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  1. Smee Again

    No Split = can't be bothered

    Yeah, I guess not since that isn't what you were talking about . . . but at least it was cleared up for me. You'll just have to keep guessing what I was talking about as I misunderstood your first post and thought you were talking about something I had just noticed in AD. Might as well chuckle at my mistake 'cause I can't change it. Have a great weekend.
  2. Smee Again

    No Split = can't be bothered

    Are you talking about a "preview" when opening an AD or AP file? I've noticed that I no longer have that preview available in AD as well. I just figured it had to do with the Micro$loth update that I had to fight with (they always overwrite my sound drivers with garbage that turns my creative X-Fi card into a tone generator which can only be shut off by unplugging the speakers) all because it could allow someone to violate DRM by using "what you hear". Microsoft Bill the DRM shill, gotta love him!
  3. Smee Again

    Beautiful Butterflies

    Neat cloud above with the heart cutout. Did you do that or is it natural?
  4. I can get it to work ... however, cursor placement must be precisely on the curve. Before, could be a few pixels above the curve and get the cursor for adding artistic text to the curve. Now, if I click a couple pixels above the curve, I get artistic text but it isn't attached to the path. Only problem is it slows my work a bit because I have to be so very precise when adding artistic text to a curve. @Old Bruce That is very close to how I do it. First, I get all my streets and highways laid out --- then put them in a group. Next, I add one path and then add artistic text to that path and move it to the "Street Labels" group. Then I go on to the next street label.
  5. I mostly use designer for mapping . . . so I often need to place text on a path (usually a curved path, sometimes angled). Had been doing this by using the pen tool then selecting text and clicking on the path after the "t~" symbol came up. After the upgrade, it is almost impossible for me to get the "t~" to come up so I can add the text to the established path. While it can be done, it has greatly slowed my work flow when I start adding street names. Didn't find (I looked quickly through a few pages of search for "curved text" and "text on path" so I may have missed it) anyone with the same problem, so decided to post about the problem. Thanks for a great program.
  6. Smee Again

    Panorama with Affinity

    @GarryP - it's the logo for the "BIG 10" collegiate football conference. The "IG" is also supposed to represent "10" thus the difference in color.
  7. Well, took 90 minutes out of my day to spend time signing papers at my bank acknowledging the risks of overseas online purchases ( somehow they believe overseas transactions are more likely than local to be hijacked --- I live in Arkansas U.S. so it could just be their fear of "feriners" . . . you know, people from far away places like Louisiana and Europe, or as they pronounce it: "Urp").
  8. Smee Again

    Shy . . .

    Another day lilly. Again, started with orton effect then built on it.
  9. It is the issuing bank's policy.
  10. Perhaps they should consider a partnership with their own payment processing company that allows transactions to take place in the U.S.
  11. after a second attempt, my card is SHUT DOWN until I can make a trip to visit with a manager at my issuing bank.
  12. That IS my credit card. Visa ... but my bank blocks all foreign transactions. Besides, why can't they use the same payment processing???
  13. Tired of having to make a trip to the bank to sign a paper to make purchases from Serif. Why? They do not allow purchases outside of the U.S. without written permission. They will only allow 24 hours for each permission, so it requires new document each time. This will be the third trip for Affinity products, never had to do this with your legacy products, even when I purchase PagePlus after I had purchased Affinity Photo. Hope you can find a way I can make the purchase without having to go sign more papers.
  14. Smee Again

    Headshot Edit

    Back in 1979 or 1980 I actually made an adapter for a vignette device (soft focus) from the enlarger so that I could use it on my cameras. It opened and closed like the aperture in the camera by rotating the outer ring, thus varying the softness of the shot. Since the blades were semi clear plastic, it also added a bit of a glow.
  15. Smee Again

    Headshot Edit

    You must admit that the image does appear to have been sharpened, even if you didn't. 10 minutes of Frequency Seperation (no, not a finished shot, just a quickie job) would have helped.