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  1. Amazing! It's pretty rare to see digital painting in Affinity Photo. How many times did it took for that portrait ? thxs.
  2. Hi everybody, thanks for all your sweet comments. That's really kind of you. I was really ashamed to show my work seeing all the fantastic works on the forum. @William Overington Well, you have to choose a color next to the base one. As exemple My base colour for the dress was green , then i had another layer with a saturation darker for the shadows and lighter for the reflects of satin (another layer). And i chose a round brush with few opacity and play with it . I used the picker tool to choose a color between the lighter and the darker ( the zoom tool is my friend for that step) to do the flow. @gdenby I would really like to thank you for such quality comments . It must have you taken a lot of time to write such precise corrections. It will help me a lot and i will follow your pieces of advices for the next painting. So, Thank you Again.
  3. Hi, everybody, My skills on affinity photo for digital painting are quite news (and i'm still fighting with brush pressure :p) But i would like to show one of my work. Comments are welcome !
  4. Hi Gabriel, The fact is my original file was realy huge(45,1Mo)and i had to reduce it to post it on the forum. I can send you the original file via we transfer (or other) if you have a specific mail for that. thanks
  5. Hi Gabriel, Thanks for the answers and sorry for the inconvenience. File was unable to upload on the forum so i use another method (flatten all layers before exporting the jpg and rename the file without the acccents. ) and it seems to work. Try on my side with a PC , no more trouble. Sorry again.
  6. Hi guys, I have found a strange behavoiur . When exporting a document as a jpg file on a mac, It shows well on the mac with "aperçu" but when sending the jpg to a PC user , he couldn't open it , PC says that he doesn't recognize the format. Greetings.
  7. Hi everybody, First i would like to thks all serif's team for such a wonderful software. Second, I would like to open a docX file in Affinity Publisher. I ve seen it is possible, but when i try to open it in the latests beta, that's not working. What i'm doing wrong ? If it's possible, can i have my document "styles" (H2, H1, ...) ? Thxs I'm using affinity Publisher for mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 and a Word File for Mac Version 16.25
  8. Hi, I have the same question but for Mac. All I have is the separate mode but it split all the windows apart and I'm looking for split only one document. Is that possible ? According to some tutos, drag only tab is possible on Windows but i didn't find it on Mac. Thxs
  9. Hi, This would be realy helpfull to have the same visible bleen in A.D
  10. Hi Dan, thks for the answer. I know for the availibility in the menu but i was intrigated that this toolbar exists in Affinity Designer and Affinty Publisher but not in Affinity photo.
  11. Hi , For those using Affinity photo for Digital painting, I think a transform tool (as in affinity Designer) would be very useful (symetrical are often used). But it's only a very few lack, Affinity Photo is really awesome as it is now . thks
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