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  1. nezumi

    Crop in original shape

    It could be also way of doing it IF you are never changing your workflow. If you are bit more adventurous with things you try... I would still go for saving default in settings However I wouldn't mind saving last used all that much either.
  2. nezumi

    Crop in original shape

    Imagine that LOT of people is using Affinity for many more things then working on photos... Just like Photoshop. For example I am using Photo to work on post-pro for 3D renders and also making lot for packaging for printing. Just because there is "Photo" in the name it doesn't mean that its use is limited to working on photos (sorry for being Captain Obvious here...). Just to put it out there, so you see that pleasing people like you would be displeasing people like me (not easy to please everybody). It would be massive pain in the butt for me if default would become "original ratio", as I am NEVER using it. We all have different needs. Solution would be fairly easy conceptually - no idea how hard it would be to implement. There could be setting that we could save our own, preferred, default behavior. That would make everybody happy.
  3. nezumi

    1.8.0 - bugfix release?

    Absolutely! Ow wait... No, that was Illustrator... You guys are doing fantastic job! Thank you!
  4. nezumi

    1.8.0 - bugfix release?

    Yeah thanks man, I am a bit cranky, havent sleep for way too long.
  5. nezumi

    1.8.0 - bugfix release?

    I didn't asked for opinion about importance of new features over the bug fixing, did I? I have provided long explanation about how I DONT want that even. It was a simple question. Yet here we are...
  6. I honestly missed the message. Sorry.
  7. I tell you what I bet Adobe illustrator still CANT do. Simple bloody inner shadow. I haven't used AI for 3 years now but I would bet my money on it, that this "industry standard", full PRO, Adobe Illustrator still have to fake simple inner shadow with black glow and no direction. No problem in Designer though, out of the box. Sometimes Adobe users have to look for workarounds to make something absolutely basic. And as we were said here by the long time professional - workarounds are for amateurs and hobbyists, right?
  8. Before anything - I don't want to start any forum war, start any prolonged discussion about how software X or software Y is better then the other, I also don't want to accuse devs of not doing enough or anything negative... I also didn't wanted to hijack somebody's thread so I decided to make new topic. With that out of the way... It is a simple question - should we expect any NEW, major/minor features from 1.8.0 final or it meant to be mainly bugfix release? I am fine either way, I know sometimes it is necessary for better future development. Just wondering. I dont want to know what features either - unless you want to tease me some .
  9. Yeah maybe difference here is that I don't work for a man, I work for myself. Being part of massive corpo works differently - you are doing as you are told for a salary. Of course you have bloody hourly rate there - its a factory. McDonalds has thousands of employees too - very professional setup may I add.
  10. Of course it does. Mainly to estimate a deadline. But it would be absurd to charge on per-hour basis. Say logo - how long does it takes to do? I dont know. It might take a day or a week of back and forth, different versions, revisions etc. It also might be 30 minutes and I got brilliant idea (or happy accident ) that client instantly likes too. And what - I should charge for half an hour? Client is paying me to came up with idea, something that will sell his product, position him well on the market. Not for the bloody time I was pushing nodes to get clean shape. That 30 minutes can be worth few grands. I thought you were saying you're professional? Why I am talking about that basics of a business here... If you are a mechanic then maybe. You can even charge extra for making stuff faster. But this is CREATIVE business we are talking about here. Can you guarantee that idea will come to you faster if you agree on making work faster? I cant. Will you include hours that you are THINKING about the design? Then, MAYBE. "Sir, it took me 2 hours to do, and I added estimate of 15 hours I was thinking about it, mostly in the metro... Sir.. Hello?!". Good luck selling that. Here is another example. My wife is a dentist. Would you like dentist to be paid for hours? Trust me she can get rid of that tooth in 2 minutes. Or take her sweet time. You tell me what you like. Hourly rate? No problem, let me just strap you to a chair and put some loud music so screams will not bother neighbors for the next... What is your budget? 4 hours sounds fine?.. You are free to charge on per hour. People are making this funny calculators - "how much is your hour worth? Add rent, electricity bill, mouse and keyboard cost, software license, sandwich, hot chocolate, soup, divide by 7 days a week, divide by hours worked daily, multiply by 2 (so you dont get completely screwed), minus the time you were procrastinating, add income tax, consider difference between incomes in your country and clients country... TA-DAAAA! Your hour is worth $23.9992. Now go get them tiger!" Meantime me, 23 years in business amateur/hobbyist : "sir, it will be $500 and I can have it done by Friday. Maybe faster but want to be on safe side." To each his own I guess... BTW, I cant wait to see what are devs working on now You know them amateurs - they like to know whats coming to their cheap software... Am I right guys? High five!
  11. I am professional user. Of course if making a living doing visual art of different kinds for the last 23 years qualifies... Workarounds are for amateurs and hobbyists? I always thoughts these are for people who want the job done. Now "professional" is waiting till company will sort out software before he can get project done..? Well I am not a pro according to that definition... Not at all. I am quoting for the project. Working for hours is the dumbest way of quoting your work. The better you are, the quicker you make a project - the less you earn. Fantastic... I would quote for hour if I was working on assembly line in factory or standing somewhere as a guard. DEFINITELY not as an artist. Yeah, you are pro, your time is valuable, you want to make things fast and... you are charging clients per hour? That makes lot of sense. For clients. Maybe you should re-think your strategy to make it work for you too. It sure works for me. I really think there are two possible scenarios when it comes to people who cant use Affinity in their professional work. First one - people do not commit to switch. They are still doing work on PS/AI, turn on Affinity occasionally, trying few things and quickly going back to PS/AI because thats what they know. They never change their workflow, they will always be slaves to one software they know. You cant learn how to drive bicycle if you afraid of lifting legs off the ground. You need to commit - make few full projects NO MATTER WHAT, entirely on Affinity. You will never learn the new software if you just jump back to the old one at slightest problem. I started my switch to Affinity by deleting AI and PS. Then I had no choice - I had to learn. And dont give me that "oh oh, my time is so precious" excuse. Mine too - I got family to feed, I have to work every day. But I did it, so I know its not as bad. And second group - people who for whatever reason/personal preference just dont like Affinity software. They dont like shortcuts, philosophy, UI, whatever. They expect Affinity to change to accommodate them. Complaining about everything that is not exactly like THEY want it. Because they saw something in Adobe, Corel, Xara.... So they dont want new software - they want stuff to work just like they saw it somewhere or imagined it. Neither of that groups will be ever satisfied or make a switch to Affinity. You cant make the switch if you are constantly using crouches of the old software you were using and you cant make the switch if you just dislike software. I see the same when it comes to my main software - ZBrush. Some people just complain about UI FOR YEARS. They are constantly waiting for their imaginary change, a change that is not coming. They refuse to learn it as it is, but are activating their complains every new version. "UI is horrible! Still not updated!". Pointless. Here I see the same - I made a switch to Affinity as soon as it was available for Windows. Making happily all the work I did before with minor adjustments. Something that was a workaround at first became part of the workflow. And through this last three years I keep on seeing that very same complaining posts popping up every now and then. And they will keep on popping up. Because Affinity will never become carbon copy of PS/AI. Thankfully.
  12. Some of what I read here remind me somehow that client I just had. Since I moved completely to Affinity I am mostly using PDFs now. Client called me and said - I need it in AI format - But you can import PDF perfectly well to illustrator.. - No, I need it in AI format, I have a pipeline I use for years now! Please deliver AI! So I just renamed PDF extension to AI and resent the same file (yup, it does work). - You see what I mean? - client replied - now it works perfectly! You dont change proven, professional pipeline for no good reason! Yeah man, I can see that alright... Slightest change of what people used to and drama starts. Something isnt named the same, shortcut is different, format - whatever. People start to freak out, totally unable to change even trivial things. And if some option they used to is not there? Uffff Forget it - looking for workaround is completely out of question. Even if sometimes - many times - it is a non-issue and you can keep on working happily after showing tiny bit of flexibility. Most common thing: "In Adobe it is certain way and here it is different!" Yeah, so? There is more than one way skin a cat. Affinity is not a Photoshop. It can replace it but its not a Photoshop or Illustrator reskinned with different name and priced differently. It has its own strengths. I wouldn't bloody use it if it was simply cheaper but I could not work professionally on it. Thats what I do for living, I cant afford not being able to do the job. But I am and I am loving the Affinity way. Yeah you heard me - and I was using Photoshop professionally since version 4. Thats 23 years already. OK, minus last 3 because I have switched to Affinity immediately when it became available on Windows. "ow, so you are Affinity fanboy then!" I guess I am. I am loving it. Thats why I am here on Affinity forum. Meeting some Adobe fanboys. Listen sweetheart, your new girlfriend is not your ex, ok? It will never be the same. I know you miss Jenny. Maybe you should go back to her? Yeah, she was with you just for your money, but if you are happy with that... Maybe you should never try to have a new girlfriend? Because telling Lucy constantly about how good you had it with Jenny will not make things any better...
  13. I am using FastStone for years, Affinity is my main software now for work and daily I am going through hundreds of jpgs generated with it. I have never run into this.
  14. nezumi

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I tuned in in the last 5 minutes But I just re-watched whole thing. @Friksel is totally right. While Adobe is showing absolutely everything they have (which isnt much :D) and then outright lying by saying in the end "and MUCH MORE" (but there is nothing more...) Affinity actually didnt even showed all the improvements in 1.7. Person that was talking was calm, not jumping like some sort of mad orangutan, screaming all the time "isnt it AMAZING?!?!". I liked it a lot. I am much more in favor of British, calm approach to the keynote Yeah same here. I am guessing that was Publisher for iPad..? Maybe? I dont know I am not using Apple products.
  15. I just purchased Publisher for PC and StudioLink works amazingly good. I wonder - is it planned to have that sort of integration between just Designer and Photo? I have all 3 apps and I know I can go through menu to choose "edit in Photo" or "edit in Designer" but it would be crazy cool if we had that magic icons and could work between Photo and Designer the same way we can inside of Publisher. Is it planned at all?

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