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  1. I just wish changing size with pen was simple like say in Krita. Shift+draw on canvas. Easy. Quick. Friendly. Digital painting in Photo is getting really cool. Just make that brush resizing easier so I don't have to make macros, dig into settings of pen to set special things just for Photo. I really like the brushes, I like speed, feeling, symmetry is there... And such simple, fundamental thing as resizing is set by default to extremely weird, two buttons + key setting. My only complain really
  2. I have to say "delete hidden" would be a great option. I am sending files to print and I dont want to leave any room for accident to happen (somebody turning ON something that should not be printed). I am missing that option almost as much as "select all objects with the same fill color".
  3. Thanks for both answers. I mean Affinity is pretty smooth as it is. One step at the time. Good thing I moved to Windows 10 lately. I heard some horror stories but really and truly I dont have any problems. Looking forward to future releases!
  4. Just other thought hit me now. This 3D components in Affinity will need surely 3D acceleration to work well, right? Does that mean Photo will gain 3D card acceleration under Windows with that update? Also for 2D? As far as I know Mac has it already, right? If thats the case, man this is going to be epic update... Probably for 2.0? Can you confirm anybody?
  5. Always the case. Every improvement to sculpting is added to Blender - people already start saying "ZBrush is dead!" It can be very cool addition to Photo, it can be very useful but lets not pretend it will beat Painter, Mixer, Armor Paint, 3DCoat and other DEDICATED software. I dont know why people are so silly and unrealistic. Like you said - its not that Affinity team cant do it - it is matter of team size and focus. It would be shame to see Affinity Photo being bloated with something that is rarely used. However I am sure that Affinity team knows that too and have some plan. Right? RIGHT?!
  6. Great news! Sign me in! I think people here are expecting too much talking about competing with dedicated software like Painter I see that a lot in Blender community too - they want Blender to become ZBrush, Houdini, Maya in one which is unrealistic. To compete with dedicated software you would have to build... well - whole dedicated software. So yeah I agree with @VisionsMind on very focused approach. Specially on shadow removal, light removal tools. This would be huge and extremely useful for texture creation and fitting nicely into Photo. Also PLEASE - while you are on 3D side of things, please kindly take a look at that already mentioned in other thread Blur from Z-depth pass. It would be great for compositing done in Photo. Side note - I am extremely happy to see you guys expanding Photo in such a way! I see I ditched Adobe for a good team Much luck in development!
  7. @hifredI thought you said you're out... Sorry but I have work to do. And its not like you will convince me that Affinity isn't good enough, not professional etc. Just like I will not convince you that it is. I am actually using Affinity daily to do my work and not missing Photoshop or Illustrator one single bit. Specially the Illustrator which at this point looks like abandonware with "updates consisting of "spellchecking"... Last thing about the smart objects. I just noticed that even the bloody option in preferences says "Import PSD smart objects WHERE POSSIBLE". So basically all your drama here consists of one thing: that they said "PSD Smart Object import" without saying that it will not work in 100% cases. OK, fair enough. Their fault. Thats really it. Case closed.
  8. Oh oh, such bad marketing by Serif. Lets see the real PRO marketing by Adobe, shall we? Some examples: Over the years I have seen tons of official videos made to promote new release, in which they were listing literally ALL new features, but person in video was calling them "MY 11 FAVORITE NEW FEATURES". These happened to be ALL 11 new features. Very pro! No cheap manipulation for "ordinary people" there - simply all new features became his favorites, thats all... At the end of the video they say something like "These - and many more - new features..." even if there was nothing else in the release. So pro, really impressive marketing. No one will ever notice. Comments under the video? Turned off. A coincidence for sure. I checked now their latest big release to see what revolutionary, new features they have added and how they are promoting it. Still same (VERY PRO!!!) tactics - listing bloody EVERYTHING as a NEW FEATURE so it looks like they added lot of stuff. I especially like these new, revolutionary features in Photoshop: - "Preference setting to auto-show the home screen" - Mind blowing. this will change how PRO's are working! - "New Shortcuts" - WOW! I might be going back to Adobe for that revolutionary "feature" - "Animated GIF support" - for all you TRUE PROs out there who are making... animated GIFs frame by frame in 2020... Not some amateurs - as we all know Photoshop is targeting PRO folks! "What are you working on, mate?" "Animated GIF's for Sony... Serious business". Happens all the time in the industry! (btw - funniest part is that Photoshop had Animated GIF support ages ago, then they get rid of it and now bringing it back as "new feature"). - "Improved New Document dialog performance". - That is the killer! Now you click "New Document" and... New Document dialog shows up. Quote: "almost instantaneously". Respect Adobe. I dont want to go one by one, but let me list just the last fantastic, new, revolutionary and extremely PRO FEATURE added to the latest Photoshop. Ladies and Gentleman, Adobe gives you: "What's new screen within the app" I wonder if they listed "What's new screen within the app" on that screen too... Adobe inception. Ow, and @Jowday - you said Literally in the latest Illustrator they added "Path simplification. Easy and quick editing of complex paths by reducing the number of anchor points". Which is almost the same thing BTW, that was one of THREE new features in Illustrator... THREE features in new release. You want to know two others? In that PRO software by industry leading developers? "Auto spell-check" and "Background save and export". Another groundbreaking release by Adobe. How did they listed it? OF COURSE using their (so much better then Serif!) marketing skills as "Top new features". Once again ALL (three...) features made to the top of the list. Bravo! OK, enough of that PRO stuff, time to make some money with my amateur package. If only I had PRO Photoshop again, I could use some new feature.. like a shortcut or "whats new" screen... Eh...
  9. Of course you claiming that "you knew without even trying" wasn't silly at all. Absolutely.
  10. Come on man, this sounds like people who AFTER something happened say "I knew it all the time" Photoshop background has absolutely nothing to do with it - programming does. I got 20+ years of Photoshop under my belt, yet I have no clue if it is actually possible to reverse engineer that smart objects and to what extent. You don't know either unless you are a programmer. I agree that announcing it now as major, fully fleshed feature is misleading if it works like you said. To be completely honest I would put resources in making native alternative to smart objects instead of trying to figured out how Adobe did it. I just upgraded my PC so it indeed vastly improved . Imagine that performance we have now is all without even using GPU acceleration. I dont do big format using Photo, but on the very same computer, 2 years ago, performance of Designer was so much better from Illustrator that I could do things in Designer that were basically impossible on illustrator. That is partly why I switched. Plus - for years updates of Illustrator are basically a bad joke. OK then, so they went little overboard with advertisement but hey, its a good start. I would use words like "partial" or "experimental". It does not sound as good, but certainly is better to be accurate to avoid misdirection.
  11. Would adding "partial" to the support of Smart Objects help? I mean is there any instance that it actually works? Asking because I cant check it anymore - since Affinity came out on PC I just switched completely to Photo/Designer and I dont have Photoshop.
  12. I am guessing that this option is more for importing proprietary smart objects so we can get as much as possible out of it and continue happily inside of the Affinity package. You know that PS smart objects are part of Adobe closed code don't you? So what do you want them to do - reverse engineer Photoshop and release it under new name? It is amazing they even got that far with it.
  13. Thanks @walt.farrell! It seems to be in AppData\Roaming\Affinity\ , will test if it does contain presets as well!
  14. I just upgraded my PC and I was hoping to move my old presets to the new installation. Correct me if I am wrong - at this moment I have to re-create these presets? I don't see any way to get the old ones copied to new installation..? I am on PC, win10
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