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  1. i ' m already waiting a few years for hebrew support. please support it asap.
  2. Thanks for the reply. but it's a bit difficult for me to understand exactly how to get done your work-around (SHIFT + ENTER?). can you please upload a screen recording how you do this in Affinity? Thanks in advance.
  3. When I identified that there is no RTL support in affinity, I had exactly the same feeling... RTL support is not a + feature, its simply "broken' without this support... When a program is cutting out half a world from their programs, Its not possible to get really popular.
  4. Thats a bad solution, especially in APublisher. a new "enter" after avery single line?!... and when i want to change the point size of the text, i should"backspace' all my "enter"s?!... There is one solution: Adding RTL support! And to open the way for new hundreds of thousands of graphic designers to join the program.
  5. Most of this effects can be done in APhoto very easely. But i agree, adding to Affinity something like the PhotoLab from DrawPlus that was a very easy tool to add and to switch easily from one effect to another, would be great. 1 big +
  6. 1+ for both: Smoothing tool and Roughen tool... Both are important for a vector application.
  7. 1+, more Line/corner styles will be great. (But of course there are many things that are more consumed)
  8. In Design also supports RTL. Indd is my publishing tool right now, till Affinity will add RTL support.
  9. This all kinds of programs and sites works only for one line of text, not for a big paragraph (The lines gets reversed - see image below). Does anyone have some idea how to use RTL in Designer/Publisher/Photo? (my trial for Designer ends soon, i'm very impressed from affinity, but RTL work is on my daily bases... i'm so disappointed, i can't buy the affinity apps (probably all 3) if i can't work with them , i need some workaround. Thanks in advance!)
  10. it's a shame! They are losing lots of customers who wants to join Affinity (including me - until they'll add it) (take a small search in the forums, and you will see that there is a new request for RTL support every bit of time)
  11. 100+ for supporting RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew. your apps are great, but i can't purchase Affinity without this features.
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