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  1. Hi gdenby, I use a Wacom tablet and have to try again… Everything's fine when I draw with a brush or even with the pen tool after having set the stroke but not when using the pencil. I certainly do something wrong, I'll try again. Whatever, thanx for answering
  2. Hi there ! Does anyone know if there's a way to assign a pressure stroke to a curve made with pencil tool before drawing ? Or can we just draw a curve and then apply the stroke ? Thanx a lot ! Cédric
  3. Oh ! Wonderful ! I did not try that possibility… Thanx so much for your answer Peter !
  4. Hi everyone ! I wonder if there is a way to adjust a block to what it contains… especially for a text zone. I hope it's a new feature to come (as the possibility to simply insert a table in a text zone). Kind regards, Cédric
  5. Oh… I did not read enough pages, sorry But thanx for your answer !
  6. Hi there ! First of all, bravo to all the team for that great job ! I wondered if there was a way to insert a table inside a text zone ; I tried to create a table and then copy/past it in a text field but unsuccessful…
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