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  1. You do not mention this issue being fixed but it is now in version 1.8. Thank you. Now I can use it on my laptop on the go. 😀
  2. Blend tool blend tool blend tool please please please we have been waiting on this since the beginning!
  3. This is what I did eventually. Thanks for all other suggestions for layer cropping and etc. this is rather more of a designer approach that I did not think about since this is a pixel editor
  4. I cannot see how to crop an image inside the whole document. I have 3 layers (images) and want to crop the boundaries of one of the 3. I see resize canvas and the crop tool want to crop the whole document but I do not see a single tool to work on a single layer.
  5. This is still an issue in 1.7.2 of both Photo and Designer. I have not tested Publisher yet but if it uses metal I suspect it is an issue there too. Please figure out this bug.
  6. I would really love to see new tools, like the one in Illustrator- blend, shape creator, many different distortion tools like width tool, bloat tool and etc.
  7. This is still an issue in the latest release of 1.7.1 in both Photo and Designer.
  8. Any update on this? Metal still lags and keep using GPU while I am not doing nothing.
  9. no different than 1.6.1 see attached video was done with Designer beta and Metal. beta gpu test.mov
  10. By the way I just tested Photo and it does the same thing. I guess I am staying away for now from Metal until fixed.
  11. Guys, There is something totally weird and wrong with Metal engine. I am using 1.6.1 Mac Designer. Metal holds hostage the GPU for way longer and way higher than OpenGL. See on the video what is happening. My MacBook Pro 2015 is heating up big time when using metal.And this example is very simple as you can see- just zooming and panning 2 elements. My logo designs are almost max GPU all the time on idle. Metal vs OPENGL.mov
  12. I would like to get "limit file size to" option on batch process like in Lightroom. Also integrating a batch export option in Finder menu would be also very good. Workflow would be I will select the files in finder, right click and choose the batch preset.
  13. I am not allowed for some reason to add issues on the Mac side so I will add it here. Every time I try to use field blur it never finish. It just keeps cycling the progress bar from start to end and over and over again. Please fix.... field blur.mov
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