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  1. I finally got the hang of Final Cut and decided to get the ball rolling again with my tutorials/demos. I ended up making a follow up video to my original vintage coloring tutorial. This time around, I address some questions about how to use some of the tools in the kit I made, and I also demonstrate the entire process from beginning to end. Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Well, now that I've finished my video series, here's the final results. I made this on ipad in 30-45 minute sessions. Spent about 5 hours on it in total. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!
  3. Over the holidays, I got inspired to create an isometric illustration of Excalibur. I decided to film the whole thing from beginning to end and create a sort of journey/tutorial series for my YouTube channel. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I've got to re-upload the first video here as I'd like to change the final image, but for the most part, I'm happy with how the series has turned out. I'll be uploading the final episode/part sometime this evening. Heads up! - It's long (9 parts) ! And, it's in real time. I'm forced to admit after seeing it all again, that I'm not that eloquent, BUT! I did my best! I also sorted each video into chapters, and I cut out a lot of mishaps/nonsense that occurred to try and minimize any pain or frustration. At any rate, it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. I hope some of you guys will enjoy it, and maybe you can pick up a few tips and tricks as well. - And as always, I'm always open to constructive criticism and discussion, - so let em rip! Cheers!
  4. Just adding to the pile. I cannot get this to work either. - It's really perplexing!
  5. Hey guys! The holidays are upon us! I don't know about you, but I usually deck my place out in cool lights and fun stuff to keep the holiday cheer levels high. As such, I got inspired again and started tinkering with a Christmas project I had in mind. Afterwards, I decided to create this video! In this tutorial/demo, I'll show you how you can create vector brushes that paint seamless strings of Christmas lights! Check it out if you get some time! Cheers!
  6. Well, I noticed that Serif/Affinity has been posting some really cool artwork on their official Instagram these days. The latest pieces they've posted have really highlighted the use of symmetry by the artists. I just did a really quick tutorial on one way to go about achieving perfect symmetry in your artwork. I'm still learning how to plan and edit my videos so bear with me! This one's great for beginners! Check it out if you get the time!
  7. Hey guys! - I'm just plugging a YouTube tutorial I did on how to create your own beskar steel using Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer. I've also got a few other tutorials up on my page that you might wanna check out. I suspect forum users are already pretty savvy to a lot of the techniques etc, but there may still be something of interest there for some of you. Hope everybody's doing well and hanging in there during these chaotic times. Cheers! Beskar Steel Tutorial
  8. Hey folks! I made this tutorial a couple weeks ago, but neglected to post it here! - Check it out!
  9. I used the new brushes and texture overlays I made to promote my new quick-start kits on my Gumroad store. This was the result! I teach English, and only get to draw in my free time. I'm still working up the courage and energy to do a complete dragon illustration. Will post here when I do! - Cheers!
  10. - Walt, I suspected as much, but don't have the technical knowledge to back up my suspicions. I do have a lot of assets of all types floating around on my HD, but I usually offload them once they get too hefty - i.e. If I have to keep scrolling to find things. - I was building myself some assets for a project I'm working on, and wanted to lay the suspicion to rest. - To be on the safe side I'm trying to keep my asset files under 100MB. I feel this is modest enough not to cause any issues. I'm hoping more people will chime in with their experiences so I can get a broader look at how it works. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about this. Cheers!
  11. Thank you! - I was just curious. I knew it probably wasn't the case, but - I don't know enough about programming and coding to understand whether or not the app has to keep that data "ready" or cached in order to access it quickly. Thank you for your answer and for not making me feel stupid about it! lol - Cheers
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