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  1. I think most of our students are using MathML. Respectively Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, etc. - I believe the most doesn't know LaTeX anymore. When i have to draft an equation, i'm using the built in "Grapher". It can't be easier. Give it a try. Ohne Titel.pdf
  2. I know there are a lot other construction sites you are working on. But maybe you're thinking about, what could we do in future... So this is just an Idea: "Affinity Cutter" the answer in digital movie cutting. The "Premiere Killer". :wub:
  3. Macoun

    CSS Style Copy / Export

    But first: Fix SVG
  4. Apple released their "UI Design Widgets" for Developers as PS and Sketch Files. This solidifies Sketch's position as major UI Design Tool. :( Link to Apple UI Design Resources
  5. As far as i see you've done a really good job with the guides. Thank you guys. ++
  6. Macoun

    Affinity ico

    I am with you. The Icons can be easily mistaken, because they have exactly the same shape. But i'm not sure if a single letter inside the icon will be the solution. Because the inside of the icons currently differ: Photo has an this iris diaphragm and Designer has a hard to identify pencil. But when the icon in the Dock and has the size of a penny, it doesn't matters what's inside.
  7. +1 Me too. I've set the resize of the brush on the Ö and Ä. But it doesn't work with all tools.
  8. Probably not. Affinity gives the best features - like this - just to Mac-User. ;)
  9. The "new color picker" listed between the great improvements of version 1.5. But what's the noteworthy feature? The icon in the tool palette? I miss the specific improvements. I don't see anything remarkable. You still have to run miles with the mouse to pick some gradients. I don't get it. :(

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