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  1. Ok. I phoned Affinity in UK. There's no personal licence management for now. This functionality will come up in 2018. ;-/ N
  2. Hello. Sorry because I did not find any other thread for that but here it is. I'm a creative director and teacher in Strasbourg University. We recently bought 60 licences of both Affinity Photo & Designer. The question is that we don't have any clue about how to manage the licences for our students. It is said on your website that in 2017, it would be possible to manage and distribute licences individually to our students, but for now, I am totally unable to do that. We bought the licences, how should I deal with that for 60 students? Any idea???
  3. artnok

    Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard

    Wow. Ok. This is annoying. When Symbols can time-save your workflow, this type of repeated crashes seriously injures the process... Dunno what to think about that. I hope you could find any solution to spot the issue then fix it... - N
  4. Recurrent and random that I have. Dunno what the problem, but this is annoying. - N.
  5. artnok

    Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard

    But I really need to know where all this comes from, cause I want to keep on designing in Designer... #sad.
  6. artnok

    Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard

    I'm really in trouble with this file, because I have no option at all, the document keeps crashing on and on... Obviously, I'm going to transfer and re-design the entire thing in Photoshop which is a huge pain in the ***. Time is already over on that project, so if it consists in loosing hours then get the same result, I'm dead.
  7. I was really enjoying GuideGuide plugin with photoshop too. ;-)
  8. Firstly, just saying that 90% of my webdesign is made in Affinity Designer. But I must admit that guides editing in Photoshop is now clever and very fast. Percentage would be a plus... I think Affinity's guide editor is not as smart as it could be. It's really boring entering each value whereas it should not be that annoying.
  9. Sorry, I did not see your answer... This still happens. Unless I'm in fullscreen, Designer often switches to some other apps'screen when using tools in the upper tool / options bars. I'm running El Capitan 10.11.6 on a Macbook Pro Retina 15- 2015 with an Iris Graphics Pro.
  10. artnok

    Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard

    Hello. Thanks for you fast answer. Can I send you a Dropbox link by email? It's allready uploading on DB. - Regards, N.
  11. This is a crash I can reproduce with a file I'm working on. When I try to add (copy + paste) an artboard from another document, or even create a new artboard, Designer crashes. That means I can't work on the document anymore. - I tried to save a new version, and act differently, but this is always the same issue... - Is there a way to repair that or fight this issue? - (The file i'm working on is confidential, so I can't publicly post it there). N /
  12. This week, this happened several times: when using (randomly) some boxes such as kerning, text size (and other settings in different panels), it makes jump affinity to another app, making Designer disappearing and focusing on another window. The only solution I found is to separate Affinity on new space (mac) and to open in a full frame mode. If not, I can reproduce this really annoying bug. N.
  13. I'm very happy with the Affinity Suite (designer + photo) but... I've toooo many crashes with Affinity Photo. This is all random: while manipulating filters, liquifying, adjusting layers... I'm using El Capitan 10.11 on a 15' macbook Retina with a 1.5Go Iris Pro. - Are there any know issues? I can send you my bug logs... N.