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  1. manu schwendener

    Crop: how do I save custom ratios?

    > logged to be looked at Thank you :-)
  2. manu schwendener

    Crop tool additional history step (6374/12902)

    > checking with the dev team thank you
  3. manu schwendener

    Crop: how do I save custom ratios?

    Yes this is an issue for me. Not allowing me to save my own custom ratios is quite a big step back from what I can do in Affinity Photo 1.6.7.
  4. Solved: reordering the categories is possible in Beta
  5. manu schwendener

    Crop: how do I save custom ratios?

    Thank you MEB, that brings me a step further. What I could do within the cog wheel: - make new category - drag my category from last to first (yaay!) - drag some of the listed Common ratios into my category What I also need to be able to do: - custom crop in a ratio that isn't listed under Common ratios, for example 1:2 - save this ration in my category
  6. I'd still like 6374 / 12902 to be solved.
  7. Hi Maybe I just don't see it: how can I save custom ratios in the crop tool now? ( In 1.6.7 I use Mode -> Custom ratio -> Set preset
  8. This was fixed, but now it's back (see thread 8799). I have a photo in portrait dimensions (= height > width), I click on 1:1 -> the crop happens within the photo, as it should. I have a photo in landscape dimensions (= width > height), I click on 1:1 -> the crop happens around the photo, adding empty space within the crop. Please fix again.
  9. manu schwendener

    Still no sticky settings ?

    > Still no sticky settings? Three years and counting.
  10. manu schwendener

    Crop tool

    > We've changed the Crop Tool so that it adds the transparent background Please let me go back to the darker / not transparent background like it is in 1.6.7. * . For me, all the background around the photo needs to be darker than the photo itself. * For exampte via Preferences - User Interface
  11. manu schwendener

    Snapping Stays ON

    Works as expected for me,
  12. manu schwendener

    Inpainting Tool not working?

    Hello curtds When you have the pixel layer selected and try to use the inpainting tool, do you see the red marking where you want to inpaint? If yes, maybe the transparency is set too low (I always have it on 100% for inpainting). If the red marking doesn't appear: can you close the photo and open it again and use inpainting as the first step? If both aren't helping: would you post a screenshot of the Layers panel?
  13. manu schwendener

    Tools not working on all photos

    As far as I know if you only want to see one person what you write, you have to click on that person's name and send a message via their profile. But if you reply in a thread, it makes sense that all people following (or finding) that thread see your post. And yes, your reply goes to the bottom, so it helps if you include what exactly you're replying to; for example by using the 'Quote' button or just copy & paste. PS about the forum: if you get stuck with another AffinityPhoto tool you might want to post in 'Questions' instead of 'Resources'. Full list of subforums: https://forum.affinity.serif.com.