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  1. i remem i remember the "old" roadmap... quite very detailed... too much i know, people love to complain.. anyway.. new betas should be released in the 2.x cycle.. so maybe we'll be half-way
  2. now that v2 is here, with many new features, but many pros still needs some to really be comfortable with the Suite... could we please have a minimal roadmap on what you are working on? even something really generic like this Trello roadmap (for the Obsidian app). we know, and you know, that we don't have many other options today.. or Adobe, or Affinity, unless we want to use separate apps for specific works..).. we want to support you, but we need to be kept engagend, and know where you are going! for example: if you aren't goind to support ePub or external texts in Publish.. we aren't goind to use it for next books. if you aren't supporting RTL before 3/5 years, we accept it and use something else from today. if you plan automation in 2 years, we could use a temporary solution... thank you!
  3. for me, just for the complete WebP export, it is worth to upgrade to v2.0
  4. i've abandoned Affinity Photo for PixelmatorPro, just for WebP export feature. it's sad because it's an easy feature, now a standard for all current and next web dev (images are 50% smaller than jpg and png!) and it wouldn't cost too much to say: sure it'll come with 1.11 be patient!
  5. dear Serif i don't know your problem with WebP, but i just moved Affinity Photo in the archive and started using Pixelmator Pro, please don't let me get used to it ;)
  6. same. i got angry and solved by Pixelmator Pro. the manual said nothing so searched the forum because i couldnpt think to be the only one in the world with this huge problem.. which is being discussed since 2016! NB: i have the Affinity suite, but too often i think there are still some big UX problems ciao
  7. hi Mark.. we already can write complex book with Markdown -> export perfect PDF with Latex, without using big apps like Publisher see for example my workflow: https://github.com/StefanoCecere/markdown_pandoc_book_template
  8. so, Designer and Photo Persona are embedded into Publisher, right? and activated only if it finds the application installed, right?
  9. i really need to link to pages, and the two linked frames is not very helpful for hundreads of links. a simple "anchor page number" field would be perfect.. thank you!
  10. it's more than 3 years that it asked: why when i press ctrl+cmd+I for image resize, the first field of the resize form doesn't get automatically selected? you force me to press TAB to select it (even worse use the mouse) why if i am in Flood Fill Tool, i can't pick a colour by pressing any ctrl/shift/cmd key? i have to manually change to the Colour Picker, pick a color, and then go back to Flood Tool why when i open an image it doesn't open at 100% (but at 105%!??!) why if i select crop, i can't have a modifier to constrain to 1:1 (square).. or if i manually select it.. and come back later to crop i lose the selection? and many many others oddities like these i really don't understand.. there are bare minimum UX that every (at least in the Mac world) app has since 20 years... i would really like to use Affinity apps (i have all 3) but keep going back to Pixelmator that at least has a "normal" UX hope to see some improvements by 2.0
  11. hi i can't see how make Publisher add or remove chapter pages, say for example that i change font size and margins, making the document need more o less pages to fit it well. Is it something that we should care manually? thank you
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