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  1. Can't be covered. The pattern is complex and consists of a combination of groups of objects 3 by 4. And then it will be repeated many times. Therefore, the line will appear when repeating this block. This is the problem. I'm really upset with the decision.
  2. People, hello everyone. Please help. How to get rid of these gray lines when duplicating a group of objects. I need export to tiff and they stay visible. I've already broken my head. The group of objects is ideal. There is no trash. There is no contour. Everything is perfect. But the gray line remains when exporting. Thanks for any comments.
  3. In the footprints of my video camera. Drawing an object photograph.
  4. My Vision of Isometry Lessons in AD by Link vision of lessons in AD by link https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-use-the-new-isometric-drawing-tools-in-affinity-designer-17/🙈
  5. Very cool...thanks Have questions about surface reflection of water color... where did the strongholds come from?
  6. I was never able to understand the meaning of the Cat tool, after the upgrade. Who has any thoughts?😎
  7. I take off a hat. Very abruptly. Lot of work. Grandiose. Magnificent👍
  8. I will mark here with my work on the old sketch in AD
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