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  1. I was using professionally Photoshop for about 2 decades but I switched to Affinity Photo without major issues. Its lighter, it works great, it is handling vectors much better then PS and I don't have to pay for it every month. Also Affinity Photo isn't bloated with some nonsense like movie editing, 3D (which I love but I have Substance Painter for it not PS) and some more. Sure, I would love to see improvements in some areas but I can see Affinity team working constantly on making Photo and Designer better every day. Strongly recommended to check it out.
  2. This was killing me today. If I have text aligned to right I expect not only spaces but also tabs to work properly. It should work exactly like reflection of left aligned text. Please kindly fix that. If I am ADDING something I dont want it to be ignored I am adding it for a reason
  3. Just to point out that this is one of the things I would also be happy to see - creating vector version of say rope ends and rope middle part and using it as a vector brush. Its definitely better quality on zoom then what we can achieve with bitmap brush. So yeah, would be cool to see that one day
  4. I'll be honest guys. I can have square icon there when no document is open. Or star icon. Or little piggy arse with cute curly tail icon there. Or - take this - no icon at all. Because NO DOCUMENT IS OPENED so it doesn't matter whats there. All UI elements at this point could be replaced by two buttons - OPEN and NEW.
  5. nezumi

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Dont speak for me. I don't want it to show up ASAP. So not "all of us" I want it to be out when ready. When it can be real alternative and can get world excited about Affinity. I dont want half-baked product that is pretty much beta. If it takes year from now - so be it.
  6. Exactly what I was trying much less elegantly say about pen tool. I didn't realized it was also present in so many other tools I am sure devs will take care of it.
  7. I got good news and a bad one. Good one first. I am happy to say that so far pen tool took all the abuse like a champ and didn't caused crash like it is in stable. Great job on fixing that! Heres the bad one - there's a little bug in pen tool still (I dont think it is present in stable). To recreate it choose pen tool, start drawing curve and then with last node selected start moving canvas with space. Without trying to place new node - just canvas movement. Press space, quick movement of canvas, leave space. Do it few times and you should see that AP is adding nodes in some random places due to this movements. I am able to recreate that every time. Hope that can help to kill that bug too
  8. Thank you for trying to help - I thought there may be something obvious but dont worry about it if its not. I got original file from Adobe Illustrator and it was all kind of messed up. I had to redo parts of it.. I never had this problem with files that are created in Affinity from the very beginning. I guess it might be Adobes revenge for switching to Affinity
  9. Honestly I dont know whats up with that. It was part of bigger label design quite some time ago... Problem is I cant edit this text properly anymore. You can see its aligned to the left SUPPOSEDLY but its not clearly... No matter what font I use same thing persist. It looks to me like I had some Tab stops there but field with tab stops is empty. So I think this might be problem. I am attaching the file so you can take a look at it. Problem is in the last stable version of designer. Original file was saved in some of the previous versions, but since I cant upload original (NDA) I am just uploading problematic part. What the heck tab.afdesign
  10. Why somebody who is not a developer would want to use two betas in different locations anyways? For what? Only comments to latest beta are relevant here. It all sounds like a nitpicking. "But hey, it would be better if I could install 7 betas, each in different location, get all confused and comment on already irrelevant issues". Yeah it would be fantastic but you should try USING IT instead of fiddling endlessly with an install. Its way more fun IMO. On other thought - I would LOVE to have patience of @Patrick Connor or @Asser82 .
  11. I guess you wanted to say "crash proof" or something like that. Well, NOTHING is 100% crash/failure proof. Planes are certainly not - should we abandon test flights then? Cars, bridges, buildings,.. You name it - everything can be broken at some point. Suggesting that testing is unnecessary, because "hey, it can possibly crush anyways" is the dumbest idea I heard in this week. And competition is fierce on internet. You have never worked on a serious, paid project if you think we can just test software in the middle of production. If it will crash we just ask client for more $$ and time, right? Unbelievable. Where did you got that idea anyways? Adobe?
  12. Is there any plan to make that command? It would be amazingly useful considering how fast I can select elements in your software.
  13. Crop to selection would be super useful - not only for marquee tool but just by clicking on certain element or selecting whole layer. Now I have to choose element, copy it and then make entire new document from whatever I copied. Instead of making two clicks - select+crop to selection. That would be of MASSIVE help. Please make it happen Affinity Team
  14. Thank you! I am getting different crash but I cant pin-point what causes it to replicate it 100%. It just randomly crashes. But at least we have this one down
  15. Pen tool was ALWAYS crashing on me. Always when working on something longer it will crash at some point. Very annoying. I was trying to find a way to replicate the crash and finally I did. Although I am sure that this is not the only iteration when pen tool is crashing AP, here how you can replicate it: Make new document, choose pen tool, place few random nodes and then catch the last node with CTRL, keep pushing control and WHILE MOVING that node hit space and keep it pushed while still moving mouse. It may take couple tries but you will crush Photo. Basically ctrl+space and moving mouse. I really hope pen tool will get fixed one day... Its one of the most used tools when it comes to my work... I am talking about latest stable version on Windows 7.