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  1. Interesting. I haven't found this menu before. I played a bit around right now but could not figure out what should happen (also I found no documentation about these menu entries). It seems that still some tools are coupled. For example, I adjusted the settings for the impainting brush. I saved the settings and then switched to the healing brush which now has the same settings. I changed the settings for the healing brush and switched back to the impainting brush. There, I now have the modified settings from the healing brush but not the ones saved before. That confuses me. And, by the way, what is the purpose of the entry 'Edit > Defaults > Synchronise from selection'? I was not able to find any effect with my few tests. Naqoy
  2. Hi, On a German keyboard, the default keys for changing brush size are not usable; keys '[' and ']' must be entered by pressing Alt+5 and Alt+6. Therefore, I redefined the keys to use '<' and '>' instead which works fine, but only for brushes. I cannot use them to resize the tool size in the liquify perspective nor for brush overlays in the HDR perspective. I think they should work everywhere where I want to increase and decrease a tool size while working. Furthermore in the preferences dialog, I think, the setting should not be placed under paint brush but in a more common (generic) category.
  3. It would be nice to have keyboard shorcuts for hardness, similar to the ones for opacity. E.g., Alt-5 sets the hardness to 50%, Alt-52 to 52%.
  4. Hi Affinity team, (Sorry when using wrong terms in my post. I use German localization so I have the English terms not at hand.) Since 1.5 we have sticky settings which is basically quite useful but, in my opinion, not the perfect solution. I have certain problems with the current implementation: Some tools share the same setings, e.g., all retouching tools seem to use the same settings which is not always useful. Some tools have no sticky settings, in particular, the crop tool where I really miss it. For example, in the majority of cases I want to crop by preserving the original ratio, but the tool always resets to unrestricted. Also I want to always use shading of the outside of the crop area. (In fact this new feature is so useful that I just want to have it as standard instead of an option.) Different types of images and tasks require different settings. Filter and adjustment layers have no sticky settings at all, which would be quite userful. Altogether I would prefer to have customizable presets instead of sticky settings, ideally with the possibilty to store and load own settings to quickly switch them. I think of settings files that can be edited from the preferences dialog. Also nice would be a button or rightclick option by which I can simply store the current setting of a certain tool. Also for live filter I would like to have a possibility to store multiple presets (like there are already for adjustments). The new macro feature is a bit of replacement, but only a bit since I have to explicitly record macros. Maybe you could think about such an improvement. Thanks, Naqoy
  5. Hi, maybe I'm too stupid but I still could not figure out how to remember tool settings in AP 1.5. I read several threads about sticky settings and so on and I think that this should be an important feature, but I have no solution. For example, the crop tool: In much more than 50% I want to preserve the aspect ratio and nearly always I want to shade the outer area (great feature, by the way!). However, even in one session with the same image, when I reuse the tool, it is set to unrestricted and the shading checkbox is disabled. In fact I would prefer customizable defaults rather than sticky settings because I can then change the setting for one use of the tool but have my defaults active the next time. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks
  6. Seems to be a total mystery. Also your idea could not be the solution because I never had a non-free or demo version of NIK on my system. I just started with it a few weeks ago with exactly the current version. I fear that this problem could only be solved by some developer from Serif or Google. On the latter I don't dare to rely... However your answer is help to me because it means that this ominous folder is not important and can be removed without any risk or unwanted side effect. I think for now, I can live with the necessity to click the "demo" button when calling a plugin and to remove the folder every 2 weeks. This will definitively not prevent me from using and loving AP. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi all, I have problems in using the NIK collection plugins with Affinity Photo: They always run in demo mode and after 15 days, they can no longer be used, except as standalone applications. I have no other host application than Affinity Photo. Also I had no previous installation of an older version of NIK on my system. I downloaded version 1.2.11 a few weeks ago and installed it following to the video I found here. I created a folder /Applications/Photoshop plugins and added this in the host applications dialog of the NIK installer. In AP I added this folder as plugin folder, checked "allow unknown plugins" (or so, I have a German version running), and selected "authorise globally" using the root folder "/". I tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugins several times but I still could start them only in demo mode - or not at all after the trial period had ended. So I created a test user on my Mac to figure out, where the information about the trial period is stored. I found out that the period starts newly when I delete the content of the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/Software. It is not enough to remove some of the contained files or folders; everything must be removed. After doing so, I can use the plugins again for 15 days. This is of course a bit annoying but a work-around. Now my question: Does anybody know what this folder is for? What could be lost when deleting it? If anyone has a better idea how to deal with this problem, I would be glad to read about. I know that many people can use the plugins without these silly license restrictions. If this is helpful: I first experienced the problem with AP 1.4.3. In the meanwhile, I use 1.5.1. Operating system is MacOS 10.12.1. I use German localisation. Many thanks!
  8. Good question, I don't know. The full path is ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/NikLicenseFiles. The folder contains a single empty .txt file (like a timestamp). It will be recreated after deletion and since it is in an AP-specific folder, I assume that it is written from AP. However, as I said it does not influence the behavior. So maybe, the answer is: for nothing. It was just another try to figure out why my system behaves different than the ones of most other systens. I do not doubt that the plugins work with AP. But I still want them to do so on my system. This was one try... My current goal is to figure out where that timestamp about the start of the trial period is stored. Currently I only know that it is not system-wide, but user-specific, and it is not in the above mentioned files or directories. Also I'm pretty sure that is controlled in some way by AP since the standalone apps work properly. But here my poor wisdom ends at the moment. Edit: Since I don't want to hijack this thread any more for my technical problem (it's news, I think), I opened a new thread in the Questions section: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31680-nik-collection-runs-in-demo-mode/
  9. Since my problems seem to be the same, I want to add some further remarks. I tried "First Aid" right now, with no effect. Today I created a new user and activtated the plugins for this user. A new trial period will start there, while the one for my normal user is still expired. So obviously, AP or NIK writes some user specific information somewhere to recognize the trial period, and this information will survive an uninstallation of NIK. I tried to figure out what this could be (by running a find command from the terminal for all recently created files) but without a real success. I found some files and folders under ~Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Preferences/Google and ...Application Support/NikLicenseFiles. I deleted them with the result that the initial feedback dialog comes up again (the one where I can decide to send information to Google which I declined). But afterwards I still get the expired trial info and that's it. I continue to follow this thread and, maybe, make some further tests when I have some time.
  10. It's just frustrating. It now tried with 1.5. I completely uninstalled NIK. I newly downloaded the plugins from the Web site; it's version 1.2.11. I reinstalled them, configured them in AP by adding the plugin directory as shown in the video (not the folder where the apps are installed but the one with the plugins), clicked authorise globally, restarted AP, and ... still get this splash screen saying that my trial has ended. Obvisously, something is still left even after calling the uninstaller. I cannot figure out what it is but it seems to prevent me from using the plugins with AP. As before, they run perfectly as standalone apps but this is not what I wanted to achieve. Has anyone any other idea what I could try to delete (except my whole system)?
  11. Hi, I have still the same problem. I followed the video. Unknown plugins are allowed. I tried global authorisation as well as explicitly using the root folder '/' as plugin support folder. I uninstalled and installed the NIK plugins several times (the current version). I tried to select the "photoshop plugins" folder in "applications" as well as the subfolder "google" as seach folder - nothing helped. The only difference to the video is that I have Affinity Photo V1.4.3 in German localization. In the meanwhile my test phase ended and I can no longer use the plugins from Affinity Photo. However, I can still use them as standalone applications. Do you have any other idea? Try again with 1.5 when it is released? Thanks, naqoy
  12. Just want to mention that it works fine in 1.4.1 Many Thanks
  13. It doesn't. I used a new image (TIFF), first applied the lense distortion live filter then cropped and got the effect. It also does not matter whether the filter layer is a nested layer of the (currently only) pixel layer or set above. By the way: the cropping is correct but it seems that the empty areas resulting from the lense distortion filter are kind of translated into the new, smaller image.
  14. I would like to have the crop tool not only showing a border of the crop area but to shading the outer regions. It is much easier to estimate how the cropped image will look like. Furthermore I miss a golden section grid. Golden spiral is useful but sometimes I would prefer to have a grid instead. Last (but already discussed in other threads) I'd like to re-crop/adjust a cropping and for this purpose again seeing the whole uncropped image.
  15. I like the feature (and I really needed it since working with a German keyboard). For some reason, my shortcuts (in Photo) for resizing the brush will not always work, e.g., in Liquify persona or when refining masks. Also I found no possibility to define similar shortcuts for these tools. Did I miss something?
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