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  1. +1 ..but again: I thing Serif target audience are designer/photographs - not the game industry. I think this is one of the reasons, why Adobe invest so much in the game-sector since a few month (like acquire Substances). I'm a game-developer too, so I understand this needs. But to be honest, I don't think that there will be an update for this feature in the near future. For professional work, for the game industry, go with Photoshop or maybe GIMP/Krita (never uses it, but maybe it's possible for that).
  2. This may not be nice, but you should check those things before you switch, if your work is in the professional field. Affinity products are really great ..for the range of customers it was build. These are semi-professionals (and for sure professional designers) - but never for the game-industries. Yes.. I'm also a person who tries to save money, but I never understand how a professional game-designer can say that he/she want's to save money on photoshop or whatever and complain about missing features in the cheaper solution. There's a reason, why Adobe products are much more expensive. Yes, they are very old-school in many cases and yes, they are slow and so on - but they have so many more features, they work hand in hand together. You can't only compare the price or the much nicer UI of Affinity. Photoshop for example is much faster, x times better RAW processing, alpha-channel as it should be , 3D, much better resizing, real 100% PSD file format (which is so important for a good game-dev-workflow), ..... So people.. Affinity products? For sure!! If you work as a DESIGNER or PHOTOGRAPH(!) -- definitely not, if you are a (professional) game-designer. BTW: To all Adobe haters, which are game-developers.. did you recognized, that Adobe invests a lot of money for game-developers? Like Mixamo or that they bought Substances and work together with Maxxon (Cinama4D). I'm pretty sure, that Adobe will dive much deeper into the Game-Industrie in the next month/years.
  3. I'm confused.. Yes, I understand your point, but two things: 1.) I think Affinity Photo is (sadly) interested in end-consumer only. Maybe a semi-professional market. I hoped Serif would use the chance to push Photoshop down, but it seems that this is not interesting for Serif (just have a look how much stuff is missing, if you would fully compare to Photoshop). 2.) You can easily create a transparent graphic in Affinity Photo. Or what do you specially mean? Just to be clear: I wish I could replace Adobe products with the Affinity line up, but I can't, because of things like that and as I mention before, this is not the only missing feature for (full) professional work. But as I said.. that's not the main goal for Serif - I think.
  4. Ah ok! So the best in my case would be "Preserve Editability" would be the best to interchange with another software?
  5. Yeah, that's what I mean. Sorry, I don't use the English-version, so I'd to guess the English-title Ok, this confuses me much more, because before I start this thread I build a new file in Photo with a vector and a bitmap object in it and exported it into two PSD files. One with preserve accuracy and one with preserve editability, but in both cases it looks the same, vector stays as vector and bitmap as bitmap. Why it is like it is? And which I should choose for the highest compatibility workflow with other programs which needs PSD to work (interchange with Affinity Photo via PSD files)?
  6. Hi there, what is the difference between detail-export and editable-export for PSD-files in Affinity Photo and which is the format Photoshop would produce automatically? Thank you :)
  7. Hi there, does Photo supports Remote Connections? Like in Photoshop: external software can send stuff to Photoshop for processing, have a look here at 0:20m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZeJAdb9-s&index=3&list=PL83m62O3BixDpggoUyW6AvxVN0L2rhMR7 or here: http://wiki.amplify.pt/index.php?title=Unity_Products:Amplify_Color/Manual#Photoshop_Workflow )
  8. I know that this works in separated mode, but my question is why there's no way to do this in the normal mode. This would be so much better. I don't want to switch to separated mode just to get this single window.
  9. I want to edit a 40x40px graphic in one view with a high level zoom and parallel a second view of the same graphic in 100% to see how it looks in real size (like in my first screenshot with Photoshop).
  10. The zoom-setting is for the photo itself, not for the preview inside the navigator :-p
  11. Hi there, is there a reason why Photo won't recognized the VEGA64 chip in my iMac Pro?
  12. Hm.. ok, but it won't show me if the size is 100% if I re-size it. Pixel Art sometimes has only 40x40
  13. Ok, but can I set up the Navigator tab to 100% scale? Because everything else blurs.
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