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  1. Will there be a blend feature? I need this badly....
  2. Bonev

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    When can we expect photo update in the App Store?
  3. When do we expect the final version in the App Store?
  4. I would like to get "limit file size to" option on batch process like in Lightroom. Also integrating a batch export option in Finder menu would be also very good. Workflow would be I will select the files in finder, right click and choose the batch preset.
  5. I am not allowed for some reason to add issues on the Mac side so I will add it here. Every time I try to use field blur it never finish. It just keeps cycling the progress bar from start to end and over and over again. Please fix.... field blur.mov
  6. Perspective tool measure tool Graph tool spray tool shape builder tool width tool warp tool twirl tool bloat tool scallop tool crystalize tool wrinkle tool live paint bucket turn guides on and off individually like objects and be able to put them in their own layer