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  1. Sean P - you are the best !!! Thanks for all previous bugs fixed ))
  2. What about updating engine for previewing brushes? Instead of rounds it show octagons, smaller ones look coarse. I change hardness from 100% defaults (right picture) to the 99% (left picture). And appearance much nicer. So still further improvements here are welcome )))
  3. My installation is ok - no special updates of .NET performed before update process.
  4. Hello, friends. I am thinking about protection screen for my Ipad Pro 10.5 - but i am not sure about sensitivity and Apple Pencil response in AP after such screen installation. Do you have some pros and cons or some practical feedback for this subject?
  5. Strange sliders behavior. Even short tap opens the numeric value window and then back to previous state, ignoring the value that i was tap on. I check only this issue in HSL colour mode only - but this could be in another sliders also. P.S. Sorry for blurred video. 20180212_220411.mp4
  6. Ok, impossible mission completed )))
  7. Paul Mudditt, before i placing my previous post i double checked all this points, as on your screenshot - i don't know how it can be, but at my version there is no additional arrow after REVERSE
  8. Yes, Alfred, it is a cusp type node. The idea was to show that controller points for node without changing/breaking the original geometry. Paul Mudditt, I have no such additional option, as Ignore Snapping in my RC1
  9. DM1, look to the attached video. I want independent movements of control points, usually both control points moves in one line - shorter or longer, but still along one axis (but different directions). But i want to move it in different direction, like in cross direction - one control point along X axis and another control point along Y. As it occurs for SHARP node in green circle. 20180211_153843.mp4
  10. My question now is about curve editing. At the bottom we can see 3 main node types - sharp smooth, smart. I have a huge experience with curve editing in Corel Draw. But i want some clarification here. In the SHARP type of node, when i creating it - there are no control points available, it creates just SHARP node, but i see no way, how to control the angle of such SHARP node (to make it more or less sharp), as there are no additional control points. When i was working with shapes intersection i suddenly i found interesting thing, after welding two overlapped shapes into one shape - such control points for SHARP node creates by itself. Now look to the green circle on my screenshot - i can control angle/spreading of this point type. But when i am initiating the creation of such node type - no additional assisting/control points available. I feel strong lack of such thing, as in curves editing this is "must have" feature. I try different actions with hope - this will show up or uncover or make appear these control points for SHARP type node - but no luck. I could not compare beta with App Store version - as when i was make payment on 4th January, my payment was stolen by my mobile carrier (MTS) and i fill the case in Police.
  11. When importing - it breaks connection to the location, from what the file was imported. When opening - it keep connection to location, from what it was opened and when you close the document it saves all changes at the same location, as you open it. Maybe i am wrong
  12. Manofjesus

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 4)

    Sean P, i found the connection between stabilizer and this issue, that i was reporting earlier. And it is not depend from the brush itself, this is stabilizer's bug. 20180206_192452.mp4
  13. Manofjesus

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 4)

    Sean P, sorry for wrong post. Now about my issue - such brush behavior was not noticed before. Bounce everytime? Hmm.... I will try to make video at home and settings of the brush. But anyway this happens also on stock brushes, i think it is not due to special settings. My settings just make it more noticeable.
  14. Manofjesus

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 4)

    Yes, i update beta to version 4. I check at first perspective distortion - it was buggy at beta 3 - and it solved now in beta 4. Then i start using brush - and you can see the brush behavior
  15. Manofjesus

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 4)

    In the brush drawing there is some wrong dot occurs at the start of the line. Try to make a single line then make UNDO - then you will see the location of this dot/point. When the size is binded to pressure controller - the dot is just round in form. Also this pseudo dot always not in the start of drawing line, just not far from the initial starting point.