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  1. @wigglepixel Thanks. Will give those suggestions a try and follow up as necessary. PWF
  2. I am copying code generated from a web page. I have everything set up as described and the image appears on-screen when pasted, along with curves imported into the Layers panel, but ultimately if I try to manipulate it I get a pinwheel and Designer goes into a hang. This is mostly a "fun today, work in a month" experiment for a friend developing web-based generative design tools. We're curious about its application to other graphic software. I'm not the savviest with code so I'm not sure whether its the code itself, something happening in the transfer from browser to app, or Designer. Some screenshots below if anyone is curious, but as I said, this isn't professionally imperative. Thanks
  3. Do y'all have a resource that can walk me through this feature? Designer keeps hanging on all of my experiments with it. I'm not far enough along to report as a bug. Thanks, Peter
  4. Wondering if this has been resolved as I have just run into this exact same issue using this palette: KALEIOPE Web Styles.clr So far this has only happened with system palettes, document palettes seem to behave as expected. Crash report attached. Suggestions welcome. Cheers Peter Aff_crash_21.07.08.rtf
  5. I'm a mediocre scripter at best, but have had some success with model builders in other software, specifically QGIS and Vectorworks, which allow users to model and then automate repetitive workflows. This has been really helpful for interfacing with more experienced scripters, and my understanding from talking to the developers is that often then user-generated content leads to new plug-in workflows for each application. I'm currently trying to illustrate various root systems for different plant species, whose geometry follows fractal rules, and am finding the process tedious enough in Designer that I switched to doing it by hand and just roll with an edited version in Photo. In this application, I'm wondering if brushes could also follow scripting rules, ie for a given length the line weight decreases by a certain ratio (in the case of roots 11/16). I can do this by creating a symbol and using power duplicate workflows, but it loses the randomness found in a natural situation. Anyway, adding my support to the request. PWF
  6. Hello, My name is Peter, I'm a landscape designer in North Carolina. I came across Affinity Suite a few years ago while looking for a more affordable alternative to Adobe. I continue to be impressed by the quality of instruction provided by the developers and depth of knowledge and willingness to share of the contributors to these forums. I'm in the process of creating my own residential design business and now getting involved with the intricacies of website design. Mostly I need help overcoming my choice paralysis when it comes to creating graphic standards, but that's probably something I should talk to a therapist about. I have enjoyed reading the threads on this community for the past year while looking for tips and tricks in my own site illustrations. I look forward to becoming a more active contributor and inviting more landscape architects to consider Affinity products for their work. Cheers Peter
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