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  1. Hi, You need to copy/paste your selection to a new layer to select it with the move tool and add it to the Asset Studio, make sure the image your working on is a Pixel layer and not an image layer, you’ll need to rasterise it if it’s an image layer.
  2. Hi, You can place your bitmap image into your document and right click 'Convert to Curves', this gives you the option to add the selected bitmap to the styles category, adding the fx effects also before saving, you can also do the same with the gradient tool and changing the 'Type' to a Bitmap fill and right click, Create Style.
  3. That looks too irregular to be a grid, did you add some kind of effect in illustrator that isn't supported in Affinity Designer? Can you not hide the effect in the layers or delete it?
  4. Hi, Long hold on the brush to bring up the menu settings snd go into edit, you can reducing the spacing settings to smooth out the basic brushes.
  5. On the Apps start screen, with all your document thumbnails, click on the cog wheel in top right corner, then click preferences>Fonts.
  6. I think it's up to the Moderators to move but i have reported the thread and that it should be moved, hopefully they do and it gets looked into more there
  7. My feeling is this a grid bug, on the Mac with your combo of filters and adjustments and after using the grid after an update, im on Windows so can't test, i think this post should be moved to the Bugs forums, have you tried resetting the program or reinstalling?
  8. Try turning off Edit all Layers, its on by default when you create a new document.
  9. Hi, you can create a New Textured Image Brush with grouped, Rectangle vector shapes, you’ll need to export the grouped shapes with a transparent background and save to the cloud so you can add the new brush. The brushes in Designer are pixel/bitmap images along a vector path.
  10. Also in resources forum posted by @DM1 : Affinity Designer 1.6 on iPad PDF Help File
  11. Hi, The hard copy is actually a Workbook not a manual and for the desktop as you mention. Try using the in app help on the start screen (where the thumbnails for your saved documents show), there is a question mark, in between the settings cog and + sign for creating a new doc, lots of help on offer, including videos:
  12. Hi, Do you mean something like the below image? I used the Conical Gradient, adding more nodes for each colour, you should be able to add the gradient to the grouped objects.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, im guess something like a sub setting to the Noise toggle that's like the Perlin Noise in Photo and lets you zoom to increase the size.
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