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  1. Oooh, I see a promising development in Beta! 1. I crop 2. I click the crop icon again - this lets me move the crop area around the original photo, but keeps the lines of my first crop discreetly visible 3. When I press enter the second crop gets applied and the discreet lines of the first crop disappear 4. Cmd&z goes back crop by crop = I jump from 3. back to 1. For this to be perfect, cmd&z would behave like this: – I'm at step 3 = I have done my second crop – cmd&z only undoes my last action , which was pressing enter. Result: - my last crop is undone - I see the thin lines of my first crop again - I see the original photo to move around in - I see the highlighted crop area of my second crop, which I can drag around again to get a better version of the crop = cmd&z brings me back from 3. to 2., not from 3. to 1. This would also solve my original wish: – After I made the first crop, cmd&z should not show me the original, untouched photo again: it should only undo the last step, which was the cropping. I'd like to see the original photo with my first selection of the crop area highlighted. = undo the cropping, but not the selection of the crop area. Thank you for working on this.
  2. This should not be in the thread archive, as it is not fixed yet. Do I need to start a new thread in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/19-photo-beta-on-mac/ that links here?
  3. Thank you, MEB (Beta 1.8. not public yet, as far as I see, so I can't go test myself.)
  4. "Sorry this regressed with 1.7 - we'll get it fixed this week." Glad to hear ;P
  5. > solved ... by clicking the crop tool icon again after having cropped. Reveal needs to be checked. This feature has disappeared again in  (I jumped from 111 to 120, so don't know about earlier updates).
  6. This is solved with Beta! Not via cmd+z, but by clicking the crop tool icon again after having cropped. Reveal needs to be checked. Thank you for adding this.
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