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  1. I am using FastStone for years, Affinity is my main software now for work and daily I am going through hundreds of jpgs generated with it. I have never run into this.
  2. If that is the only instance it crashes then its not big of a problem really. I always start font manager before starting software. However I sometimes change something inside manager while software is running. Affinity on Win7 reacts to it wonderfully - seamlessly updating, nothing is crashing. Could somebody who is using FB on win 10 comment if it is possible to change something (create new gorups etc.) in font managed while running Affinity? Or it will result in crash as well. Just wondering. Jeez... this switch to win 10 will be pain...
  3. I wish there was support for Affinity files in FastStone image viewer. I asked them for it but no answer so far. I was using ACDSee but with time it became this slow hog and all in one solution. I guess I stopped using it when they have added calendar Are there other windows image viewers that support Affinity files?
  4. @Pariah73 - yeah Nexus wasn't updated for a loooong time. I am still on win7 but I have to move to win10 soon because some software is not supported on win7... I know there has been one particular issue with Nexus on win10. You had to disable Windows Font Cache Service to fix it up. I didnt knew Font Runner, thanks for mentioning it.
  5. I am using NexusFont for years - everything works great. In fact 1.7 works even better then before. In previous version I had to close and re-open project if I have changed font set inside of font manager. Now it updates on the fly. Just in case you can check NexusFont too.
  6. nezumi

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I tuned in in the last 5 minutes But I just re-watched whole thing. @Friksel is totally right. While Adobe is showing absolutely everything they have (which isnt much :D) and then outright lying by saying in the end "and MUCH MORE" (but there is nothing more...) Affinity actually didnt even showed all the improvements in 1.7. Person that was talking was calm, not jumping like some sort of mad orangutan, screaming all the time "isnt it AMAZING?!?!". I liked it a lot. I am much more in favor of British, calm approach to the keynote Yeah same here. I am guessing that was Publisher for iPad..? Maybe? I dont know I am not using Apple products.
  7. I just purchased Publisher for PC and StudioLink works amazingly good. I wonder - is it planned to have that sort of integration between just Designer and Photo? I have all 3 apps and I know I can go through menu to choose "edit in Photo" or "edit in Designer" but it would be crazy cool if we had that magic icons and could work between Photo and Designer the same way we can inside of Publisher. Is it planned at all?
  8. nezumi


    I knew something is not right... Thank you so much for looking into it. Microsoft decided its spam but didnt even put it in spam folder. apparently being part of "Microsoft Spam Fighters" program protects you from messages you WANT. Ehhh... Thanks again.
  9. Please dont take it as a complain - I am just concerned why it is. I bought Affinity products on windows launch, switched completely from Adobe, constantly promoting it everywhere I can BECAUSE I do love it and I want you guys to be successful. I am reasonably active on this forum too... My friend which also bought Photo and Designer (I convinced him to it - wheres my provision? just joking!) got about 3 emails with promos for Publisher. We both were beta testing it at some point. I didnt got a single email. Its not about promo, its more about finding out if you guys are sending these emails to everybody, to some people, did I blocked them somewhere or... OK, its about promo No, for real, I wish to know why I am not getting any emails from Affinity. As far as I know I haven't blocked you anywhere. Why would I? I love your stuff. And its about promo I dont need Publisher but I will get it anyways to show my support. Funny - I am writing all that to get you to send me emails. Usually its a pain to get companies stop doing it.
  10. nezumi

    Beta update?

    Because Macs are like consoles. Theres much less configurations to worry about. You have only handful of cards to test. Windows is whole another animal with the variety of hardware it offers. I am building my PCs myself - I can put there as much or as little as I desire and Affinity has to think about all possibilities to make it work. I dont know where is the thread but we were already discussing it and somebody from Affinity mentioned that they are thinking about it, started to plan and work on it but cant give estimate time as to when it comes, precisely due to complexity of the subject.
  11. nezumi

    Beta update?

    I also have this desire to have a new version ASAP - specially when I know its packed with some good, new features - just like 1.7 seems to be. But lets keep in mind one really important thing - something that I cant stretch enough. The outstanding level of integration between Affinity software. You can open file from Designer inside of Photo and see no difference - vectors are still vectors, all looks practically the same. I havent used Adobe software for over 2 years now but I remember opening AI file inside of PS was very limited and lot of objects was rasterized loosing ability to be edited and scaled properly. Knowing Adobe it didnt changed. In my opinion Affinity really shines when it comes to integration. Now, we are getting whole new software to the Affinity family and I am willing to bet devs are working on similar level of integrity. Can you imagine the complexity of that task? Not only we have lots of new tools in each of the existing programs, the whole new software but also integration between them. It surely needs lot of work, lot of time to be done properly. Properly... Thats another thing. Affinity is fighting for a position on the market and the fight is (mostly) against massive corporation named Adobe. Affinity just cant afford half-assing their product for the big day of introducing new software to the family. Rushing would be silly and would surely backfire. Publisher might convince many people to jump ship. In the meantime Adobe is working hard to help Affinity by threatening owners of old licenses with possible lawsuits if they do not join "The Almighty Cloud". Unbelievable. You bought the license, but they just want to force people into monthly pay no matter what. That comes shortly after news that they are "testing" new price for Photography Plan - which is basically "lets double the price, we were too generous. Lets squeeze that $10 more MONTHLY". The geniuses of marketing. So while we are watching Adobe shooting their feet repeatedly we need to be patient. Devs need to make it right. I have no doubt that Affinity may become new "industry standard". In fact I already planned on purchasing Publisher solely to support company. I dont really need it all that much. Maybe occasionally for tables. And if I need to wait bit more to get great 1.7 - so be it. Working on current versions just fine for now.
  12. For fonts management I advice you to use dedicated software like NexusFont or FontBase. Both free and offering much more then you will ever see inside of design software (which would be really just bloating it). Whats best in these managers - you don't have to install fonts in system - as long as the font manager is running system sees them as installed. So you dont bloat your system by installing hundreds of fonts, you can keep everything tidy and organized. Both are working great with Affinity.
  13. Theres so many new things added that all I wish for 1.7 is to be out of Beta. There will be plenty of time for new things before we hit 2.0.
  14. Here is crazy idea. Since nobody really cares about your coding classes here (and most definitely they will not start re-writing Affinity package because random dude on internet thinks they should) - why don't we just concentrate on apps and leave the coding to the coders who are making them? ----------------------------- Personally I cant wait till GPU acceleration hits Windows version. I know its a lot of work, I know its complicated because of multiple hardware variations etc. I'll wait but I am eager to see it and I hope work is being done on it (well now you are probably fixing 1.7 but hope it is planned anyways). I don't care if you write it in Basic or Logo - as long as it works. And if it doesnt? Hey, you can always ask some random dude on internet. They know best.
  15. nezumi

    Yeeeesss Affinity .. You did it.. !!!

    @Tom Schülke I mostly made product viz so not so many changes as usually I am given final design to visualize. Even if I have to place something in the room for context (like when making furniture for example) I never had so many changes. But yeah - in my case my favorite are messages like "this red oak is not exactly the color I am looking at here" . I hope Affinity will bring with time some life improvements for 3D people. So far so good