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  1. Thats why I said that dedicated filter would be great . Yeah its not as accurate or as convenient. But I think very few people knows about this imperfect solution - searching for "Zdepth pass in Affinity Photo" results in zero solutions just "use this or that plugin", no tricks for vanilla Affinity Photo. So I think this is as good as it gets for now.
  2. It is already possible to use Zdepth pass in a... less then obvious way but it works. Dedicated filter would be brilliant but this is cool as well. I was said some time ago by developer: "You can actually use the Z-depth pass, just select it and go to Layer>Rasterize to Mask. You can then clip it into a live filter layer (e.g. Lens Blur) to mask the blur. You might need to invert the mask (Layer>Invert) depending on how the grayscale info is written out." I couldn't figured this out at first, but it does work indeed. Here is how, I did this little example for myself to not forget h
  3. I know that but since I am also a player so I will not install Studio Driver to change problems with software to problems with games I also use acceleration in other software - Blender, Keyshot, Maya... and all is working just fine. The only app that now have problem is Photo and luckily it works great even with acceleration turned off. I'll just wait till they fix it. To be honest I shouldn't have update drivers in a first place - everything was working great on older ones...
  4. I came to make a thread about this but I see I am not the only one . Today I have experienced lot of seemingly random crashes - well, not exactly crashes but Photo just froze and stayed that way till killed from task manager. Normally Photo is rock solid so I started to test and finally I remembered that recently there was an update to Nvidia drivers ( GeForce Game Ready Driver 466.11) which started the problem probably. After de-activating hardware acceleration I did more testing and didnt encountered a problem anymore. No, I dont have "Capture one" installed. Both Affinity Photo a
  5. Every single time some company is buying other they ALWAYS say nothing will change or it will be better. It rarely is. Here we have company that is making money on selling pictures acquiring company that is giving pictures away for free. What do you think will happen? Come on now... You think they spent money, bought free competition to make it even more competitive and keep giving away nice photos so they can make less money? Yeah, that makes sense The only good thing that can possibly come out of it is that other sites that are offering free photos - like Pixabay and Pexels - can gr
  6. Yes, clipboard history was ON by default, however I am not really using it, so I just turned it off, thanks
  7. As in subject. I am attaching file for testing. Just open the file and try to copy content by pressing ctrl+c. Designer will just close. Content should be already selected when you open it, but if not just zoom out a little, select everything and press ctrl+c. I am using Designer [edit] It looks like if you select everything and scale down so much that it is entirely contained inside of canvas - crash is not happening. Not sure if thats always the case but it didnt happened now. So crash may have something to do with content outside of canvas? Hope that helps somehow.
  8. I just came to suggest the same Happy to see I am not the only one. That would help me a LOT for example when cleaning the files! Adding visibility as an option would be fantastic indeed!
  9. I am on 1.9 and same thing with this particular filter. I guess its related to g'mic itself not to Affinity.
  10. Very cool! Sorry if it was answered somewhere - I wonder if export preview is planned for PDFs as well in the future?
  11. Thought about it but renaming (or naming for that matter) hundreds of objects sort of defeats the purpose of option that allows for QUICK selecting
  12. Ow it absolutely is a workaround. Also - take this. Not only I haven't noticed this is a bug report (thought youre looking for a solution) but also its on mac while I am on Windows... Not only there are many ways to skin a cat but apparently to be an idiot as well. I have chosen mine... Sorry, but hey, I hope that workaround may help somebody anyways. Bug is a bug, hopefully they will fix it. Have a good one!
  13. Look, sorry for being snarky but when I see people trying to reach their left pocket with right hand saying "look how horrible this jeans were designed!" I am getting like that... I mean no harm though. I said it many times already - when I moved to Designer I uninstalled Illustrator. It actually helps in switching. Otherwise instead of looking for a solution to the problem inside of Designer you will be jumping back to illustrator every time you encounter a problem, assuming it cant be done. Having that illustrator crouches only stops you from finding out new ways of working. So, are y
  14. I dont think there is any doubt that Affinity Designer should have tracing. The question is not IF but WHEN. They cant work on everything at once, I think GPU support on Windows was a huge task on its own. People tend to see the features and forget how many complex tasks has to be done behind the scenes to make software work good. And Affinity team is in fact making fantastic job. I mean honestly - Affinity Designer is WAY smoother then so called "industry standard" Illustrator. Affinity software can save the very same content in MUCH smaller files. People usually don't see these things. An
  15. After looking at your "problem" I had to try it. Guys for crying out loud... Maybe stop thinking like you are in Illustrator? 2 minutes 30 seconds, without rushing - I wanted to see real time with normal speed work, from empty canvas to finish. Using JUST divide. I dont say Designer doesnt need improvements but if you want to create bloody jigsaw puzzle, think shapes not nodes and youre good to go. Zero gaps, no weird nodes...
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