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  1. I want to just add another request for this. This really shouldn't be an issue the users have to deal with.
  2. When I create a new document or open an existing one Photo sizes it to my screen. If the image is lower resolution than my screen it effectively zooms in. Is there was way to have Photo only scale the image down to fit in the window and not scale it up? I find myself always having to press CTRL+1 whenever creating or opening an document which is just annoying. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. Nevermind...stupid moment on my part! I was looking in the beta, not the released version.
  4. I keep reading that the insky brushes were supposed to be available in AFPhoto on the welcome screen. I don't see that. Is there another place I can get them?
  5. In the latest release, when creating a procedural, what you type in the equations field doesn't stay. For example: Open up an image Open up the procedural texture filter You should have no equation lines yet Click on the + to create a new equation line. It will just show a 0 in the field now. Change that 0 to x and hit enter or tab. Notice how the display goes back to 0 but the filter actually took effect? If you click back in the field it will show what the equation actually is (in this case just x). If you create another equation line by clicking the + butto
  6. That is what I was doing wrong! I must have had a pixel layer selected 'by mistake' when it worked. Thank you very much for clearing that up!
  7. Just a clarification for us PC users. Instead of hitting the delete key, hit the backspace key or you will delete the whole layer. That is what happens on my system anyway. They might want to fix this.
  8. I'd like to make some suggestions for making the creation and use of the procedural texture filter a lot easier. Allow the formula to be created in a text area, not just a single line. Making this area collapsible would be great so you could hide it if desired Instead of having to use the RGBA buttons to target a channel, just make those global variables. Then from any equation, if you set R = some value, it would affect the red channel. Documentation There really needs to be more documentation. Not just a list of functions but what those functions d
  9. Forgive me if this has already been answered. I looked but couldn't find the answer. Is it possible to do a tileable fill with Affinity Photo? I've seen references to doing it in designer but not photo. I did a bitmap fill using the gradient tool but it doesn't tile the bitmap, it just extends the edges which is not very useful (for me anyway). Thanks
  10. In the docs for the procedural texture filter there are lines like this: mapcui(T v, T edge0, T edge1) perlin(S x, I octaves, S persistence) What do the S and T and V's mean. I'm guessing V is for vector. What are the others?
  11. Just realized something...the performance problem only happens when dragging the size handle in the bottom right. If I drag any of the other corners it works fine. Strange.
  12. It seems the performance in the newest beta is still messed up. See the movie I attached. All I did was create a new document, float the window, then drag t he window size handle around. This doesn't happen in the production version. My computer is a windows 10 machine running an i5 processor and 2 GB NVidia card. Nothing to brag about but totally sufficient for Affinity. Matt 0001-0213.mp4
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