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  1. This is a few days I have several. Currently working with Affinity Designer 1.8.4 Mac os Catalina 10.15.6 on a MBP 16' with 32Go ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 Go + Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 Mo Here are the latest crash logs I had this morning. Thx for your feedback. N. affinity-crashlog-02-09-2020.rtf
  2. +1 We absolutely need this to get rid of this shitty buggy Illustrator I'm just using as a vector shape editor, and for some vector patterns.
  3. Hi. I'm using Affinity Designer for all my identity design and as I have a lot of iterations of artboards in every document, I always need to number manually each artboard which is very time consuming. It's even more complicated to update all those numbers when you delete/add artboards to that same document. An option for an automatic numbering would be awesome. I'm always ordering my layers so that my PDF export is correct, so if I wouldn't have to rename all the artboards, wow, would be great. N.
  4. Thank you for all those Informations. I’m going to upgrade my skills in snapping accuracy :-))))
  5. I do not really agree... Even when snapping motions are well activated, if I move an artboard, I always need to re-set the position to integer values. So the question is : Do I need to set integer values each I'm moving an artboard before exporting to be sure to get a perfect 1920x1080 (and not a 1921x1080 or 1920x1081) ?
  6. Apparently, the issue is now gone, I will check again the problematic fonts. Thx again for your support, N.
  7. I need this shortcut so badly : Toggling foreground and background color (outline & background if you prefer). As well as a shortcut to unfill outline or background. This would be a huge time saver...
  8. Okay. You're right. Here are more details: I'm currently working on affinity designer 1.8.2 / Catalina OS / MBP 16' I can't copy artboards on a new document containing no artboards. When I try to paste artboards on a new document it just create an invisible copy (can just see the anchors of the artboard pasted) then it disappears with no layers visible in the layer palette. Whereas on older version, you could copy / paste any artboard to any new document which would recreate the inherited artboards. https://www.dropbox.com/s/txschzgrnrby3xv/affinity-artboards-bug.mp4?dl=0 (Sorry I had a permanent "-200" code error when trying to upload this short mp4 video) Thanks for your support.
  9. Okay... But it's really annoying triple checking all dimensions even if objects are stuck to guides and pixel perfect conception....
  10. Hi. In the latest version of Affinity Designer I am currently working with, I can't copy paste anymore existing artboards to a new document. Why does it behave like that ? This drives me crazy. Thanks for your help. N.
  11. Two crashes today... Apparently related to type search field. Here are the logs of my latest crash... N.
  12. Why is it that pathfinder behaves like that? I've already noticed some issues in previous builds. Pathfinder would behave strangely transforming sharp geometric shapes to approximative paths. Right now, with the latest version it gives me very strange results. And it is very very very annoying... Makes me re-open Illustrator for such basic things, what a pity. designer-pathfinder-issue.mov
  13. Same for me... I've opened a thread related to this issue...
  14. It does not depend on that. Sometimes, I have no recovery file at all... And by the way, it is set to 300 sec. Which is the shortest I can set. So that's not the problem in my case.
  15. I still have some crashes that do not recover properly. In previous versions, documents were fully recovered whereas my new documents are partially recovered... This means a big loss of informations each time Designer crashes. Is there something I can do about that?
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