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  1. ahh 1.6 still has this problem
  2. i'm waiting for AD Pages, too.. but they're in the official roadmap.. so we have just to wait (and use artboards :)
  3. yes i keep clicking on the zoom icon tool every time ;) thank you for the realtime feedback!
  4. (AP 1.5.2) i could not find an option to tell AP to open new docs at 100% of zoom i think (if the screen size allows) 100% should be the default view, but at least we should have an option for that (i manage mostly UI/sprites, not photos, so pixel perfect is a need)
  5. (AP 1.5.2) when i alt+cmd+I to resize a document, i would expect the keyboard focus to be in the first field of the resize popup (say the width field) right now there is no focus and i have or to TAB to select it, or click in the width field please: very simple but important UX improvement