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    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Yeah, real time blend mode preview is awesome. Just like the one we have in Affinity for a long time now Voice interactions? Another gimmick like 3D and movie editing in Photoshop. Adobe keeps on bloating their software with nonsense. I dont want to talk to computer when I am working. Adobe Xd is completely different software then Designer... Its for UI design. Theres a reason why it is separate software from Illustrator. Can Designer use some new features? Sure. And I am sure it will. Should it be bloated with BS like voice commands? No, thank you. For freaking EVER I had to go through loops and hoops to make inner shadow in illustrator. Such a simple thing. I ditched Illustrator for Designer and I rarely miss a thing. I have created crazy huge, multi-page documents in Designer - in Illustrator I could not even dream about it. Adobe now is like Apple - they will present some simple feature in the way you will think they just reinvented and improved wheel. The best proof of this is that you are impressed by real time blend mode preview that Affinity had for a long time. But Adobe sells that to you with a fantastic presentation and you think it is something new. I just watched "whats new in Photoshop 2019" video to see if there is something that could much improve my workflow over Affinity Photo. The only features I would like to see in Photo are symmetry (took Adobe like 20+ years to get there too...) and slightly improved content aware fill. Thats it. Same for Illustrator that has historically very poor updates. Whats new? Nice, freehand gradients, ok. Whats more? Ow look, global edits! fantastic! Its basically symbols from Affinity Designer. Another thing Adobe added now that you had already but they are selling it to you like Steve Jobs was selling Amazingness I am not saying Affinity is perfect but after over 20 years of work on Adobe software I see through their BS and I am not paying them monthly to get gimmicks or something I have in Designer.
  2. Just found that thread when looking for an option to change that default behavior. It is not the end of the world, I am using Affinity for a quite long time now so I used to double click on zoom tool, but most definitely it would be better if I had not have to do it each time I am using something smaller. Minor annoyance.
  3. I know people who switched to Affinity software and I did it myself. That in itself tells me that there are clearly people who will switch on a professional level. I still see many people looking at Affinity as lesser software made for hobbyist market. But most of them just haven't even tried it. I was starting making first graphic editing on C-64, later on Deluxe Paint on Amiga. I used Adobe Software since Photoshop 4. I may know thing or two about this business and a few people too. I completely agree with not updating everything ASAP. I am still on win7 myself - everything just works. Slowly thinking about update to win10 but I don't see enough profits of doing so. As for software - I tend to update it because many times there's a lot of bug fixes. Last Affinity update for example fixed crashes I was experiencing when using pen tool so it was really cool. But yes - one has to be very careful with updates because after all your livelihood depends on it. Another thing that makes Affinity better then Adobe - public beta. You can have your stable version and test beta installed at the same time. Adobe just rolls the update and you have to deal with it. There's a fine line between being sure that you are not getting into problems and stagnation. Do the good testing, make sure new software gives you what you need but dont afraid to change your workflow. Since Adobe introduced subscription model some updates are ridiculously small ( I am sure you know this). They will get your money anyways so why bother. Specially true for Illustrator - updates are laughable. Why you think they are always turning off comments under their videos? And always doing this tricks - showing all things they updated saying "these are my favorite changes" like there's anything else. In the end of video there's always "...and much more!" even though there's literally nothing more. I hate when companies are treating me like idiot. Plus - if you don't pay them you will not be even able to open old files and make some minimal fixes. I don't want to be hold hostage - so even if Affinity software may have some work to do when it comes to functionality - ironically enough I feel more free using it. As for your "old dog" comment - I do make a living on graphic design. All my adult life actually. Recently more and more in 3d but still need that 2D stuff. And yes, I would love to see deeper integration of Affinity with say Zbrush (some things are working some not) but I understand that it has to grow and its a little price to pay. Man, like I said - Adobe is not offering enough anymore to justify being on their leash. I had to change workflow due to some features missing in Designer (namely automatic tracing of bitmaps or deforming objects - both of which I am making in Inkscape for now) but it was honestly change for the better. I see where you're coming from - I guess we have more in common then we think. And I am glad youre here Publisher isnt my main point of interest but it has things that will help me greatly so I am definitely getting it. My friend needs only tables, but he is picking it up also just to support Affinity. We need that good old competition going. I sense that you did much more publishing work then I did (I do regularly do work for print but not big things. I have put together literally one book. All the rest is like 4 pages brochure, maybe little catalog sometimes. So you surely will see more shortages. I actually believe that you can contribute more to the future of Publisher because you have bigger needs then I do and you can point out things I wouldn't even saw. All I am saying - give it a good try. Lets be optimistic. I cant wait to see how Publisher integrates with the rest of Affinity. Have a great day, stay around, test some things and help Publisher to be great. It may take some time but we are not going anywhere, right? These old dogs are still having some fangs to show
  4. Well, you failed at that. Exactly. You don't know. Because you are not a programmer. You don't know the code, you have no idea what are internal differences between these two programs, you have no clue what you are talking about. BUT HEY! "How hard it can be?" My bet is - pretty damn hard. If it was easy I could write damn thing myself. Maybe even you could if it was like.. REALLY easy. But its not. They have to make strategic decisions what set of core functionalities Publisher should have at start. Dont be dick about it if something you would like is not in first beta. As for your attitude - I saw once a nice person. You could try to be one too. In your own words "How hard it can be?".
  5. It would be cool to be able also include export (as certain type) and close into macro. Not for batch, just as part of macro.
  6. When exporting PNG file one can choose if wants to export whole picture or active element, with or without background. It would be really fantastic if that setting could be moved also to "more" so we could save a preset that always is exporting active element without background. Because I cant save it in preset I have to always set it up manually which (when I have to repeat it like hundreds of times) can be really frustrating. Please kindly consider making that option possible to save within preset.
  7. You have no data to back it up, its just what you think because you wouldn't do that BUT, for sake of argument lets say this is true. Obviously this would be true only for people who already are working for years using other software. However there is huge number of people who are starting. Each year army of students will have a choice. They are not bounded to old software, they have no baggage of old files as they are starting. They dont need to change workflow - they can jump in right away. Thought about that? Its not only about people who were doing it for a long time already but also about new generations of designers (or those "old dogs" who are willing to learn new tricks, like myself :D). Plus, lets not forget that its not like whatever is in first beta - will always be. Publisher will naturally grow, getting better with each iteration.
  8. Some people mistaken "alternative to..." with "cheaper version of...". Affinity is offering software in its own rights. Publisher is not InDesign in disguise. Also - do you think Adobe is gladly offering specification for their proprietary file types? Thats why we cant import .ai files to Designer if saved without pdf component. Not because Affinity team was lazy but because Adobe is guarding their secrets that would make you use their software. Perfect example of what I am talking about. Just start doing new jobs natively in Publisher. You will not need old files indefinitely, do you? I migrated this way from both Photoshop and Illustrator to Affinity. It took some time, I had to re-save some ai files etc. But if you are actively working then after few months all new files are native. "Alternative" means that you are using it instead other software, not that you are "kind of, sort of using new one but really mainly to open old files made in another software". That doesnt make sense and indeed is useless. You jump from one ship to another, not standing with one leg on each board, hanging between them. And if Publisher does not suit your needs yet - give it some time. Dont expect beta of totally new software to beat or match functionality of something that was being polished for 2 decades...
  9. Just observation from somebody who switched from Adobe software completely to Affinity for both Photoshop and Illustrator. Same surely will apply for Publisher. In the beginning you will need (and look for) that Adobe "crutches". Old files, clients sending something in known file format and so on. My advice is - weed out Adobe software from your workflow and move entirely to Affinity. Affinity works best with native formats - you can start by making new jobs entirely in Affinity software and after a while you will notice you don't need to look back - why would you? Transition may not be as smooth as one would desire but it is worth it. Treating Affinity software as something that should work seamlessly with Adobe isn't the way in my experience. When Publisher will reach certain maturity - work within it. Instead of "but in Indesign I could do this! When it will be possible in Publisher" be little more flexible. Indesign was released in what? 2002? And was build up on PageMaker from 90's, right? Imagine all the time they had to polish it (and in my opinion they still failed at one very important thing - making it pleasure to work with). We will get there, but not with first beta Publisher is not made to kill everything that exists for years now at release. It is beginning and for what I see - it will pay up to support Affinity. Because they managed to make daily work (almost :D) a pleasure.
  10. I played with it for a day and... Did I said I did not need it in my current workflow? I mean "I didnt knew that I need it" There is something about Affinity package - the feeling of smooth, fun, easy interaction. I cant wait to be able to use it with Designer and Photo. When I saw how easy is getting text around complex shapes I was blown away. Only thing I am missing would be export to epub/mobi formats. I wonder if is this planned at all?
  11. You have Aero on? I am playing with it on Win7 without any problems for about hour now.
  12. Agreed. I cant see reason for not adding that specially that it works even here ---->
  13. Now thats a surprise! I dont really need it for what I do BUT I will probably end up purchasing it anyways if you guys will keep great pricing that you have. Finally something to take care of that damn tables I hope
  14. nezumi

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    I thought the same Go to linked thread and you will find there steps to reproduce error. It does happens.
  15. It took me a while to reproduce because thats not the way I am working so my muscle memory was in the way But yes, following steps described by Zox it is indeed crashing.