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  1. Oh, ok... Yes hanks, it works perfectly! I cannot follow exactly what all the 18 steps do in the macro, but I'm happy it does the job.
  2. @carl123 Unfortunately I cannot import your macro. It seems it has the wrong extension.afmacros instead than .afmacro, and if I change the extension to .afmacro and import it into AP, nothing happens.
  3. False advertising refers to "false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers". I get what you mean, but if I, as a potential customer, look at that image on the website, I could be easily misled into thinking that that's an imported cad drawing that I can manipulate in AD. Or at least, that's what I thought. I also find the sentence "Optimised for documents of any complexity" quite misleading (because of the lack of the "select similar"), but again, maybe it's just me.
  4. Well this is actually false advertising! Imagine having to work on that CAD drawing without "select similar" 😂 (even though I'm not sure how you would import it into AD...)
  5. Thank you very much @carl123, I'll test your macro when I have some time this weekend 🙂
  6. Thanks @carl123, I'll test your macro when I have some time!
  7. Sure, here: And here: Are two perfect examples on how I would use the crop to selection tool.
  8. Thanks, I can read the title of the topic I am posting in. And the answer to that question is NO. As I wrote in my first post in this topic, the workarounds suggested do not work for my purpose!
  9. Listen @oO5Dynasty, I don't know if you are really not getting the point, or if you are pretending not to. In any case, you are answers are really confusing and sometimes just plainly wrong. You just wrote that: This is false. This whole topic is about the lack of possibility to do that in AP. We shown you even with videos what we mean by cropping to selection. If you don't know the answer to something, then maybe, if you want to help people, you should consider the option of keeping quiet, instead of spreading misleading information.
  10. Because, as I already said, I do not have multiple layers. I have just one single "background" layer, with no transparency. So if I select the "colored parts" of my image, then I get a selection of all the image. I can, of course, select color range with color = black in AP, as I do in Photoshop, but then how do I crop to the selection's bounding box?
  11. @oO5Dynasty That's not really helpful actually, because in your examples you have layers and/or single color files. Look at my video: I have just one, multicoloured, rasterized layer and I want to remove the extra white padding. In Photoshop it takes me a few clicks, and I can automatize the process with a macro. How do you do that in AP?
  12. Of course. For example, to remove extra white borders from data plots. I created a simple macro in Photoshop that does this: select by color (black) > expand selection by some px > crop. I honestly don't know how to achieve that in AP. Video: 3c4f9a9a-87ca-4854-970e-0658240c2968.webm
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