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  1. Yes, I really understand what you're talking about ! In fact, I tried to use the Node tool construction mode and drawing with pencil tool till I understood that it was (for the moment, I guess) only working with pen tool, so… I absolutely agree with the guide like use, of course ! Whatever, it's a crazy cool function !
  2. Cédric D

    Construction mode

    Oh… Cool and sorry for that… I tested and then certainly clicked too much
  3. Cédric D

    Construction mode

    Hi everyone, It's pretty strange but I was testing (so cool) construction mode with Pen and Node tools and now… It simply disappeared… I tried to reboot of course but… Here's a screenshot to show what I mean. Cédric
  4. Cédric D

    Pipette tool

    Ooooh yeah ! I did not ever just test to copy/past… I might have looked in the menus but… Thanx a lot !
  5. Hi MrDoodelezz ! I also was surprised by the construct lines disappearance… And then I tried another way : I mean first drawing an object, then constructing guides and using the node tool to snap the nodes and lines of the object to the construct guides. Hope you see what I mean ; I guess it will be updated by our cool Affinity makers Regards, Cédric
  6. Cédric D

    Pipette tool

    Hi everyone ! I wondered if there was a quicker/other way than creating a style to copy all the attributes of an object ; I mean for example if I want to pick all the attributes (strock, gradient, etc.) of an object to another ? Kind regards
  7. Cédric D

    Mirror ruler lock

    Cool ! Thanx for answering
  8. Cédric D

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanx for your great job ! But I regret there's no possibility in the fusion mode of a brush to choose a "draw behind" one (hope you see what I mean) ; and moreover, I guess it would be useful to highlight the current brush used even when we change its settings…
  9. Cédric D

    Mirror ruler lock

    Hi everyone ! I just tried new functions in Designer like Mirror, which is pretty cool (in Pixel Persona) but did not find how to lock the ruler ; it's a detail but I think it would be cool to be able to lock it to avoid to move it accidentally while drawing. Thanx and good job !
  10. Oh ! Wonderful ! I did not try that possibility… Thanx so much for your answer Peter !
  11. Hi everyone ! I wonder if there is a way to adjust a block to what it contains… especially for a text zone. I hope it's a new feature to come (as the possibility to simply insert a table in a text zone). Kind regards, Cédric
  12. Oh… I did not read enough pages, sorry But thanx for your answer !
  13. Hi there ! First of all, bravo to all the team for that great job ! I wondered if there was a way to insert a table inside a text zone ; I tried to create a table and then copy/past it in a text field but unsuccessful…