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  1. I used the new brushes and texture overlays I made to promote my new quick-start kits on my Gumroad store. This was the result! I teach English, and only get to draw in my free time. I'm still working up the courage and energy to do a complete dragon illustration. Will post here when I do! - Cheers!
  2. - Walt, I suspected as much, but don't have the technical knowledge to back up my suspicions. I do have a lot of assets of all types floating around on my HD, but I usually offload them once they get too hefty - i.e. If I have to keep scrolling to find things. - I was building myself some assets for a project I'm working on, and wanted to lay the suspicion to rest. - To be on the safe side I'm trying to keep my asset files under 100MB. I feel this is modest enough not to cause any issues. I'm hoping more people will chime in with their experiences so I can get a broader look at how it works. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about this. Cheers!
  3. Thank you! - I was just curious. I knew it probably wasn't the case, but - I don't know enough about programming and coding to understand whether or not the app has to keep that data "ready" or cached in order to access it quickly. Thank you for your answer and for not making me feel stupid about it! lol - Cheers
  4. Question about asset size and performance. - Building assets and was wondering whether or not they affect performance when not in use. It might seem like a silly question; and it feels a little silly to ask. However, one never knows. I was curious about it. - If I important an asset file - say larger than 100MB? - Does it have any effect on performance? Or is it just taking up space the way a folder full of assets would on a hard drive? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the time. If it happens again, I'll be sure to repeat the process and capture it on video. I'll have that file ready to go as well. - Cheers! -
  6. Well, strangely enough, I tried it again just now, for the first time since I reported it to you, - and the crash/bug did not reappear. I'm using the Mac App Store version. - I took a video of the process, but was not able to reproduce the bug/crash. I sent the requested user data in the off chance it helps. Thank you! Cheers! UPDATE/EDIT: - File is big. 644MB - Having trouble uploading it. It's moving, but slowly. Keeps stalling out at 70-80%. Might be the traffic in my area. Always busy around this time (ROK)- I will let it alone for a while, and if it fails tonight (my time) I will try again in the morning. Cheers! Preset_Test_Demo.mov
  7. Thank you! Yes, prolific, and profound. I was laughing this morning because, I was looking through some of the web clippings that I'd collected in preparation for this project. -Some of the anatomy and perspective is as bad as my own! - But man, - there was just ... power, energy, enthusiasm - that hasn't been matched since. Hey thank you for commenting! If you get the chance please give the brushes a spin and let me know what you think! Cheers!
  8. HAHA - I drew this guy to show off the new pencil brushes I made for Affinity Designer. He's a beast, and is inspired by the monsters, aliens, and cosmic foes that often appeared in the works of the legendary and prolific comic book artist Jack Kirby. - Please check out my brush set if you're interested! https://gum.co/BFyWc The brushes were designed to deliver a soft graphite lead appearance on the canvas, and there are many different versions with a variety of settings that give a unique experience while drawing. The hand drawing is showcasing one of my favorite brushes the "Prototype L" - It can create some stunning line variations and effects. Making these was a blast, and I really hope some of you guys will pick them up and give them a shot.
  9. Greetings true belivers! I made a free pencil brush set for Affinity Designer! Check it out by visiting this link !! It's free, and I'm hoping some of you guys will try it out and let me know what you think! Cheers!!
  10. Just started displaying this behavior today. Mac OS 10.15.4 - Affinity Designer - When I try to create a new preset by clicking the "plus" icon the app crashes. - Have tried several times to create a preset this morning, and am still unable to do so no matter how I adjust the parameters of the document. Every time I click the "plus" icon, the app crashes suddenly, and asks if I would like to file a report with apple. - I have done so. Thanks guys. Keep up the hard work. Thank you.
  11. Serif Team! - Killing in in 2020! - Just a couple of ideas I had today and the context for them. I have been doing experiments comparing the pressure curves and response in Affinity vs that of Procreate. In my old workflow, i was doing most of my drawing and inking in Procreate, and moving my inks or pencils over to Affinity to complete any color or vector work that I was doing. I have come to enjoy the tight control I am able to achieve using Affinity Designer's brush settings and customization and want to start completing my entire workflow from start to finish in Affinity. That being said here are my ideas. 1. I enjoy being able to hide the studio, and I even like the tap patterns set up to operate it; but it seems sensitive. I often reveal it by accidental touch even though "touch for gestures only" is set to on. - Why not put another tap option there once the studio is hidden? - I envisioned a "lock" icon. So that I could hide the studio - then lock it. That way I can focus on drawing, and not be interrupted by the reappearing studio, and accidental touches. 2. The Palettes. Procreate really did a great job in the last update; allowing users to move the palette around on the canvas. - Why not do the same, using a similar interface method. - A handle at the top of the window, allowing for it to be moved around the spread. - Maybe even appearing on the screen as the studio is hidden? - So I cold minimize my distractions while I am changing colors etc. - I just want to paint, tap and select a new color, and paint some more. That's my two cents for the day! - Keep it up!!!!!! Enjoying the heck out of this app, and all your apps every single day! Cheers, Robert
  12. This will be my first post! - I'm a new user, a hobbyist with a newfound passion for graphic design thanks to your applications. I've been working with Affinity now for about 4 months. I'm in love with this program. It's gotten to the point where I've begun to plan porting projects from other programs into your platform. That being said, I'd like to talk a little about the main screen. I would like to suggest an option for a folder view. I like to keep things tightly organized. My Affinity iCloud folder is very tightly organized, but it doesn't show up in my iPad app. I've set my default save location as my iCloud account. I've noticed that, when I create a file, play around a bit, and delete it, it will remain in my iCloud affinity folder. So, after playing around a bit, I often find a bunch of my "junk" files laying around un organized and untitled. I'd been learning the basics of graphic design with Graphic app, and while it is not as powerful as Affinity, it had a really nice home screen, and the file management was spot on. I took a screen shot of it, and wanted to put it here. When I see this screenshot, I get excited imagining what it would be like if my Affinity app's main screen looked and behaved similiarly. Is there any hope for this kind of option? I mean, I know some people like the masonry/wall scrolling feel, but personally. I'd love to be able to turn on an option, and keep things in folders etc. That's it ladies and gents. Just some folder action. Really into this app! Thank you so much for everything you've done. I have spent hours and hours lying in bed or on park benches drawing, and tweaking, and sketching, and building, and I plan on spending many more hours doing just the same. CHEERS!
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