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  1. The issue with overusing the GPU persists when Metal is used. That does not happen with OpenGL.
  2. no different than 1.6.1 see attached video was done with Designer beta and Metal. beta gpu test.mov
  3. By the way I just tested Photo and it does the same thing. I guess I am staying away for now from Metal until fixed.
  4. Guys, There is something totally weird and wrong with Metal engine. I am using 1.6.1 Mac Designer. Metal holds hostage the GPU for way longer and way higher than OpenGL. See on the video what is happening. My MacBook Pro 2015 is heating up big time when using metal.And this example is very simple as you can see- just zooming and panning 2 elements. My logo designs are almost max GPU all the time on idle. Metal vs OPENGL.mov
  5. I have no issue with betas (not using it at all, and if I have to use it I am fine too) but I question the reasoning behind not releasing the version to the public and keep fixing the issues. The software will never be perfect so in your logic it will never be released. Your current one 1.6.1 that I use have issue so why did you released it?! (Your stones to your head...). What I am asking is to maybe segment your development in shorter periods and releasing more versions over period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I like your software a lot even though it is missing a lot. I still prefer moving away from adobe ;) which I also have and will have until it starts on my Mac.
  6. let's not bog down to what and where. The fact is we are a year from any updates to the current stable version. It is really strange to have a beta and apparently people are fine using it but this is not ok in my opinion. The beta apparently can go on and on for another 3 months ...
  7. Check again... On the apple store Designer is version 1.6.1 and this is 11 months old.
  8. Guys, do we have to stay in beta for more than a year or you will release a final version of 1.7?!?
  9. Will there be a blend feature? I need this badly....
  10. Bonev

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    When can we expect photo update in the App Store?
  11. When do we expect the final version in the App Store?
  12. I would like to get "limit file size to" option on batch process like in Lightroom. Also integrating a batch export option in Finder menu would be also very good. Workflow would be I will select the files in finder, right click and choose the batch preset.
  13. I am not allowed for some reason to add issues on the Mac side so I will add it here. Every time I try to use field blur it never finish. It just keeps cycling the progress bar from start to end and over and over again. Please fix.... field blur.mov
  14. Perspective tool measure tool Graph tool spray tool shape builder tool width tool warp tool twirl tool bloat tool scallop tool crystalize tool wrinkle tool live paint bucket turn guides on and off individually like objects and be able to put them in their own layer