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  1. You might try this tutorial for Affinity. There is a free macro for Affinity included.
  2. As always, you are right -- haven't used laptop for Affinity since pandemic started and my "Internet Sales Manager" job ended at the Toyota dealership. However, you still will need to use the <alt> or <shift> keys to get an image.
  3. Windows . . . use <alt> + <print screen> for active monitor (last one you had activity on) or <shift> + <print screen) to capture all screens <Print screen> by itself does nothing.
  4. I only export the keepers myself. However, if that is the case, PSP has an excellent macro feature that would allow you to batch export. If space isn't a problem that is the way to go. If space is a problem, you can batch export to PSD / batch delete PSP.
  5. As a former long time user of PSP, (x3 - 2019 -- always PSP Ultimate) what I do is export the PSP images as PSD images. Then they will import to Affinity with all layers intact. Dumped PSP when their TOS changed, limiting me to 2 computers (of which 1 must be a laptop). Price is much more than Affinity Photo (3 times as much right now with the ongoing Affinity sale). Is Affinity Photo perfect? No, but it is way ahead of PSP in quality. Hope this helps.
  6. She kept going after the suet like she was a hummingbird.
  7. Finally, all the albino brain chiggers are gone (we had about 14" - 18" of that white junk fall here in southeast Arkansas last week) and it's safe to go outside again. The only positive about the whole mess was I got to stand in the doorway and watch the birds and squirrels consuming what we put out for them. Since I won't venture out far in that stuff, the "goodies" were near my front door. Got some interesting images processed in Affinity Photo.
  8. One more item that drives me crazy . . . maybe it's my age or maybe it is that it is that the process Serif decided on is completely unnatural . . . when I want to change from a landscape to portrait crop, the image rotates instead of the crop tool. Is it possible to make this "natural"? You know, as in the tool turns instead of the image? When I do woodworking, I turn the saw to make a curved cut, not the wood. I've never seen another graphics editing program rotate crops this way. Is there some sort of "logic" behind doing it this way that I missed?
  9. Another way a layer fill mode would help . . . can't do it CORRECTLY with just opacity control.
  10. Thanks, but for some reason the brushes don't show up after installing in designer. What might I be doing wrong?
  11. Dead wrong, unfortunately. You are comparing apples and oranges. The magic with fill vs opacity comes when you use one of the 8 special blend modes. With any of the other blend modes, they are SUPPOSED to act the same. When you kick in something like "Vivid light mode" or "Linear burn" you are talking an entirely different effect on your color layer. This video will prove that the "fill opacity" slider has been misnamed. It is simply an opacity slider that does not affect underlying layers. In the following video, if it were actually a fill slider, then the rectangle on the right would be different from the one on the left --- but they are exactly the same in regular or special blend modes.
  12. There has been a running discussion on the "fill" slider which is sorely lacking in this and previous releases of Affinity Photo. Over 2 years without a single reply from Affinity developers except a video that claims "fill opacity" in the FX options is the same as fill --- actually, no, it is exactly the same as opacity. The video only proves that they do not understand the value of a fill slider nor its difference from an opacity slider. Please at least extend the courtesy to users of a direct answer to the question: "Do you plan to incorporate a fill slider that works appropriately with the 8 special blend modes?" It will help with decision making when the time comes to ante up in the future. Do I stay, or do I return to Photoshop?
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