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  1. Thanks Dan, I got them downloaded! Ann
  2. Yes, its the same email address used for both.
  3. Thanks Dan, but when I click on the "Claim your brushes..." part nothing happens.
  4. I have the released version and I can't find them, where are they?
  5. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have planned! The "summary" doesn't have to be detailed to be effective, the video is detailed. Something like On1 Photo Raw has done with what they call "Looks" You can see it on their blog and consists of a short (under 5 minutes) video and a downloaded cheat sheet( they call them recipes), most are 1 to 2 pages and briefly list the steps. The video, PDF and practice photo can be downloaded for practicing.
  6. Thanks! This will be so helpful, I find written tutorials are much easier to follow and it's faster to find the information I'm looking for. Any possibility that you'll add a brief written summary to your Little Box of Tricks course? Even a trick at a time would be useful. I find the steps written with arrows between the steps are usually all I need to clarify. You should charge for these though, maybe a download from your website? Thank you again, this makes Affinity far more accessible! Ann
  7. Which can be very entertaining, usually unintentionally!
  8. I think video tutorials are actually more audio than you might think.
  9. Yes Simon, I have the PDF. I think that the basics are covered well, the huge gap for me is between the very basic information and more advanced techniques and their application. I realize more advanced is a vague term but beyond the basics its hard to find tutorials that aren't more confusing than helpful. And they're pretty much all video. I have begun to think that AffinityPhoto is mainly geared toward those who have a lot of photoshop experience but for whatever reason want to get away from Adobe. I can see the tutorials working well for those people.
  10. Been there. It would be a big help if all the tutorials weren't video, I find it's the most difficult way to learn. Other programs have many written-often with still pictures-tutorials that clearly show the steps in the process. An example would be what Rick Peterson does with Photoshop Elements tutorials on his website. He does do the video but underneath has it written out. Topaz does a lot of written ones as well.
  11. Len, like you I find learning AP a struggle, and no doubt partly due to my own "divergent" learning style but also I think because of available learning materials. I'd be very interested in your ideas(and have a few of my own). Ann
  12. AnnH

    SibStock -- free high resolution textures

    Thanks! I didn't realize I had to wait for the timer to run down. Great textures, thanks so much for making them available!
  13. AnnH

    SibStock -- free high resolution textures

    They look great but how do you download them? If I click on either of the links on your site I get to a strange page that wants me to buy somethin to make it download faster. If I click on the slow download time it takes me to another page wanting me to buy something else.
  14. To use the coupon (Thank you!!) I found you have to click on the blue "Have a coupon?" that's on the page you get when you click the link Simon gave in his post above. If you put it in your cart, go to check out and add it on that page Udemy has already put in their own coupon code and the one given here won't work. The course looks great and it's a great idea to have the reference separate.
  15. Thanks, I looked but couldn't find the reset button, right clicking and choosing rasterize worked and turned it right side up! Ann

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