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  1. I don't understand why a tool which is working both in Photo and Designer is not available in both softwares. That makes no sense at all... There's a big lack of vector editing possibilities in Designer... At least, this should be a basic feature.
  2. This is happening for the third times in 10 days. I was working on a big file with multiple artboards. Designer crashed and when re-oppening the file, it has replaced every color with an automatic black and white. I mean that every object is filled with white color and with a black outline, even pictures... Files are not totally lost, but the saved version is a total mess with a lot of work to do to restore it to its normal aspect. Exploring the saved crashed file, it appears that original masks are converted into very big layers made of solid white. It's very annoying. Have some of you already experienced this type of bug? N.
  3. Wowo.... What is that???? I've just opened a layered psd mockup file in Affinity Designer and I'm facing a Dynamic Perspective layer setting. I'm unable to recreate such an adjustment layer, so I just wonder where it comes from? And moreover, if it works inside of affinity designer, why is it that one can't create one? We all need that as a basic tool! dynamic-perspective-adjustment-layer.mov
  4. I'm using Basic Select (V) tool. My version of OS X is Big Sur 11.6. On a MBP 16'. Here is a short video of this display issue. select-zoom-tool-issue.mov
  5. I've updated Designer to its latest version. I have a little annoying bug with the select tool. It keeps displaying the zoom tool whereas the zoom tool is not selected... I didn't have that issue before... N.
  6. Today I had several problems with a file which contained objects shadowed using FXs. My file is in a CMYK workspace. I exported it as a PDF using the same FOGRA 39 workspace. The PDF wasn't good as the transparent shadows underneath the products where replaced by a shadow with no transparency on a solid white background. - I already had the same problem, but I can't reproduce it. Do someone has an idea about what can cause this type of issues? And how to avoid it? - Thx.
  7. I must precise, alt key perfectly work to increase or decrease brush size added to control key. So weird...
  8. Don't know what's happening, the option/alt key on my mac stopped to work in Affinity Designer. I can't duplicate objects or artboards... I restarted my computer, works fine on illustrator, photoshop and any other program. Affinity does not recognize my alt key anymore. Any idea??? Thanks a lot for your feedback. N.
  9. I admit I did not read the full 4 pages... As I saw posts like: "how such a dumb feature is not implemented to affinity designer" - blablabla - So ok, this is not possible. The topic is about knowing if it is possible or not. And it's not. Even if - it's true - this a dumb basic feature that should have enabled for a while...
  10. Yup... The question is : would it be possible to take benefit of this layer separation in INDD ?
  11. My bad! That's true! Okay then, where can I change the color of guides, regular or not????
  12. I can see the different types of layers in the option box while importing. But Indesign won't open separate layers. It seems that everything is rasterized with no options to edit the different contents. Vector shapes don't show up and text can't be edited.
  13. Sorry but even with non regular guides, I'm not able to change colors. The color picker does not work... color-guides-issue.mov
  14. I'm trying to figure out if there's any solution to export some layered PDFs from Affinity Publisher to Indd. Has someone already succeeded in exporting such a file?
  15. Hi, I've just found a strange way to integrate placeholders into Affinity Designer. I was working on Affinity Publisher on a catalogue document. I wanted to iterate layouts on Designer. So I pasted some placeholders from Publisher to Designer. I was very amused and surprised to see that those placeholders were functional in Designer... Worked like a charm. And they are much more convenient to move content around and use different solutions for layouts as they keep the good ratio for all pictures included in the placeholders. So here is my question, why not integrating them as permanent tools in Affinity Designer? Is there a potential issue I'm not aware about yet in Designer? I hope this was clear enough... Hope so ;)))
  16. In Photoshop, there's such a convenient option for renaming layers: When you've double-clicked on a layer to rename it, you can simply use your tab key to jump from one layer to another and rename without any other command. Easy and fast.
  17. Hey'lo. I just read this topic and I totally agree with you. There should be an automatic routine that would with an incremental and easy naming. In adobe XD it behaves like that, and it's much more convenient when using multiple artboards, specifically w/ social media artworks. Is this functionality part of some next smart moves?
  18. Hi. This is a topic I wanted to post here for a while. I don't know why, some grouping issues occur sometimes: • When I'm grouping several objects, sometimes, the group goes crazy and the final selection is biiiiiiiigger than the selected zone. • Sometimes, the group I created totally disappears for no reasons • Another problem is that permanent one: It's been impossible to group a text box with other objects without being annoyed by a resize of the text size (in the text box). See attached video. Thanks for any lighting about those issues... N. affinity-grouping-issue_1.mp4
  19. Hi. Nope, I'm using Catalina with its original clipboard features. I've never had such crashes with any other softwares. I restarted my computer, and Affinity too. The problem is not occuring each time I'm trying to paste an artboard. The problem just happened trying to past an artboard as a graphic element in Keynote. This worked fine, but not now.
  20. Hello. Since 1.9.0 I have fatal crashes of the app when I'm trying to copy and past an artboard to another document (within affinity designer or / to photoshop. Am I alone with this type of crash ? I'm running Catalina on a MBP 16' with 32 Go Ram and AMD 5500. Thx for your feedback.
  21. This is a few days I have several. Currently working with Affinity Designer 1.8.4 Mac os Catalina 10.15.6 on a MBP 16' with 32Go ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 Go + Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 Mo Here are the latest crash logs I had this morning. Thx for your feedback. N. affinity-crashlog-02-09-2020.rtf
  22. +1 We absolutely need this to get rid of this shitty buggy Illustrator I'm just using as a vector shape editor, and for some vector patterns.
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