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  1. Smee Again

    Social Media Banner Ad Size Artboards

    Thank you!
  2. Smee Again

    3D Mandala Doodle (AD)

    Nice job! Showing my age again, but we used to call such drawings kaleidoscopic images. The symmetry is neat!
  3. Smee Again

    First try with designer

    Bought the program to do some mapping work, but had a chance to play with it today (storms kept our customers home, so what can I do about it?). Based very loosely on an old 1940s International Harvester pickup. All my work except the coca-cola logo on the drink machine.
  4. Smee Again

    Took a break to play with the $99 camera

    What? Man, I was enjoying the info that I was picking up. Downloaded open camera (never heard of it before) and love it on my phone. Thanks . . .
  5. Smee Again

    Took a break to play with the $99 camera

    Thank you! The camera is a Nikon L340. It was $99 from Target about 2 years ago. Was all I could afford at the time when my Canon EOS Rebel went down for the count.
  6. First image (of course) is a dandelion which is edible. Second image is of the flowers of red russian kale plant. Third image --- the one that looks like a hairy egg in a thorny nest --- is a thistle plant going to seed. The stalk is edible and tastes much like celery. The last image is of a flower that my wife says it related to the "sweet pea" family --- yeah, the one sticking its tongue out at the camera.
  7. Smee Again

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

    First of all, thank you Wosven for letting me know how to use the download. "Please let me know what I'm missing" implies that I have somehow missed something as in I do not understand how to access the information. Negative comment? Not at all. "Have a good day and please learn how to use Affinity! " Well, that is exactly what I'm trying to do. Thanks for your contribution.
  8. Smee Again

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

    Downloaded, but seems to be totally unusable unless there is another way to access the content . . . and the above non working link doesn't give much reason for confidence. Please let me know what I''m missing. Affinity Designer assures me that this is not an affinity styles file format, as does Affinity Photo.
  9. Had some rain overnight, so got a couple more dianthus pics I liked
  10. Smee Again

    Forget me not - Focus combination (Stack)

    Very nice work! Now you got me wanting to try focus stacking. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Refused to refund my money or give me a download link. I took up most of an hour of their time on the phone, kept being reassured that they could not refund my money for "3 to 5 business days minimum" (whatever that means). Explained to her that was unacceptable. Also told her they were adding to Serif's licensing policy. Got the bank on the phone while talking to the microsloth rep, explained to the fraud department what was going on ... and lo and behold, while we were talking microsloth refunded my money. I thanked my banker, thanked the microsloth rep and will be placing my order in the next 30 minutes here.
  12. My bank doesn't like me to use my card overseas, so I thought I would purchase through the microsloth store ... download the software and install it on my computer at home. I have a couple of different microsloth accounts, one for work (this one) and two for my other computers at home. If I use one account, it screws with my head because if I change the wall paper at work, it changes everything at home. Therefore, not an option. Made my purchase at the microsloth store and it will only allow me to install on THIS computer --- and I don't want to use it here, but rather at home where I do my mapping work. Their policy is no refunds. Can I possibly download the software and install it at home? Oh, they don't give me the key so not sure what to do about that either.
  13. Smee Again


    An American idea was: "When you see the flash, duck and cover!" Truth be known, if you would have seen the flash, it was the last thing you saw and you were dead before you hit the ground. That said, resembles a pamphlet they taught us in school in southeast Louisiana in the late 1960's with the door and the sandbags. Crazy stuff, and probably totally useless in reality.
  14. Smee Again

    Between Morning Showers

    Was about to leave for work, and this tiny flower caught my attention --- so I go grab the camera and head back out, but the one little ray of sunshine had vanished. Yet I still had to take the pic because it appealed to me so much. This is the original shot (resized for the forum): Wasn't really happy with the shot because it didn't match what it was when there was a bit of sunlight. I took it into affinity later that morning and did a bit of work on it. Don't like the way my digital cameras treat reds and magentas --- my Nikon and Canon cameras both make them look terrible. So I grabbed the blue channel and used a luminosity blend mode, adjusting it until I got the results I wanted with the color of the flower. Of course, I masked that layer so that it only affected the color of the flower. Added a fill layer with a gold tone, and used an inverted version of the previous mask. I also thought the droplets needed a bit of attention to make them stand out, so I used a trick someone showed me back when I was using Paintshop Pro and I liked the results. I made a copy of the original and applied a high pass filter, monochrome, and ran the slider to the far right. In the mask, I grabbed a brush with white and painted in the water droplets. To get the effect right requires adjusting flow, brush hardness/softness and the opacity of the layer. Think it is an improvement.
  15. Smee Again


    Thinking about toying with this ... Thanks for sharing