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  1. Finally it goes much easier. I just enter to the content of my one embedded layer - and change it. All other layers with the same content were updated. Ha-ha. Plain and easy. What i was looking for - but not heard about such feature. But i don't figure out - how to use embedded document as mask. I try to use - but making something wrong i think.
  2. Yes, i need to replace layer content, as using smart objects in PS. I will look to the symbol tutorial Big thanks to all helpers !!!
  3. For example - i have complex file with layers. Each layer has it is own set of effects and transparency settings - but the same content - some vector shape in curves or some word or logo. Then i wish to replace the object (shape in curves) in each layer - but want to replace in ones - and other dependencies also updates automatically. In the same manner there are templates made for use in Photoshop. What is the right name for this functionality and where i can read about this ?
  4. Manofjesus

    Some lettering examples

    The same lettering, but different impressions due to different background and colors.
  5. Manofjesus

    Some lettering examples

    John, you are right. The readability is not the main key. The main goal - overall impression, even when the text is full abracadabra )))
  6. I just think, it could be any reason, not fonts only )))
  7. Manofjesus

    Some lettering examples

    Here is some of my lettering experiments in Affinity software.
  8. Is it possible to create such types of shadows in AD or AP, as on the left example? Making some lettering design i feel some lack of such shadow solution.
  9. I have almost 2000 fonts installed - feel no much difference in startup time, hmm.
  10. Manofjesus

    Crash when loading large JPG image

    At the current moment use haakoo suggestion about TIF conversion. Or use 24bit PNG (lower size with same quality as TIF) - anyway the problem is solvable, but the bug is persist, the similar issue was reported several hours ago with the same suggestion.
  11. At my PC both versions and starting similar amount of time from HDD - appr. 13 seconds. Maybe it is due to some custom settings in beta?
  12. As the file format is jpeg - it is a still image, is not it? What binary data you are talking about, i am confused I confirm crash on both versions - and If i convert it prior to PNG via Fastone or whatever - converted PNG opened without any issue. So for your case at current moment you can use PNG or any other losseless image format to process such jpegs in AP.
  13. Affinity is awesome piece of software, many thing it has from the start, but Corel not implementing a lot of easy (but usefull) things for decades.
  14. Exactly, what i was looking for. In Corel it looks like PUT IN CONTAINER. But your suggested solution is also easy. Thank you, Mick, for fast response

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