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  1. Thank you, MEB (Beta 1.8. not public yet, as far as I see, so I can't go test myself.)
  2. > bump Yes please ;P
  3. "Sorry this regressed with 1.7 - we'll get it fixed this week." Glad to hear ;P
  4. Very happy with the sticky settings for cropping, though :-)
  5. manu schwendener

    Photo 1.7 Request

    > make the ... ratio sticky Yes, please.
  6. > solved ... by clicking the crop tool icon again after having cropped. Reveal needs to be checked. This feature has disappeared again in  (I jumped from 111 to 120, so don't know about earlier updates).
  7. This is solved with Beta! Not via cmd+z, but by clicking the crop tool icon again after having cropped. Reveal needs to be checked. Thank you for adding this.
  8. manu schwendener

    Sticky settings for the crop tool [AP Mac]

    Fixed in Beta 8)
  9. manu schwendener

    Red Eye Removal

    > now working perfectly! glad to hear.
  10. manu schwendener

    Red Eye Removal

    > It works on some images but not on others It depends on the intensity of the red. To see what I mean, download https://unsplash.com/photos/ijyd3Uz6ncY, open it in AP and activate the red eye tool. Now click into the red capes one after one, just one click per cape. You see that some of the capes turn grey after one click, others don't. Now go click on the capes again, multiple times. I get most of the red away like that. --- And yes, it would be super practical if that worked for other colours than red, too.
  11. manu schwendener

    Red Eye Removal

    > What is the trick to using it? - there needs to be a red patch somewhere on your photo - select the tool - click into the red patch
  12. Solved: reordering the categories is possible in Beta

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