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  1. Can Affinity Designer flow text around objects? If so, how? Can't find anything about it in the Help Menu or online. Thanks!
  2. What are the current KB shortcuts for Designer (v. 1.3.5)? They keep changing! For example, the last shortcuts I can find to alter text size were "Command >" and "Command<", but those don't work now. Having to go to the Text Menu and increase or decrease text size ONE POINT AT A TIME is a big pain in the neck. I wish you guys would design a KB shortcut layout and stick to it. Or at least make shortcuts more standard, like using some variation of the "+" and "-" keys to alter text size (like maybe "Option+" and "Option-"). Or better yet, make shortcuts customizable. For the most part I love Affinity Designer, but it's the little, basic glitches like this that can drive you nuts about it.
  3. Is there a setting to automatically return to the move tool (pointer) after an action? Most other draw apps I've used automatically do this. It makes a much smoother workflow. For example, when using the text tool, hitting the "V" shortcut simply types a "v" in the text box. Having to click out of the text box and then hit "V" are additional steps that can be rather annoying & slow you down if you use much text. A small gripe, but it seems like there should at least be a setting for this. Thanks!
  4. I spend half my time trying to learn Affinity Photo & Designer because you guys insist on using your own nonstandard terminology for standard functions. For instance, why is there no 'select similar' function? This is a common function in Ps & every imaging app I've ever used. Also, there is no alpha channel function that I can find, probably because you call it something else. So how do I create an alpha channel transparency?? Using std. terminology seems like a simple enough concept & it would make your apps MUCH easier to learn.
  5. When will Affinity Designer get an object-distort tool, a perspective tool, a fisheye too or an inset/outset path tool? These are basic features for doing creative work, especially with display text (see attached jpg). As it is, if I need to do anything like this I have to use free open-source apps like Inkscape or NeoDraw (part of the NeoOffice suite), both of which are harder to use but do way more than Affinity Designer.
  6. The File/Open command does not work for me. There seems to be no way at all to import a PDF. I'm beginning to think AD is kind of a joke. Can't do much beyond simple functions & can't even do simple things like import PDFs.
  7. Until Affinity Designer gets a place-type-on-curve function, there is also a great creative type-shaping app called ArtText 2, which can customize & texturize type in virtually every imaginable way, for only $20 on the Appstore. There's also an amazing free version.
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