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  1. i'm a pro mac user since 1990. but after the $999 monitor stand and the overpriced macbook pros, i feel i'm going Linux soon. especially now that Unity (the popular game dev engine) has now a Linux version Serif if you are about to be a Linux player... i'd be happy to re-buy all the Affinity apps!
  2. well .. if i wasn't developer and mac user since 30 years, i know that even the most complex machines must be easy to understand, and show the real expected behaviors as default... if i want to resize the image, it's obvious that i want, since i need, to input a width.. you don't show me an empty form where i HAVE to click a second time to input a value. i want to apply a filter.. i don't care, i don't want to know, if the Greyscale filter is destructive or not.. i want that to be applied in 2 seconds. and if it's descritive, you'll show a warning before applying it. or you mark somehow the destructive one to differenciate from the realtime one. it's simply basic UX design. and i think that Affinity has a lot to improve in that (otherwise we'll go back to Pixelmator for simple things, or to Adobe for the complex ones)
  3. damn i spent 30 minutes trying all of them.. it was very hidden eh! THANKS!! (i know that Affinity can do anything.. but too often it's too difficult to know how to do it, and simpler apps are easier
  4. i really can't understand: i do CMd+I / C to resize the image or canvas.. we got the resizing form but the focus isn't on the first field.. i have to manually press tab to select a field, or even worse use the mouse. press C to crop.. ok the mode is set to unconstrained by default, but why there isn't ANY possibility to keep the current proportions? (using cmd,ctrl,shift, alt, for example) i'm mostly in the move tool. but with this tool i always see violet rects around each layer/object.. there isn't a command to turn them off, but i have to change tool.. why do we need this? so annoying! i want to have an image in gray scale/black and white... after spending 3 minutes in the Filters menu.. i discover that that basic feature is in the Adjustment panel.. how did you split the effects in the two so different areas of the app? why Auto Levels is in the Filters menu, but the Levels filter is in the Adjustment panel? i really try to love Affinity apps (i have all), but too often open Pixelmator to do the simplest things because i know that it makes features where i expect them to be! (PS: i am a Mac user since 1991, started with Photoshop 2.0) ciao
  5. my two cents for WebP export, now that Mozilla has decided to support it
  6. Firefox 65 (release on 2019-01-29) will support WebP
  7. stefano.cecere

    WebP Support

    Firefox 65 (release on 2019-01-29) will support WebP
  8. please, publish a roadmap so we can have 50% less posts asking all the same things
  9. hi. congratulating for the hi level of the current beta and the (obviously) tons of feature requests for anybody coming from InDesign or professional works, wouldn't it be simpler if you publish a final features list roadmap for current 1.0 and for the next 1.1/2.0 ? so we can all decide if we can already start working with it or maybe need to wait another 6 months many thanks!
  10. separate the contents into different pages inside the same doc. yes Artboard are nice.. but if you have say different area of the app, or separate the UI elements from the wireframes, different options.. one big pages with dozens of artboards isn't the best option. and i can't separate them into different documents since it's the same project with shared symbols!
  11. hi. it's 2 years that i'm waiting for the "pages" feature in Affinity Designer (it's in the roadmap!) since i have to renew my Sketch license.. but I'd like to start my next project with AD if it had pages, any new hints if it is being developed and maybe introduced in 1.7? NOTE: i think that with the Pages feature, AD could be really used for advanced apps/games UI and prototypes thanks!
  12. ahh 1.6 still has this problem
  13. stefano.cecere

    Adding Pages

    i'm waiting for AD Pages, too.. but they're in the official roadmap.. so we have just to wait (and use artboards :)
  14. yes i keep clicking on the zoom icon tool every time ;) thank you for the realtime feedback!
  15. (AP 1.5.2) i could not find an option to tell AP to open new docs at 100% of zoom i think (if the screen size allows) 100% should be the default view, but at least we should have an option for that (i manage mostly UI/sprites, not photos, so pixel perfect is a need)