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  1. Oh my...! I had to use google search to find out how to delete a part of image that I past from clipboard. It is not clear that word (Image) is something special. It is not clear. I agree witn @stefano.cecere this program has weird UX problems which it couldn't have if just UX designer was an active image editors user. E.g. this case I guess could be solved by displaying small icon depicting embedded document whereas (Pixel) layers shouldn't have anything. This way user could understand that by pasting image they have something different than usual layer. It is not only UX issue that drives me nuts and reminds me of Gimp which is a horrible nightmare IMO in terms of UX. P.S. don't want to be mean, just wanted to be able to easily recomend Affinity Photo to my fellow digital artists as viable replacement for Photoshop.
  2. Hi! First of all, I'm really impressed by the feature, that is what I was dreaming about for many years. And though it perfectly works with simple layers. When layers are clipped it affects only the base of clipped layers not the layers in a clipping. Is this by design? Or this can be fixed?
  3. I agree with the topic starter. Alt + Click with the visible cursor change would be the huge deal especially for the digital artists. Because of the workflow when you select existing colors from the image to paint at the coloring stage. And they do this operation many times per minute. The expected behavior like in other apps for digital drawing would be a big improvement in terms of usability.
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