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  1. ...First thing I used to do when I'm designing a new logo for example (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) is to create a big artboard and then draw multiple ideas along it. Now imagine, every time I need to delete a guide, I must zoom out, and drag the guide outside of the artboard!? ...or, find it in guides manager window (In which btw, the desired guide is not even highlighted. We must move it to know which one we need to delete). Why we cannot just use the DELETE key directly in the artboard?! Another useful thing, is the option to convert a vector to a guide...
  2. ...First thing I used to do when I'm designing a logo for example (and I'm sure I'm not alone) is to create a big artboard and then draw multiple ideas along it. Now imagine, every time I need to delete a guide, I must zoom out, and drag the guide outside the artboard. ...or, find it in guides manager window. How stupid is this?! Another useful thing, is the option to convert a vector to a guide... But I think this will be asking too much.
  3. XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) is a must for professional RAW editing in Affinity Photo! Urgent! ....Every time we need to RE-develop the same photo we need to do it all over again???! This is not professional at all! The Editing profile file should be placed in the same folder as the original RAW, every time we develop a photo. We should even have an option (like in photoshop) to only save the XMP without develop it. ...for later, without losing time. Because, by the way, Affinity photo is slow in this process compared to photoshop camera raw editor.
  4. yeah... ...knife tool and no links for images... (blend... bla bla bla) Fortunately my company subscribes adobe CC and I'm using Illustrator at home (...2 computers+1) I've already gave up from Affinity. Sometimes I think that serif is an Adobe company, wich they only use to show the people that they are the real deal. Because this kind of things are unbelievable.
  5. Yes i Know, but that's not professional and most of all: You cannot cut multiple objects in groups! (like in illustrator) For example, use the American flag and try to cut IMMEDIATELY IN ONE SINGLE CUT some stars and stripes!
  6. Hello, ...yes, i’m just another guy asking for features… But i’m just trying to help to make AD better. Please consider to implement asap this tools in Designer because: - Knife tool: It’s not possible to cut groups in a fast way. (yes we can perform compound operations but only on one object at a time...) - Links: It’s a must for all the designers since most of the time we work with images in low resolution (to be fast and light) and for the final work we replace the pictures in the link folder for Hi resolution ones. - Roughen effect on a VECTORIAL line (Smith, hard, regular, irregular). this is soo needed!!! (Also, if possible, (like in old FreeHand: Fisheye, fractalize…) - Blend tool……. (Waited and promissed for so long) - 3D perspective. (Yes we have now the isometric grid, but as it says, it’s isometric, doesn’t have perspective). And related: - VECTORIAL “envelop” distortions. (at least, if we already had this tool, we could import a 3D grid (from a 3D software, blender for example) and adjust the perspective... - Option to remove one guide directly hitting the delete key because: We designers like to use big artboards and lots of sketches inside the artboard. It’s not practical to zoom out every time we want to remove a guide!… And, if not asking too much, the possibility to create a guide after a vectorial object (Like FreeHand used to do). And, the possibility to lean the guides (like in corel). Thanks! Please, let's make this software a really alternative to illustrator! Because at the moment it’s not. I still need illustrator to perform this tasks above. Thank you for your time, Best regards, Jorge
  7. This is indeed a must have tool! (like blend... also asked). And like the road map shows, long time ago!
  8. Hello everybody! ...Just wrote to Affinity about this topic: "Good morning,I’m writing because i have a big important suggestion to ask:XMP (Side car non destructive editing profile )is a must have for professional RAW editing!!!!Yes, i also want to move out of Adobe claws, but this way is difficult!Small details is what really distinguish pros from amateurs...Please implement this feature ASAP!!!It’s sad that i need to download third party app to do that (like Darktable for example)Also, when correcting the perspective and lens distortions, please implement a more fast way to do it, like in Adobe camera raw, we have the option to drag lines according to the picture instead of using only sliders.I think we could not ask everything in such “young” software (compared to Adobe age…) but i believe that (if Adobe don’t buy Serif meanwhile…) we can get there. As so, to prove that, i’ve already make my part and i’ve bought Photo and Designer." We need this fast implemented! ...Likewise, blend tool for Designer...
  9. - Envelope tool? - Perspective tool? - Blend Tool? - Knife tool? WTF? is this supposed to be THE Adobe Illustrator main competitor (and alternative) right???!!! It seems now a looooooong road map!... ...July 2019
  10. If you prefer to create another object and then cut or divide that's fine. But some of us like it more fast when in basic geometry: Just chose the knife tool and cut (Straight or freehand). Simple and fast! And really freehand if using a tablet... Sure, for a more complex geometry cut, better use a division operation for example. Also, agree with Glicky, eraser tool is also nice to have! (specially when using a tablet)
  11. ...about type upper case, it has already... About the guides and corel, yes. True. Better and more than illustrator. ...but not as much as old FreeHand. Affinity should learn from that.
  12. Yes. I don't understand this monster fault. A design program without a knife tool???! WTF?! Road map?!... It should have been implemented since version Alfa. ...because Beta is already stupid! And at the moment we're far ahead in the alphabet: (
  13. Affinity should make it more simple: select and just hit delete key! (already made this request)
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