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  1. Trying out some extension tubes for my Canon camera about a week ago when this fella showed up. Now, male carpenter bees are not able to sting, even though they will make aggressive passes at you. Think it came out okay for an overcast day.
  2. One more reason a "fill SLIDER" wouid be nice . . . Ooops! I see hanshab already posted the video.
  3. Curious: What kind of gathering is that? Noticed almost everyone is wearing the same hat. Would it be possible to get a scan of the photo? I ask because there appear to be reflections on of some sort over the photo. Restoration would become much more difficult trying to remove those reflections as well as restoring the image. You'll notice they still show up in your image really strong in the bottom half of the image. Without what appear to be reflections it should be a relatively easy restoration. For instance, there is something that resembles a leaf or feather being reflected on the image and the reflection of either a white wall or ceiling has blown out the face of the man on the top right of the image. I know scanners are older technology, but until they devise a camera that can avoid reflections they aren't the right tool for the job of duplicating an image.
  4. Don't know why it won't let me edit the above post, but it should have read:
  5. Yeah, those 8 special blend modes were a lot of trouble to go to if they're just going to leave them as is. While they can still be "used", the results are often disappointing. I've even tried using the "blend if" tool to try to achieve the same results, all to no avail. We really need "Fill Layer Capability" to realize the full value of the work done to provide us those blend modes.
  6. Reported in 1.7. Reported now in 1.8. If it shows up after the next update, I'll report it again.
  7. Walt, the first post was not there when I returned to the forum 10 minutes after posting, thus the second post. When I was done, both posts were there. As you are aware, not able to remove either one. As far as behavior of the program, I can usually find a way to move the studio item after a couple of hours of my time experimenting. This time, all I am able to do is get it moved to the center of the page.
  8. Whoever wants can keep removing the reports, I can keep putting them back up. P L E A S E ! ! ! FIX THE BUG SHOWN BELOW!!! These keep appearing outside of the reach of my mouse to close. The only way to make it disappear is to close the program. Then when I reopen the program, it is still in the way. The only thing I can do to make it move (usually it is to the far right and blocks much of the studio tabs) is to change the screen resolution from 1680 X 1050 to 800 x 600. Then it will move to the center top, but still cannot be closed. Second post about this BUG today.
  9. Nope, photo. Wish I were patient enough to do work like that in Affinity.
  10. Don't know the actual name, only that it is a variety of spider lilly. The name is just one applied by locals here.
  11. Actually, they are a variety of "Spider Lilies", but the locals here in southeast Arkansas refer to them as "Naked Ladies". They show up in early to mid September and last to early / mid October
  12. I have a homebuilt lightbox where I place a large piece of poster board. The curve will make that line disappear. You'll never have to get rid of it. Lightbox plans here:
  13. Have multiple monitors, however, the software is only ever open on the large monitor. When the software crashed while I was working on a table for printing, the software moved the studio tab to a location above the main window. I could see it, but the handle was just outside of the visible area of the screen. If I were swapping monitors, etc. it still should not decide to move a studio tab OUTSIDE of the container where it is. This is a software bug. That would also not account for it removing the toolbar from the screen or making the assets disappear, and only leaving an empty folder. Tried this idea 7 ways from Sunday trying to replicate what I understand from your post, but it does not result in the error I am having at work. It has happened in Designer as well. In fact, the only way I was able to fix the studio tab problem at work was to drag the main window to the smaller screen, then the studio tab dropped just enough to grab the handle and put it back in the container. In both cases (designer and publisher) this happens after the software crashes. In both cases, I was doing an operation that one should do without worry in the software (using the pen tool or adjusting curves in designer -- don't remember which -- and adjusting a table in publisher).
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