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  1. I was only Linux user for a brief time. I used Mint because at the time Krita was only on Linux and I really loved it (still do, but now I have native Windows version of it). On one hand I think MAYBE Linux version would give Affinity yet another edge over Adobe, just like it did with i-pad version. Adobe was doing nothing and then when they saw Affinity on ipad all of sudden they "announced" Photoshop coming soon (Why I dislike Adobe so much? I was using their software since version 4 but at some point I got tired of their corporate BS and lack of interest in users...). Anyways - thats definitely a plus. On the flip side though I have seen some weird and borderline fanatic behavior of Linux users. It is good to be passionate, but sometimes it went into "cuckoo" territory too much. Hating on every not supported hardware, driver, library or anything really that is not completely open was happening way too often. I remember when game Witcher 2 was ported to Linux (to be fair it wasnt a good port initially). Instead of working with developers in a civil manner Linux community behaved like some sort of wild tribe hating on devs so much that after fixing Witcher 2 they decided not to go through with porting third part of the game at all... Now, you may be personally offended by such classification, you may be the "good", "serious", "reasonable" Linux user. Not part of that "tribe". Safe to say however that Linux community is hard to please - to put it mildly. Finally the biggest problem I see in developing for Linux is that absolute devotion to Open Source and so called "alternatives". I myself am using Blender, Krita, Inkscape (at least until Designer gets bitmap tracing :D) and few more open source projects. But I am not fanatically against using PAID, CLOSED software. Many Linux users I have met are dedicated to use only whats open, to the point that you cant reason with them. They will rather choose being unable to do something over using closed, paid software. And certainly Linux crowd isn't fast to spent money on purchasing software... That surely doesn't apply to ALL Linux users - but I wonder is there ENOUGH of those who are willing to pay for Affinity on Linux. Because I want Affinity to grow and as much as I would like to see Linux support I would hate to see if that backfired hurting Affinity as company. It is a though decision and question is if its all worth it.
  2. This issue is present not only in 1.7 Beta of Designer but across all Affinity applications on PC. ( also in 1.7 Beta Photo, 1.7 Beta Publisher and stable versions of 1.6.5 of both Designer and Photo). I cant include whole thing as it is official, legal document but I managed to extract example of problematic part and I am including it as a file. In short - in Affinity applications some PDFs are opened with some letters overlaying each other, having unnecessary spaces between letters and so on. Here you can see what I mean: PDF opened in software like Sumatra, FoxitPhantom etc. is not presenting any of that issues. Sample file with described problem attached to this post Hope that helps to make Affinity even better! test_file.pdf
  3. If I clean/reset options (by starting with ctrl and choosing "all") - will it only affect beta or stable as well? I wouldn't want to wipe out all that I have in stable by mistake...
  4. nezumi

    Crop Tool

    Yeah, I hope that gradient tool lost controls by mistake. Without control lines there's no way to adjust Elliptical gradient for example. Elliptical became exactly same as radial now.
  5. Yup, something went really wrong with this beta... No nodes, also no grid showing.
  6. Ah thank you - I did. Got it to work! It wasn't appearing till I had at least two nodes on canvas. I thought it will appear automatically for some reason. Great stuff, thank you again!
  7. Can somebody confirm existing or absence of " utterly amazing Construction mode" for Node and Pen tools? So I can keep trying to find out how it works or forget about it Please.
  8. I guess @rubs means setting you can choose in "performance" settings where you can choose your GPU as renderer. That may bring to mind acceleration. Anyways - is the acceleration planned at all for PC version?
  9. I cant find " utterly amazing Construction mode" Any ideas? Appreciate help
  10. So far so good. Really like the improvements! I also cant find Voronoi filter as well as.. this may sounds stupid but I have no clue whats “Move inside / outside” commands all about
  11. Yeah, I guess so. If I had to point out single feature of Affinity software that makes it different from whatever is out there would be that unmatched integration. Really astonishing level of it. Also - things like pixel persona in designer. Such a time saver. No need to jump to other software for some simple bitmap manipulation. Or something like this - do people even see difference in file sizes? I just made the test. SAME vector drawing, one color, same size. Saved as default settings AI file from Illustrator takes 2.10MB of disk space. Saved from Affinity Designer - 417KB. MASSIVE difference. And that's just quick, small sample. Size difference is giant when you have real work, multi-page, big files to deal with. Make your own tests - you'll see. I don't even know how guys at Affinity achieve it. So many things that Affinity deserves to be praised for man, but people are more likely to just look at some colorful Adobe presentation where pretty lady is saying "OH, thats AMAZING, right?!" on the scene... Ehhh... Pros...
  12. @Friksel I am PROFESSIONAL. I am making living designing since Photoshop 3 or 4 came out (I don't really remember exactly). And I moved from PS to Affinity completely, working on it daily. What kind of PROFESSIONAL cant deal with some minor bugs? (what exactly is the deal with "not working outline/stroke? Because I am using it all the time so I didnt noticed :P). When I was using PS many times updates introduced bugs that were far worse. I still remember the time when I could not write any damn text in Photoshop for a FEW MONTHS because "leading industry standard" Adobe f...ed up and didn't fixed text tool till next update. Did you even read the changes in 1.7? Its a LOT of work, massive improvements. Do you realize level of integration between Affinity software as compared to Adobe software? Cant you see that whatever is fixed in one software is also fixed/added to the other? Go on, open Illustrator file in Photoshop and you will have half of it rasterized to hell. Do the same with Designer file in Photo. Hard to spot a difference. In fact once I didnt and I kept working in Photo, being surprised I cant find tools that were in Designer How you dont appreciate this is beyond me. Frankly the more I read your post the more disgusted I am. Maybe you cant design and that's the problem? Maybe you need to be fed with pre-chewed, colorful gimmicks Adobe is serving. I would happily admit if Affinity team was doing nothing and I was getting a bit worry when for extended time I haven't seen any betas. But after what we saw is being made with 1.7 saying that they dont do enough is simply stupid. Yes I said that. I displaced somewhere my "Politically Correct Dictionary", so bear with me. I just... Once again I don't know how people working at Affinity keep their cool reading what people like "ow-so-big-PRO-Friksel" writes. For crying out loud, we are talking about version 1.6 maybe 1.7 if you count beta of software. Photoshop is at release number 20 (!) now. Give it TIME, mr PRO. Use your PRO head instead of getting all dramatic. Nobody is BETRAYING you (maybe apart from common sense that seems to be on vacation judging by your outrage). You had betas, you had trials, you knew what you are purchasing. If for some reason you cant use it, you feel like it isnt enough for your PRO needs then look for something else. Probably great Photoshop with ultra useful 3D printing, fantastic movie editing and deep fried cloud integration (the best part, right? So PRO) will do. Or maybe you are not enough PROFESSIONAL and instead of playing with ideas you want software with magic button. What a guy.. -------- I am sorry Affinity and community if my post sounds hostile. It isn't half as hostile as original, but tried to keep my nerves in line . I am not good at passive-aggressive I suppose. The "passive" part specifically. But I have the same condition George Carlin suffered from - I was diagnosed with "very low tolerance level for stupid BS". So forgive me. Cant react differently when I read what those folks at Affinity were busy with (when reading 1.7 changes list) and then I hear some pRO whining that too little is being done... -____- Feel free to delete that post if it is breaking any rules of modern, delicate human interaction. I missed the briefing of what is considered offensive this week. I was on sick leave this day.
  13. I noticed the beta of 1.7 is out for Mac :O Any idea about how far is the PC beta of 1.7? I am really excited. Really great changes for what I can read there!