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  1. Am I missing something, or is there no field for inserting the section number in Publisher (or at least the first page of the section as a workaround)?
  2. Sometimes (after moving and grouping of objects) the rotation axis gets lost. Especially if you select multiple objects. It jumps to some place outside the document and can't be moved back. If copy/paste it in AD, move the axis and go back to AP nothing changes.
  3. I don't... (since I don't need to, since I store no actual data on my computer). For Affinity I made two backups... The physical folders (library), and a manual export (assets, colors etc). Unfortunately, the folders were the wrong ones. So I took the manual export. Now I see that I forgot the export templates. Imo this is a big pain in Affinity. There should be an export function to save ALL customization data with one click.
  4. Yes, but I forgot these... I'm not sure what you mean. The main problem are the color settings. Had massive problems there but figured out the right settings (via trial and error). Took me hours. How can I display those?
  5. There are so many really good (even better) Alternatives to Adobe Video Products. I prefer if Serif continues to focus on the existing products. There is much room from improvement
  6. I got a new Mac and I forgot to transfer the export templates of Affinity Designer. Existing files are exported correctly, but the fields are displayed empty in Export Persona. It's crucial for me (especially for print), that the settings are exactly the same. But the old PC is gone. How can I save the templates again or at least display the settings I made that are saved within the files obviously? -thx
  7. No the sync is not the issue... Okay it is ALSO the issue... But he doesn't seem to find the settings of Affinity (i made them manually)
  8. Not "a lot like"... It is exactly like that! Homebrew is a package manager like APT, RPM or DNF I'm using Mackup unfortunately it doesn't work with Affinity on my M2 Mac (although it is officially supported).
  9. About 10 Minutes, and I can do other stuff in parallel... How long would you take to download and install about 40 applications?
  10. I have one script that installs my software... I copy/paste it into a terminal window and at the end I have installed (almost) everything. And for Affinity this may be trivial but there is software (especially nerd stuff for programming) that has a lot of dependencies. If you want to run application A you first need extension B, for extension B you first need the libraries X, Y and Z and so on... If you are using a package manager you don't have to think about that. Also the software is easy removed without residues and I can update (almost) every piece of software on my computer with just one command Summary: Easy install Easy uninstall Easy update No worries about dependencies
  11. A package Manager >IS< a normal method of installing software. it makes you life soooo much easier (normally). I can install all the software I need on a new mac within minutes.
  12. Is there any other way to export and import everything (settings, assets etc)?
  13. Hmmm... I'm using Homebrew... Can't find the settings here...
  14. Since there is still no export/sync option: Is there any HowTo about moving everything to a news Computer (in my Case Mac)? All settings, assets, shortcuts etc... thanks
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