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  1. Oh my God, give me the opportunity to make a plugin and I will do it in 1 day. There's nothing more pathetic than an excuse
  2. This is a basic thing. It's like having an office but not being able to make the text Bold. I have tried many vector editors and all have the ability to blend. Would everyone do it if it wasn't necessary?
  3. Plugins would solve the problem with the Blend Tool, which can't be added many years later.
  4. It's a shame to see, that every new update is a disappointment. Developers add less important functions, ignoring the most important ones, such as the Blend Tool.
  5. In my opinion, Jesus will come down to us faster, than the AD will add Blend Tool
  6. I am writing to you from the future. It's 2045, and Affinity Designer still doesn't have a Blend Tool.
  7. To be honest, I do not believe that the Blend Tool will be added. It's been 3 years since we asked for it.
  8. Yes, I'm also waiting for blend tool, because without it the transition to AD is simply impossible.
  9. Absolutely all my friends designers would like to use AD, and Blend Tool does not allow to do this. Initially, we did not even believe that such a powerful program lacks the most standard tool. If it was possible do this to with a plug-in, it would be wonderful.
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