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  1. http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com has some really nice templates and their sites are responsive which you can find here: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/templates.html. That would be my choice, in fact, it is my choice. Great support and a great product. You'll notice support mentioned first. That's because as great as the product is --- and it is great --- the support is even better. And (you'll like this), as with Affinity, it is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE!
  2. Smee Again

    TET and VietNamese traditional features

    . . . Looking at that last drawing, 2 words come to mind: "Soylent Green". Just my twisted mind I guess.
  3. Place a color adjustment layer above the image . . . perhaps a fill layer with a magenta fill. Then show me how you made it work. What Blake Rudis (f64 Academy), Unmesh Dinda (PixImperfect), and others do is start with a fill layer or an empty layer flood filled with the desired color. The idea of fill vs opacity isn't about adjustment layers, it's about color fill. The amount of color, not the opacity of color.
  4. Smee Again

    Street Dreams

    Occasionally when I extract an item from an image, the outline of the deleted area remains. That's what happened here. Finally, just grabbed the inpainting tool and cleared it up. It was just a fun image anyhow.
  5. Nice try, but these three images prove your idea is not the equal of "fill": The first image is no fill on either side. Second image has a purple fill on both sides. The left side has the opacity set at 15% while the mask on the right side filled with 15% black (i.e. Luminosity set at 15%). Third image same as above except 40% opacity and luminosity set at 40%. At no point is there a difference between opacity and mask.
  6. Smee Again

    Street Dreams

    Composite . . . car pulled from advertisement, background image from pixabay. Added shadow, text, fog, and some zoom blur. Don't know why those black lines kept showing up (box) but even trying to mask it out doesn't help. It belongs to the layer the car is on. Have had that problem off and on with AP. car was cut out with the lasso tool so the lines showing up makes no sense.
  7. Smee Again

    Vector Paint [Brush Testing]

    You talking about poly ticks? Are those brushes available for download? I guess I need to take the time to learn how to create these for my own amusement . . . Thanks
  8. Recently changed jobs: No longer a "bill collector" for a furniture store, but now an "Internet Manager" for a Toyota Dealership. That means I get to take pics of some really nice vehicles and get paid for it. It also means that, while I'm taking pics for the dealership, I get to take a few pics for my own enjoyment. As a former street racer, and a muscle car enthusiast from back in the 1970's, I'm attracted to street machines. Took this from a series on a Dodge Challenger SRT (also known as a "Hellcat"). I think I'm going to like this job!
  9. Okay, sorry about the empty post earlier . . . but the image was edited with an inferior program. My wife and daughter used to go to a meeting every November in Texarkana, AR. I would drop them off and go to Four State Fairgrounds and take some pics.
  10. Smee Again

    Inktober 2019

    Brrrr . . . . . Kinda early for this, isn't it?
  11. Tats should be relatively easy with "frequency separation".
  12. Smee Again

    Last Of The Summer Daisies

    I had some interesting textures I made from a rain-splashed window of the Century Link Arena in Bossier City, LA. this summer. Took the image into Affinity and did a frequency separation. I opened the daisy image and slightly blurred it, then copied the high frequency (hf) layer from the texture and placed it above the daisy. I then flipped the original texture shot and copied the hf layer again and placed it above the first. I then applied a motion blur to each hf layer and then made the direction of the blur 90 degrees difference between the hf layers.Then I changed the blend mode of those layers from "linear light" to "soft light". I liked the textures. Played a bit with a curve layer and this was the result. Criticisms or other observations welcome.

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