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  1. Just lighthearted joke about you having ONLY two GPUs. Considering thats the limit in overwhelming majority of motherboards.
  2. I am on 1.10.4 and it works perfectly (basically latest release version). I had a problems with acceleration before but now it works just fine. I guess thats the problem. You need more GPUs. 🤭
  3. @cabinfeverclayHappy it works for you now. Its not about being difficult - forum is for helping each other. But just for the future - because I see you said "I havent tried that again" - do try. Try multiple times. If its crashing then always try to write how to replicate the crash and in exactly what version of the software it happens. It is helpful to developers. Saying "crashes and totally unstable" helps nobody. Crashes when doing what? Crashes on what operating system? If possible say what hardware you are using. All this will help. Sorry for the tone of my previous comment.
  4. I know I could not work as moderator. I am frustrated just by reading this exchange. I know that just because the last version works great for me doesn't mean it works for everybody but I have a feeling about this... Aaaanyways ;)... After many days of working on latest stable version with acceleration turned on, I can say I had not a single crash. And before it was basically guaranteed in the first minute.
  5. I am not sure where to post it really but for many months I had acceleration turned off due to crashes. I just checked acceleration on latest Photo on GTX1070. I played quite a bit with big stock photos, painted with various brushes, opened multiple projects, wrote some texts... No crash. In "whats new" I couldn't find anything about improvements of acceleration, I also do not have newest game ready NVidia driver... I did nothing to the system (win10) but it works now. At least all the testing and fiddling that would earlier for sure cause a crash now seems to work great. Hopefully it stays this way For now acceleration stays ON. Thank you for whatever you did that fixed it It seems anyways.
  6. I would like to just say that yes, absolutely this should be added to Affinity Photo. Just recently I noticed how great painting is in Photo with the changes done to resizing brush. It works perfectly now, very cool! Rotating canvas would be very necessary as well - please kindly think about it since rotating is already implemented but is really uncomfortable with stylus. You fixed resizing brush - please fix rotating as well haha. Another small idea that could help digital painters would be ability to reverse brush from painting to working as eraser. Basically you just push button and brush works as eraser instead of painting. You push it again and is back to painting. Very cool option. In any case - I really appreciate how Photo now works for digital painting!
  7. Ow slowdown is very real. I mean there were official statements, multiple benchmarks widely available, ALL tech related channels talking about it... It is what it is. I agree that I havent heard about any program failures caused by win11 but I wouldn't rule out such possibility. I certainly think patches will sort it out - if not now, bit later. I mean they cant just leave it like it is. I switched to Photo from two decades of Photoshop not because of money - I simply like Photo way more. You have quite a cpu there, my friend Very cool! I have merely Ryzen 7 with 8/16 cores and Photo is absolute pleasure to work with. Smooth as butter. Thats why I dont mind waiting for acceleration being fixed It was a blast to have really big brush working extremely smooth with acceleration turned on. Looking forward to be able to enjoy it once more. For what I have read AMD side has to react to that issues on their side but I know nothing about programming, so no way to verify how true it is. AMD is weird - they have "professional" line of GPUs, yet they dont support extremely popular software and features in professional field. Instead they are writting their own renderer, getting involved in Blender... It cant replace professional needs. And I wish they would get involved way more in CG world, beyond just games because NVidia has monopoly in some fields and thats never a good thing. Now Intel is coming with its GPUs as well, so things may become more interesting. In any case - good luck to you in all your endeavors
  8. @bobknAbsolutely. By all means - you do you. I am speaking from the point of view of somebody who is making a living on PC and cant afford "ow look, it doesn't work.. Well, lets hope they fix it soon". Because meanwhile I would have no income Sadly Win11 is a mess for now and a big no-no for anybody with Ryzen AMD cpu. Unless wants to "enjoy" up to 15% slow down. As for AMD GPUs - I would be glad to buy one for many reasons but software I use either would have problems or it is not working AT ALL on it. Substance Painter is notably slower and people were reporting some bugs and in Maya it doesn't support Arnold renderer at all. Shame because I think they have some really cool hardware - being Ryzen user myself. As for GPU acceleration in Affinity - I have NVidia card and cant use it either It crashes almost instantly, maybe after a minute of use. I have no clue how hard it is to make it work, but I am trying to be understanding here - Photo for me works perfect and is quite fast without acceleration so I can wait. I remember when Designer was crashing constantly and randomly when using pen tool. They have fixed it after long battle and its perfect now. So as disappointed as I might be that I dont see any fixes for acceleration in this beta I am giving them benefit of a doubt. This team showed more then once that is capable of great things and is indeed listening to users. Latest example of that would be for me how they dealt with changing brush size with stylus. From unusable weirdness they changed it to one of my suggestions (not taking credit, but hey - I suggested it and it works like this now - call it coincidence if you want) and it is pleasure to work with now. Lets hope GPU acceleration situation will have a happy end. I would imagine its a complex matter. So, fingers crossed for the team.
  9. If you are CG artist there are two things to keep in mind. And I am not joking or trolling. Research heavily before purchasing AMD GPU because sadlu it is riddled with problems or unsupported entirely outside of gaming. And never - NEVER - give up into FOMO and start installing new system right away. Its never a good thing to be early adopter. Give it time so they fix bugs, patch it out... Why you are jumping on win11 already? You need that rounded corners that much? Chill out for now, stay on win10 until they sort out all the problems.
  10. I am bit saddened not to see any work being done on acceleration (or are not mentioned?). Photo is rock solid for me with acceleration turned off but if I turn it on inevitably it will hang... Not checking this beta because nothing about acceleration related crashes is mentioned...
  11. I thought it was fixed, but problem with hanging is back. Turning off acceleration is fixing it so this is definitely acceleration fault. Heres my system: Affinity Photo GTX 1070, GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 471.96 Windows 10, Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.1165) Heres when this happens to me exactly - I have big photo, I cut out shape out of this photo and copy/paste it to another project. Then duplicating it, grouping and resizing/rotating. Crash. Inevitably. No, I will not use "Studio" drivers - everything else is working good on this drivers - including much more complex software - Maya with Arnold renderer. So if these are good for Arnold should be good for Affinity Photo too. Much luck in fixing it. It is annoying, not going to lie, but I do imagine its even more annoying to dev team to get these reports... I remember when pen tool was causing constant crashes too and you have fixed it 100%. So I do believe you will be successful once more this time.
  12. In help it says: Edit All Layers—allows selection of objects across all layers (rather than the current layer).
  13. How about downloading the beta and checking? After all - thats what this beta is for, isnt it?
  14. Considering that problems with AMD cards on Substance Painter are practically normal thing, that AMD do not care to work with Arnold renderer (main renderer in Maya) for GPU support using their cards... I simply dont think at this point AMD GPU is a good choice for designers/3D creators. They concentrate mostly on gaming. Sadly, because I would like to have alternative for NVidia. But it is what it is. I wouldnt hold my breath when it comes to AMD fixing that quickly. But of course - best of luck.
  15. It was just a lighthearted comment on my side 🤭 As for real release date, there is this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnfxzknVK_0&t=12s We can hear that they are hoping for a release towards the end of this month. I am in no rush, they can take longer, make more changes, I am not pushing or being impatient. It was nothing more then tongue in cheek comment.
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