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  1. - Envelope tool? - Perspective tool? - Blend Tool? - Knife tool? WTF? is this supposed to be THE Adobe Illustrator main competitor (and alternative) right???!!! It seems now a looooooong road map!... ...July 2019
  2. If you prefer to create another object and then cut or divide that's fine. But some of us like it more fast when in basic geometry: Just chose the knife tool and cut (Straight or freehand). Simple and fast! And really freehand if using a tablet... Sure, for a more complex geometry cut, better use a division operation for example. Also, agree with Glicky, eraser tool is also nice to have! (specially when using a tablet)
  3. ...about type upper case, it has already... About the guides and corel, yes. True. Better and more than illustrator. ...but not as much as old FreeHand. Affinity should learn from that.
  4. Yes. I don't understand this monster fault. A design program without a knife tool???! WTF?! Road map?!... It should have been implemented since version Alfa. ...because Beta is already stupid! And at the moment we're far ahead in the alphabet: (
  5. Affinity should make it more simple: select and just hit delete key! (already made this request)
  6. The possibility to change anytime to the pointer tool only pressing command. And only staying in the tool as long as the command key is being pressed. (Like in Illustrator and old FreeHand) Also, if possible, the possibility to alternate by pressing for example alt key to switch between select by case sensitive next objects. Basically, a shortcut to this preference option: (Select object when intersects with selection marquee).
  7. - The possibility to rotate and delete the guides directly from the art board by click and delete. (at the moment i can only deleat a guide if i drag it out from the art board, and this is annoying!). Also, if not asking too much, convert a draw object into a guide. (like old FreeHand used to do...) - The possibility to change type case (Lower / upper). - Perspective distortion tool!

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