate your most frequently used to a new Brush category would be such a timesaver.
  15. clamnuts

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    Yes this could be it...AP allows you to create massive canvasses with loads of layers but perhaps some restraint from the user is required.

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