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  1. Hi, I have the same question but for Mac. All I have is the separate mode but it split all the windows apart and I'm looking for split only one document. Is that possible ? According to some tutos, drag only tab is possible on Windows but i didn't find it on Mac. Thxs
  2. Hi, This would be realy helpfull to have the same visible bleen in A.D
  3. Hi Dan, thks for the answer. I know for the availibility in the menu but i was intrigated that this toolbar exists in Affinity Designer and Affinty Publisher but not in Affinity photo.
  4. Hi , For those using Affinity photo for Digital painting, I think a transform tool (as in affinity Designer) would be very useful (symetrical are often used). But it's only a very few lack, Affinity Photo is really awesome as it is now . thks
  5. Hi Chris_K, Yes ,I have where can I send it ? I prefer not to link it on the forum. Thks
  6. Hi, First Thanks for a such a Beta. When I import a .pdf file as an editable document in publisher everything 's fine except text compatibility. tried to change the font and have the same result. Don't have the same issue on affinity designer (I opened the same pdf on it ). here's a copy of what i have. I work on macbookpro retina 15'' mid-2015 and OSX 10.11.6 Thanks
  7. myrrhine


    Hi , thanks for the answer but it wasn't what I meant. I have noticed I posted in wrong topic, sorry, my request concerns affinity photo. I'm looking for the "cutter" tool you find in photoshop or pixelmator ( sorry but i don't know the english name for this tool). Here's an open-source web prototype developed in JS who could help here: https://github.com/myrrhine/prototype-decoupage
  8. hi everybody As a webdesigner, I need to cut patterns into slices. I would like to suggest a "Cut" tool improvment. Would it be possible to export the slices in one folder with a html file like Photoshop "export to the web" function ? Regards