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  1. Hello ! In Affinity Photo, I worked to compose the relief motif "Honey", honey flow, colors, etc ... How do you find?
  2. Good morning all, On Affinity Designer, I worked for isometry, styles, depth sides, etc.
  3. eegler


    Ah it's great! Thank you very much !
  4. eegler


    Hello, thank you for your response with pleasure. I already know that, but no, that's not my question. I send you the video (photoshop example): I would like to do like Affinity.
  5. Hello, There is one technical thing I miss to create a template by Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. I have to save as to rename the title. It wastes time. I would like to create a template by Affinity Suite and I click on the "template" file to open new. Does it exist? For example, I use Photoshop and I save it in PSDT format (template). That, I want like Affinity. Is it possible ? Waiting for your return.
  6. Hello, Affinity Photo creates the bulb in the sun. Watch this video and this image. Good reading !
  7. I enjoy the manipulation in Affinity Photo for the light. Soon, the video will come out. ;) Subscribe on my Youtube channel for notification: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN32S3XUrtJvxGTUC7QOY5A
  8. Hello My name is Eric and I created this channel to share useful or entertaining videos on photo editing, photography, etc ... Some things you can expect by subscribing to this channel are Affinity tutorials to retouch photos, trim fine hair, edit photo, special effects. Are you ready to master Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher? By registering for free on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN32S3XUrtJvxGTUC7QOY5A, you will receive a new tutorial on one of the Affinity products. With our easy-to-follow tutorials, you'll learn everything you need to know from beginner to expert.
  9. eegler

    New app icon ?

    Hello everyone, I prefer the old icon because the shape of the icon "A" means the brand "Affinity". Currently, there is a new icon and I do not see the shape "A" anymore. He loses the identity. Too bad. In my opinion, it is necessary to keep the form "A" but you can redraw new (design, slimmer, simpler and modern) like flat. What do you think ?
  10. eegler

    Inverted photo import

    Hello, here is my video attached to you. photo.mov
  11. Hello, Since the application Photos, I imported the photo but it is reversed (see picture 1 and 2). There is a bug problem. Thank you. Best regards.
  12. hello I did a test on Affinity Publisher to create the DS Automotive cover with the logo. Then I exported in pdf but he posted the problem (see picture). After export, the logo has disappeared except the blue light remains. It is not normal.PDF couverture_ds.pdf

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