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  1. Hello, for iPad, on Affinity Photo, I would like to create the color image palette on color chart. I did not find it. But for Mac and PC, it already exists. I show you the attached picture. Thank you for helping me.
  2. Ah, there you go ! It's perfect and I succeeded. Thank you for your valuable advice.
  3. Hello, On the footballer photo, I want to take the live filter spinning for fire. But it doesn't work ... I tried to take the direct filter for the fire. It works. However, there is a bug problem for the live filter. You are watching my attached video to see the evidence. Thank you for giving me your advice. I wish you a good day. zoom_0.mp4
  4. Good morning all There is a glass soccer ball tutorial. I create the effects (interior and exterior shade, interior glow, etc.) by adding water to the balloon. Come and discover our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN32S3XUrtJvxGTUC7QOY5A Good reading !
  5. Yes, that's right and I didn't think about the details of the helicopter. Thank you for giving me your opinion.
  6. Hello, I create the movie poster for the military and I enjoy the effects (lights, helicopter movement, shade, etc.). Watch the video on Youtube :
  7. Hello ! In Affinity Photo, I worked to compose the relief motif "Honey", honey flow, colors, etc ... How do you find?
  8. Good morning all, On Affinity Designer, I worked for isometry, styles, depth sides, etc.
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