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  1. Wowo.... What is that???? I've just opened a layered psd mockup file in Affinity Designer and I'm facing a Dynamic Perspective layer setting. I'm unable to recreate such an adjustment layer, so I just wonder where it comes from? And moreover, if it works inside of affinity designer, why is it that one can't create one? We all need that as a basic tool! dynamic-perspective-adjustment-layer.mov
  2. Fore sure, this will help me to live with it until there's a fix! Thx for your time and tests. Best regards, N.
  3. So what should be the good preset under Performance Tab? Metal? For now, OpenGL was automatically selected.
  4. It's simple : I'm moving from page to page inside Publisher. At the beginning of the video I'm in Designer (inside Publisher) in outline mode to show you the shapes on the artboards. This X-Ray view is very clear about the different vector shapes in the document. - Then, I'm switching from Designer space to Publisher space and I'm moving from page to page to show the content in a "regular" view. You can then see that if you move from page A to page B, and if you try to select objects on page B, Publisher displays ghost content from page A. This happens everytime, unless you've previously clicked on the page itself, so Publisher knows immediately what page you're working on. I can reproduce this everytime in any situation. Which leads to a bad behavior of the app that should know what page you're working on, or which content depends to which page. That's a crazy issue. - Worse than that, in previous versions, I was not able to select and play with the ghost content. Whereas in this version, I'm able, not only to select the ghosted content, but also to make it pop on the wrong page, if I click and drag it (what is shown on the video). - Here is a new upload, even if, apparently, everyone can see this content on youtube. publisher-ghost-content-low.mov
  5. I'm using Basic Select (V) tool. My version of OS X is Big Sur 11.6. On a MBP 16'. Here is a short video of this display issue. select-zoom-tool-issue.mov
  6. I've updated Designer to its latest version. I have a little annoying bug with the select tool. It keeps displaying the zoom tool whereas the zoom tool is not selected... I didn't have that issue before... N.
  7. I'm a big big fan of Affinity Publisher. This software is just a big workflow accelerator in my daily work. But sometimes, some annoying bugs are polluting my concentration ;). One of the most annoying bug is a certain type of Ghost graphics that, when moving from page to page, displays bad graphic informations. With previous versions, I was unable to select ghost graphics but now, I can make them appear whereas they don't exist on the page. So that's weeeeeeird and it messes everything up. Here is a video of this weird behavior. https://youtu.be/dlztWH2X4hQ I uploaded it on youtube because I could not be able to attach it to the message... Thx for your feedback. N.
  8. Today I had several problems with a file which contained objects shadowed using FXs. My file is in a CMYK workspace. I exported it as a PDF using the same FOGRA 39 workspace. The PDF wasn't good as the transparent shadows underneath the products where replaced by a shadow with no transparency on a solid white background. - I already had the same problem, but I can't reproduce it. Do someone has an idea about what can cause this type of issues? And how to avoid it? - Thx.
  9. I must precise, alt key perfectly work to increase or decrease brush size added to control key. So weird...
  10. Don't know what's happening, the option/alt key on my mac stopped to work in Affinity Designer. I can't duplicate objects or artboards... I restarted my computer, works fine on illustrator, photoshop and any other program. Affinity does not recognize my alt key anymore. Any idea??? Thanks a lot for your feedback. N.
  11. I admit I did not read the full 4 pages... As I saw posts like: "how such a dumb feature is not implemented to affinity designer" - blablabla - So ok, this is not possible. The topic is about knowing if it is possible or not. And it's not. Even if - it's true - this a dumb basic feature that should have enabled for a while...
  12. Yup... The question is : would it be possible to take benefit of this layer separation in INDD ?
  13. My bad! That's true! Okay then, where can I change the color of guides, regular or not????
  14. I can see the different types of layers in the option box while importing. But Indesign won't open separate layers. It seems that everything is rasterized with no options to edit the different contents. Vector shapes don't show up and text can't be edited.
  15. Sorry but even with non regular guides, I'm not able to change colors. The color picker does not work... color-guides-issue.mov
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