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  1. I like to respond to angry posts. Specially if that angry post is the first and only one person wrote So allow me... There are many possible reasons here. First of all - you do realize that for hundreds if not thousands of people update is working? Well as an example - for me it is. Fault may be in your system - specially if you are "not a tech person". Because that may mean that you have bloated it with some stuff, you didn't kept it at good condition. Affinity may not be at fault here at all. As for email response - give them some time, come on. When I was using PS I didnt get ANY response ever. I mean except for automatic "Thank you for letting us know, our team is looking into that issue, we will contact you soon!". They never did. I guess they are still on it, right? And finally - I always like when person who "just (...) needs a little photo manipulation once in a while" jumping on very top of a professional software. Its like getting tank to kill a fly. I am guessing for creating a little 3D text you would get yourself Maya? ZBrush has a neat plugin to do that too... Aaaanyways... Just give them some time, I am sure somebody will contact you. In the mean time you may want to contact your local "tech guy" to clean up your PC because after reading your post something tells me this may be way to go. Just idea. And be less angry. It helps when you want to get people to do something for you. I mean who would you rather help? Somebody asking you politely for it or somebody who is being a dick in a first post ever? (Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental :D)
  2. Just installed on PC - so far so good. Precisely today I have to send some labels to print, so I hope the improvements in pdf exporting will do good job Thank you for solid update!
  3. A bit of a reminder - I was shocked to see Adobe finally implementing symmetry (along with "lazy mouse") in latest Photoshop. I am staying with Affinity, but its probably last professional software now without this super useful option. Hope it will make it to both Designer and Photo one day. I mean it was in 1993 Deluxe Paint on Amiga so... Keep up great job!
  4. Probably the dumbest thing I have read in long time. Its just..sad.
  5. Shift+f5. Just like Photoshop. And use Photo not a Designer. Because this will not work in Designer exactly like it wouldn't work in Adobe Illustrator... Plus - first thing that shows up in google after typing "affinity inpaint tool" is a tutorial about it. It just cant be easier really... You need direct email from developers about it? Its just idea but maybe designing isn't your thing? Tried..? I don't know - singing? Good luck!
  6. I am just working on 16 artboards document - no problems. Background bitmap, rest vector - lot of formatted text. Size of each artboard - 109.56in X 82.847in. Thats 32868px x 24854px. Everything works like a dream. Adobe illustrator would die on me or I would die waiting for it to complete task on such document I don't say YOU don't have problems - I am saying I don't. I am missing some options, but so far the only complain I have is crashing randomly when using pen tool. I was on Photoshop/Illustrator really long time. Not sure since when exactly - I remember my first PS was version 4. At the beginning Photoshop was rock solid on release. Later on it was bloated with nonsense (3d, 3d printing, movie editing etc) and more buggy. I remember one time when there was a bug in writing tool - text couldn't be properly justified, numbers in the tool options were going crazy. It wasn't fixed for three months. My experience with Adobe are bit different. Adobe updates on illustrator are laughable. There was virtually nothing new introduced for couple last updates. Some meaningless bits and pieces - and its not like it is so mature it cant be improved. Just to be clear. I know Affinity needs some work but I cant agree with a statement that it isn't production ready simply because I am working on it for the last half year or so. It might be the case sometimes but it isnt right to say that as general statement.
  7. @JohaWeber @grapher - I get it, you have problems with 1.5 so you are hoping that 1.6 will fix it. I sure do too. But again - we should expect that from final build. We surely work on different things because I did a collection of surf board designs and whole line of sport supplements labels on Designer. All printed out and was produced without issues. So I guess "production ready" may or may not be true depends on what you are doing. In any case - good luck to you guys! Lets hope 1.6 will bring much needed improvements.
  8. You know they were not joking when saying about beta " not suitable for production use " ?
  9. I have waited few days hoping for some info about that "levels improvements" and "looks persona", but looks like we have reached a delicate point in this discussion ;)
  10. *** (I wish there was option allowing me to delete irrelevant post) ***
  11. Guys, its not personal. Its not that I say "you will not finally add those options". I believe you will. Since I bought it there were two updates already. If I didn't believe in it I would just come back to Adobe, wouldn't I? And I am not. Thing is - you have a list but there is no order and timescale. I cant say "in 1.6 there will be bitmap tracing! Fantastic, cant wait!". I cant say "two more versions and it will be there, cool!". All I know is that you are planning to add it. Someday. How is that "useful, substantive information" R C-R? Would you take the job if client told you "You can be sure you will get paid! You can ask anybody around - we always pay what we said we will! When? In the future, of course, not sure when"? Or MEB - would you give the job to somebody if he said he will definitely do whats expected of him, but in unspecified time? Talking about information - in Photo roadmap you have "Levels improvements". I looked for the explanation what you mean by this - one person asked in the roadmap thread and it was never explained. So in unspecified time I will get unspecified update... But hey, its your software - do as you pleased. I like it a lot as it is and surely I will like it more with more features that are to come. You have been very responsive - WAY more then Adobe and I said it many times already. Whats more . I have convinced at least two persons to completely switch to Affinity and we are doing ok, sharing workarounds :). That doesn't mean I will not share my honest opinion with you guys when something not so positive appears. Have a good one - no hard feelings!
  12. I owe you explanation I suppose. I fully support Affinity - I wouldn't moved from Adobe to Affinity 100%, converting old files, risking incompatibility if I didn't liked, believed in and supported the software. Yesterday was just one of those days... Frustrated the hell out of me - I had to jump through loops and hoops to finish quite simple job. I know solutions are coming and I know it takes time and isn't easy. Just it isn't exactly a pleasure not being able to to do something, jumping between software's with deadline approaching. But it was my decision to switch whole workflow. Not a tragedy, just one of those days. @R C-R Let me explain what I mean by "means nothing". First of all - I dont doubt people are working on improving the software and I dont think its easy. However, when I am looking for solution of a problem and as response I am getting answer that it will be there ONE DAY - it means nothing. It really is. There is no substantial information in the statement that devs are having it in mind and will work on it one day. What can I do with that info really? It is empty and means nothing. I am not being judgemental or negative here - just stating simple fact. Imagine you would get same info about package you are waiting for, which contains something very important to your present job. "Our people are working on it, keep in mind that its really long distance and its not easy to get to you, but we have in mind you need it and we will get to you eventually! When? Well, we dont know". How helpful is that? Means nothing.
  13. Fun fact: live symmetry tool (with one or many number of angles) is present in... 1995 Deluxe Paint for Amiga computer. I was kind of shocked to find it lately on Amiga emulator. And it works pretty damn well. In modern software its available in free Krita, in Paintstorm Studio, in Autodesk Sketchbook on my tablet an in variety of different types of software. Where its NOT available is Photoshop and Affinity Photo... Industry standard and industry standard wannabe (I hope it will be). Illustrator has it implemented in extra awkward way - instead of one click solution it needs setup like I am freaking trying to land a rocket on a flying comet. Frustrates the hell out of me. When I am working on quick concepts I am starting in Krita to block symmetric shapes. Then I go through another free software - Inkscape - to trace that concept there because... Well you know exactly why. And then I can finalize things in Affinity Designer. I know you guys cant work on everything. But understanding doesn't take my pain away ;) Life symmetry, knife tool, transforming selected groups of nodes, warping options for vectors - those are absolute must have to work comfortably without jumping between 3+ different programs. Rant mode off. Good luck devs.
  14. I agree that better surprise is when you are announcing release date shortly before release date. Pixologic is doing it with ZBrush. They are known for looooooong time between releases, but when they do release something new its a bomb. Other way is making it the Blender way - everybody knows exactly whats coming, where we are development wise, where we are going. Full transparency and great information at any given time. What I really do not like is constant "its on the roadmap" answer. It means nothing - some things are on road-map since 2014 and three YEARS later are not touched. Better don't say anything instead of giving false sense of hope for near future. People will still keep on asking, sure. But not giving them details at least will not turn to disappointment when the time of release comes
  15. We got half year to go... 2017 doesn't mean January 1st necessarily...