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  1. manu schwendener

    Tools not working on all photos

    As far as I know if you only want to see one person what you write, you have to click on that person's name and send a message via their profile. But if you reply in a thread, it makes sense that all people following (or finding) that thread see your post. And yes, your reply goes to the bottom, so it helps if you include what exactly you're replying to; for example by using the 'Quote' button or just copy & paste. PS about the forum: if you get stuck with another AffinityPhoto tool you might want to post in 'Questions' instead of 'Resources'. Full list of subforums: https://forum.affinity.serif.com.
  2. manu schwendener

    Tools not working on all photos

    Good to hear that you got it to work.
  3. manu schwendener

    Tools not working on all photos

    > I can see that the tool selects the area which I want to work on So the area _does_get a red overlay before you release the mouse button? Check the value for opacity? (edit: See screenshot) If that's not helping, maybe start with another of your own pictures: easy candidates are twigs in a blue sky, or bright spots on an otherwise dark background (just to get it to work).
  4. manu schwendener

    Tools not working on all photos

    Or, if you're not using layers on purpose yet (some actions create a new layer on their own): make sure your background layer is activated to get the inpainting tool to work (see screenshot). If that's not working either, try the inpainting tool as the _first_ step after opening a photo in AffinityPhoto. PS: I use that tool a lot. When I get a result I like, but am not finished yet, I go to the navigation on the top and select 'Document – Add Snapshot'. Then I continue cleaning up my photo; if the next inpainting action doesn't give the result I want I can go back with 'Document – Restore Snapshot'.
  5. I agree, the export values should also be remembered. Just some minutes ago I thought I would not use AP any longer if it wasn't for the amazing inpaint brush tool. Having to manually set the same values for every single photo just makes no sense.
  6. > The request is to undo the crop to the latest crop's grid position (for further adjustements), rather than to the begining of the whole crop process. This would still be very practical for me.
  7. manu schwendener

    Call for Camera Images

  8. manu schwendener

    Call for Camera Images

    > If you would like to contribute Should what's _on_ the pictures also be as diverse as possible? Or do only the technical aspects matter? Edit: Answered 2.2.2018 by Mark:
  9. manu schwendener

    Call for Camera Images

    @Mark Ingram By asking us you know that you're working with photos from people who really use AP – I think that's a plus. How is it looking? I could switch my camera from jpeg to jpeg&raw, if that would still help.
  10. manu schwendener

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    Macro column is visible when I first open this Beta. That may be on purpose. To hide it again View -> Studio -> uncheck Macro
  11. manu schwendener

    Bug: display of adjustment tab not as it should be

    If I'm the only one getting this, that's fine :-)